Interview with Shoenice!!!
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Author parasiteve (8 months)
shoenice is a fucking liar

Author Michael Elberfeld (2 years)
Alright. You have a nice day now. I heard reading rainbow is really good
help for reading comprehension. =)

Author RedNudidity (2 years)
I offended you with my stupidity? Welcome to YouTube! Look around some more
and you're gonna get offended to the point of suicide by all the morons on
here. I agree with you, having video game footage in the background is
retarded, but in the end it does not matter one bit, yet you have been
making a big deal of it. I may be ignorant of many things, but I am not a
stupid person. And you think so just because I don't agree with your
viewpoint. You're probably a christian aren't you?

Author ALEXW155 (2 years)
get him on pka

Author furthikalle1986 (1 year)
great gameplay!

Author pjmartinez30 (1 year)
He needs to stop... So sad. All for YouTube fame. So so so sad. omg.

Author biintzki (2 years)
wtf is PKA?

Author X0MB3 (2 years)
rattlesnake at a thai wedding

Author Sirramiss (1 year)
That's Bs, that's bs, that's bs, that's bs

Author BombTechnician77 (2 years)
Who Say's "Bro" Anymore

Author Luke Hammerheart (1 year)
well he never watched his buddies die face down in the muck thats for sure

Author Andrew Pyne (2 years)
he could have had more than one acc... ever think of that.. not that i know
or anything

Author X0MB3 (2 years)

Author Neo Tha Editor (1 year)

Author rollond135 (2 years)
they should get shoenice on pka

Author denis ivanov (1 year)
Inge is gonna eat your bullets

Author VodkaFrolic (2 years)
Why not put video related to Shoenice? Fucking clips from his videos,
pictures, anything. Using COD is stupid, random, senseless, unrelated, and
fuck you.

Author X0MB3 (2 years)

Author TheChosenChub (1 year)
yup close fov hurts my eyes :/ kind of a down side for consoles.

Author thejackholes h (1 year)
why hasnt shoenice uploaded the video of him drinking the welchs drinks?

Author RedNudidity (2 years)
I made a completely reasonable response to your comment, and you respond
like a fucking jackass. Yeah COD is retarded, I don't play that shit
either, but it's one thing to act like a cunt when all I did was answer
your question. The guy who uploaded this is obviously a gamer, so it would
only make sense. It doesn't really matter anyway does it? You can go fuck

Author Lupo Menizzi (1 year)
1 fat fuck and a genius.

Author TheMinecraftKing80 (1 year)
Lol watching vids while researching for homework :)

Author Dallas Greene (1 year)
hes doing it because he wants to fagget so go suck a cock

Author TheChosenChub (1 year)

Author Lupo Menizzi (1 year)
you mean everything but food.

Author OutKoldGamers (2 years)
No I meant what you said about the president.

Author uglogu (2 years)
yea bullshit. u joined youtube in 2k11 shoenice joined in 2k8. quit lying
to get attention over the internet.

Author rAnDoMsTuFF1272 (1 year)
Dat PC gameplay

Author VodkaFrolic (2 years)
It has no relevance to the subject in question, you miserable twat! You
can't defend that shit! It's like he smeared cake frosting all over a
steak, it makes no fucking sense. And here you are, defending that stupid
shit. Fuck you.

Author UgtKNCKDthFCKot (1 year)

Author Kahrese Lee (2 years)
Ate cigarettes

Author Michael Elberfeld (2 years)
I'm on my phone on the train. I'd much rather be doing something else.
Trust me.

Author lordgaza17 (1 year)
Your Not Serious At All

Author Rewardedgamer (2 years)
what was the final score of the game???????

Author VodkaFrolic (2 years)
Yep, and some day my buddy Jesus and I are going to buttfuck you into

Author XxSM0KExX1 (1 year)

Author 010TheMaster010 (1 year)
I read that as "Science" when I clicked

Author PopsicleMan313 (2 years)
i do bro ....

Author ThatDudeTwipz (1 year)
he got a strike for it

Author Gabriel Xavier Queiroga (1 year)
Hahaha, nice definition of shoenice!

Author VodkaFrolic (2 years)
I am a fan of Shoenice. That's why I would like to see his interview be
edited with some semblance of common sense. You piece of shit.

Author Donovan Mccoy (2 years)
I see what you did there.

Author tmoney0212 (1 year)
what game is this....

Author Proskillar (1 year)
ur pretty good with tomohawks

Author cdsmetalhead99 (1 year)
He wants to save world hunger? So you're saying he likes world hunger?

Author HollaAtYaBoy2006 (2 years)
shoenice is a beast!

Author ALEXW155 (2 years)
/watch?v=HcmpJWry-tA This is a video of me impersonating shoenice! haha
please watch :)

Author JOHNNYwxw (1 year)
dat intro hahahahahaahaha

Author FTWGamesUK (2 years)
Great Video <3

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