Tekken Tag Tournament - Hwoarang Theme

Tekken Tag Tournament - Hwoarang Theme

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Runtime: 3:32
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Author matthew Buckner (1 month)
I just won't run away no matter what I'll give you light

Author Alex Heine (2 months)
I just wanna run away, I said away, I give you mine.

Author LeDogeLe (1 month)
Badass character in Tekken.
Favorite IMO.

Author Azymous (4 months)
Good old times PS2 :3

Author blurringmonkey959 (3 months)
TTT was the best game ever! Period!

Author FZone96 (6 months)
"I'm just rude, I don't know why...I don't know why...I give you right."
Well, that's what I listen

Author DeGcookie (5 months)
>.> Thinks anyone who honestly thinks a song about Hwoarang saying he wants
to run away is downright retarded.

Best song of TTT, vanished from my ost and had to get it back; tyvm.

Author Blake Napier (2 months)
Baek And Bruce Versus Brian And Hwoarang

Author Sushi Jen (7 months)
Hwoarang is the best ^0^

Author vaughan hill (7 months)
This song should include the thunder!

Author Spartakus90000 (9 months)
i just away.....i dont no why......i give you mine....

Author Kasakee2 (9 months)
Wicked tune they don't make them like this anymore !!

Author Colby BeeBee Hinton (10 months)
I love it! I could workout to this and other things. <3 Tekken

Author sigel81 (8 months)
best theme in TTT

Author Nicky White (2 years)
Omg i luv hwoarang. i like his attitude

Author Burton Brothers (2 years)

Author Abominatrix650 (3 years)
"I just wanna run away. I had a wife. I give you light." - I think of that
whenever I hear this thanks to an earlier comment back in 2008!

Author Mysterious0Bob (2 years)
Third Strike isn't a PS2 exclusive.

Author Kevin Arnold Rivera Contreras (2 years)
jajajajajaaj good song :D

Author lawrencexmoon (2 years)
I just won't run away I just won't run away Something Something... I'll
give you mine.

Author A, MemoriesOfLove (1 year)
Best music for all Series for tekken .. ! ^^

Author ClaireMarie (3 years)
This song is so energetic, I run to it! It suits Hwoarang! xD

Author PrincessPeach777 (1 year)
"I just wanna run away..I said away.." I think it says.

Author TheCottoncandy4 (3 years)
whos the girl in the pictur

Author HONEYCALIBOO (1 year)
Best music soundtrack for TEKKEN.....0RGINAL ALL THE WAY BABE

Author SuperMgs2011 (1 year)
such an epic game

Author max2063 (2 years)
@BamfaceBO it will be out in 2012. just not sure when the release is but
it's really expected to be release for 2012.

Author NiGhTcOrEDizZata Blaiizii (1 year)
This stage You fight hwoarang and baek back to back

Author armaan ali (2 years)
i told you go run away i said im right i give you money (full)i told you go
run away i told you go run away i said im right ill give you money

Author Rob Lenton Lenton (1 year)
The first title for the Ps2 was Kessen I believe. A Japanese stragety game

Author max2063 (2 years)
lol that was 10 months ago. i wasn't for sure and plus i got my copy on the

Author LimboWolf (1 year)
Not even close.

Author PS3Enigma (2 years)
I believe its September 11th

Author OutsandingMan2007 (3 years)
This is the best Tekken Tag theme song in the series man. I love training
off this when I got to the gym. There has not been any other cool songs
since this one. Thanks for the upload TekkenFan. I can not wait to see more
of your videos.

Author JeffsLetsPlays (2 years)
i like the begining but other part is weird

Author toniz3kydz (3 years)
@TekkenFan13 yes it is

Author Rob Lenton Lenton (2 years)
best fighting game title for Ps2

Author TheRidouani (3 years)
wow , kazuya's face is bad ass :O . Love the theme <3

Author trunks06 (1 year)
I told you to run away. I dont know why, i keep you alive.

Author FaustCrush (1 year)
I just want to run away. no matter what, I'll give you light.

Author AoshiSando (1 year)
the only i can hear clearly is at the end "i'll give you mine"

Author NiGhTcOrEDizZata Blaiizii (2 years)
Kazuya+Devil vs Bryan and hwoarang

Author Spanakoptia07 (1 year)
this track can be also a song too.

Author NiGhTcOrEDizZata Blaiizii (2 years)
i think it says might i hear the M

Author Loyd Gentry (2 years)

Author KutThroatBalla (2 years)
@BamfaceBO well its coming out next week man.

Author Samuel115s (3 years)
this is one of my favourite themes out of all the tekken themes

Author orion5185 (2 years)
god i've been whoopin everyone with hwoarang and law hwoarang's good moves
are door mat, dynomite heel, dead end, slaughter house, power blast, and
neck snapper. law's good moves are backflipper,poison arrow,run up
drop,dragon bites,and dragon fang 4 those of u who don't know their good

Author czajnik32 (1 year)
Mortal Kombat Armageddon?

Author TekkenFan13 (3 years)
@glorytoyahweh1 2000

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