Bobby Lashley vs Big Show

A week before D2D - ECW Big Show vs Bobby Lashley

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Author Joshua Hercules (11 months)
LOL bobby lashely doesnt fight in the UFC closest thing he had for the big
show was strike force not yet in the UFC he fight now for Xtreme mma 

Author Cozy Greg (2 years)
Bobby Lashley is a UFC fighter now so we won't be seeing him fighting in
any of our dream matches :'(

Author HellLord0931 (3 years)
Jesus Christ, look at the size difference.. 2:05

Author flyingcumshot (3 years)
why do they always ruin a good match by having outside interferance, this
is one o the reasons i stopped watching wrestling

Author Karthick Balasubramani (3 years)
Next to Goldberg Bobby Lashley done a Awesome Spear On Bigshow

Author LieKiller (4 years)
@just2rateandcomment ...only without the explosiveness and power of either.

Author Abhishek Ramsurrun (3 years)
fuck u big show.. u r a giant for nothing, bobby just spear u like
nothing!!! bobby rocks wiz goldberg

Author Josh NineThreeOne (3 years)
@ILoveJamaica54 that's so fucking awesome friend :O

Author Victoria Whilden (2 years)
and of course lashley

Author propingvin0014 (4 years)
Lashley the king

Author Brian Scheuermann (1 year)
lol no ryback instead of goldberg, or both in it

Author redegliangmar1 (4 years)

Author shocktonic (3 years)
the ring should have breaked when he suplexed big show

Author kyree1295 (1 year)
I want to see goldberg vs bobby lashely vs ryback vs big show in a hell in
a cell match

Author truongkdang95 (4 years)
bobby is cool

Author Noxious Venom (2 years)
No comparison , try again!

Author Darrett Boone (2 years)
The common thing is that these four individuals are dead.

Author bal dol (4 years)
@MegaFuckyouforever yes, i am a cena fan but i want extreme, not this new
pg shit

Author cena23sucks (3 years)
0.34 Bigshow Covered th whole screen

Author مجہموعہة إنہسہان (4 years)

Author RobertsDigital (3 years)
that microbe outside the ring needs to shut up...

Author czar belaya (3 years)
@TheEMOKIDD1991 lashley is not a house lashley is not big enough to be a

Author zanzibar100 (1 year)
that's what i siad DUMBASS. get ur facts straight and stop commenting like
you don't have a brain. lashley had the match won and those guys cam an
interfere and had it disqualofied, so it wasn't an official win -_____-

Author kingjroc17 (3 years)
lol back wen show was a fatty

Author Bankotsu897 (4 years)
@201Legendkiller except for goldberg. They should have a match

Author maxsnax217 (2 years)
Lashley vs Lesnar vs Batista vs Goldberg vs Rybak is a dream match

Author RobertsDigital (3 years)
he couldnt defeat bobby alone....fighting with 4 other people against bobby
doesn't make you a champ

Author rksolve1 (3 years)
I think at this time Show was probably the most heavy of his career.

Author Ahmad Johnson (3 years)
goldberg vs bobby lashey

Author Islam Hazem (2 years)
kurt angle too

Author ryanc22 (2 years)
Scott Steiner? Ewww.....

Author Ellis Watson (3 years)
@dudupoduappu Lesnar might be coming back soon, Brock and Vince are in
talks at the moment. WWE doesn't want anything to do with Lashley atm, but
that's not to say that it's impossible. Imagine the two of them in the same a tag team??? Jumping on the ring with the pyro, throwing
everyone about, The F5 and the Dominator at the same time......<3

Author 9424adi9424 (3 years)

Author MrChaostv (2 years)
Ryback vs Batista vs Brock Lesnar vs Golberg vs Sheamus

Author Anthony Nichols (3 years)
I'm a Big Show fan!

Author Mook (4 years)
big show is fucking fat!!!

Author EuropeanMilan (3 years)
this big show is very huge. i think that's in a period of this match is
over 500 pound. now is maybe 430-440

Author nat83210 (4 years)
most stupid end ever --' i fucking hate big show

Author haban shar (2 years)

Author TheSalman5555 (3 years)
i really want to see bobby lashley vs brock lesner

Author Mark Mcghee (3 years)
RIP Test

Author Carsus19 (2 years)
goldberg did it too

Author dreadghoul23 (1 year)
I want Boby vs Ezekiel Jackson vs Big e vs Ryback

Author KAR5AVATARGT (3 years)

Author 91gt306 (4 years)
why in the fuck was bog show the ecw champion? why couldnt he be on raw or

Author 4TheGame4 (4 years)
big show fat sucker

Author BKAmedia (4 years)
@jamal2021 cus he is

Author mustachab (3 years)
for anyone who wants to see the spear part instead of watching this crap
just skip to 6:26 from there it starts getting good hoped i helped ;p
thumbs up :()

Author Mikey Bruce (3 years)
@TheTenjin666 517lbs Andre weighed about 550lbs didn't he

Author Holy Intellect (3 years)
The golden years of WWECW. I miss this type of stuff. Heel Big Show with
heyman in charge of something, rather if it was in WWE, WWECW or his own
company, the original ECW.

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