Frosty The Snowman Original

The Origanal Frosty The Snow Man

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Author chris fuccione (8 months)
CREEPY FROSTY! #frostythesnowman 

Author trench coat (8 months)
CREEPY FROSTY! #frostythesnowman 

Author Jon Jensen (8 months)
CREEPY FROSTY! #frostythesnowman 

Author coachilg (3 years)
LOVE IT! so does my 3 year-old! the kinesthetic grace and agility of the
'old' Frosty puts the BIG HURT on the 'modern' one! Go FROSTY!

Author Steve Carras (4 years)
B&W color, linked from a 2009 Animation Nation post. SO Rankin-Bass didn't
make the only one? No Jimmy Durante? No Billy DeWolfe? Umbriago!! Siilly,
Silly Silly!

Author Certikanvas (4 years)

Author tommyheddenstomboy (3 years)

Author xxfrmhawaiixxx (4 years)
I LOVE IT!!!! But the children kinda look possets! But i love it!! <3

Author c00ki3bit3r (1 year)
this is creepy o_O. Why did i clicked this????

Author seinfan9 (3 years)
@weicxiable Wow, I hope you don't actually spell like that.

Author Andrew Kim (1 year)
Lol frosty and the children are way bigger than the buildings in the
village haha

Author jack straw (2 years)
WOW I have never seen this 1 Thanx for posting Happy Holidays to all and to
all a better tomorrow :)

Author bicycle1972 (4 years)
This is awesome, love it! Thanks for posting.

Author Jaehoon Lee (3 years)
guys. it's christmas. just enjoy the damn thing.

Author Charlo Crossley (3 years)
Love this so much, reminds me of Garfield Goose and Frazier Thomas. Warm
and fuzzy snow days in Chicago during this time of year! Thanks for

Author ahostofangels (2 years)
Yes, before "Gay" meant homosexual (late 60s, early 70s I think), it meant
happy, merry, joyful, playful, even brightly colorful etc. This is why you
hear it and see it in older songs , books, magazines and such.

Author gymnastix (4 years)
I'm always fascinated by the evolution and use of language, though myself
am comfortable with academic terms. If you will, I "like to call a spade a
spade," by which I mean a playing card, not a derogatory term for the negro

Author Vicky Kissysquirrel (1 year)
It doesn't look like the one I remember from the 50's. This one looks more
60ish...not the good animation. The cartoon I used to watch showed Frosty
melting if I'm not mistaken.

Author Doomy23 (5 years)
I love that little Bill Cosby neck thing Frosty does when he comes alive

Author Evan Johnson (4 years)
this is a very very weird video

Author WytZox1 (1 year)
Hey, and didn't the term "diva" once only apply to female opera singers?

Author PrepeleacDanila (3 years)
so sweet:X

Author chris rucker (3 years)
Look at Frosty go!

Author Charlo Crossley (2 years)
@MedievalMind ..the vocals are happening! I love much!

Author hehe102938 (4 years)
@robin101pictures haha yeah jst noticed that how could he move f he had his
hat off ?!

Author tychaton08 (4 years)

Author TiffoschHC (2 years)
The sun has dislike this video :D

Author Michael Larque (3 years)
I'm 63 and I think I remember the first time these came on TV.

Author SouperLoupe (4 years)
well we've been singing this song in the classroom when i was 10 years
old...and now i'm 18...!!!!!!!i love this song!!!!<3

Author kize39 (2 years)
I think Frosty looks demented, and it's funny how no one walks, they all

Author zappydad (4 years)
who is it sung by?

Author GreenAlarm (4 years)
HOW SINGS THIS VERSION!!!!!!! ANSER QUICK!! *errors i know*

Author didyaseeme (4 years)
Great version! Thanks!

Author gymnastix (4 years)
Even now "gay" isn't a bad word, just another definition adopted by a
sub-strata of society, because they thought it sounded less derogatory than
the other names they were being called, and not as clinical as the academic
term "homosexual."

Author Paulina Chavez (11 months)

Author LethallLunatic (4 years)
@RandomStudiosBP Live in themoment it is Christmas day , no evaluting wht
they are .. just enjoy that they put it out in the 20s and didnt know Gay
would be a bad word,, back then GAY ment happy

Author JaimeLe50s (3 years)
it IS all these old time classics that started life -their lives,my life
your life any many more to come. These days were the best I know I just do
and I was not nearly born in this era but I kind of wish I was :)
Christmas/ppl were so much better

Author comgeek24 (4 years)
I remember watching this on WGN in Chicago about 1990 or 1991, during the
Bozo show. I was about 7 or 8. I also remember the old Suzy Snowflake and
Hardrock, Coco and Joe, the latter I had almost completely forgotten about
until I had seen it here. Wow, talk about a nostalgia trip.

Author EdGringo78 (3 years)
I love his little boots!!

Author Dee (4 years)
★★★★★ Quality

Author ididacactus (3 years)
OMFG. This song just fills me up with a warm feeling. I love listening to
pop music and all that stuff but this song just makes me feel sad. Oh how I
love christmas! I just finished watching the same frosty the snowman movie
that I watch every year. Christmas is the best holiday season ever. =)
Frosty The Snowman was a jolly happy soul. I think he's supposed to
represent Christmas. If you want to make something special, you have to
believe its special. =p

Author bunnylover2012 (2 years)
i love that song lol!

Author Ltrain44 (4 years)
For anyone who is asking. Gay also means happy. I see people saying "Did he
say gay?" yes, he did. And now you know why

Author Gelyportma (2 years)

Author Valentina Mena (2 years)
ahhhh amo esa cancionnnn :):):):/))

Author blackprix (2 years)
These are the cartoons I grew up with ...

Author JuanMamaril (2 years)
Fighting teh Frizzies at 11!

Author Benjamin Hale (2 years)

Author ksol1460 (5 years)
Hey, I'm 52 and I think it's great. Good old UPA Animation! Thanks for the
background info fromthesidelines!

Author LoudNigra (2 years)
1:11 Happy and gay is he!

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