David Allan Coe The Ride, Live

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Author Deke Sanders (1 month)
David Allan Coe

Author Frank Colesanti (7 months)
Epitome of Outlaw country

Author Bunk Man (23 days)
Bad ass.

Author Jesse Quilantan (8 months)
I said Mr. many things, he said you have to call me Mr. Mr.

Author LoneWolf Sager (1 month)
David Allan Coe The Ride, Live
I Was Thumbing From Montgomery - LoneWolf & The Three Muskadoggies

Author Vladimir Tepes (1 month)

Author Anthony Savage (1 month)

Author LoneWolf Sager (1 month)
DAVID ALLAN COE ( The Ride ) - LoneWolf & The Three Muskadoggies

Author snoflaked (7 months)
one of my favorites

Author Jake E blacklab (1 year)

Author LoneWolf Sager (2 months)
DAVID ALLAN COE ( The Ride ) I Was Thumbing From Montgomery - LoneWolf

Author Ryan Hunter (11 months)
Yell that rebel yell and take a drink for Hank.

Author endtimejunkie (1 year)
I love David Allan Coe - not many of the bad asses left - Waylon miss you

Author Ashley Jones (1 year)
♥♪♥♫♥♪ This song always gives me chills, the good kinda chills! ♥♪♥♫♥♪

Author Betigul Ceylan (1 year)

Author Stonedmonktv (2 years)
Great Song. Indeed. D.A.C. Is definitely a great song writer and story

Author dac4eva (5 years)
Ummmm No This Is Not Hank Sr It Is About Hank Sr

Author papa bear (4 years)
simple, THE MAN

Author daltonbreckenridge (3 years)
this is one of my fav songs!

Author equinox627 (4 years)
willie nelson, hank williams jr, waylon jennings, kris kristofferson,

Author MyRITA67 (4 years)
david is right their with the living legends;even if some are gone on now

Author SuperWildcatfish (3 years)
bout half drunk and hollow eyed!!! hell ya thats what america is about!!

Author harry GEYE (2 years)
so true,a dying breed but these things pass on,i work in a prhobited
enviroment so i guess i'm an outlaw too,don't matter what it is,prohibition
is a non starter,we all know this.Fuck em,if you want us to hang your gonna
have to catch us first ;)

Author curbshoppin (4 years)
there is only 3 kinds of music .....goood ....bad....and....David Allan Coe

Author Stringfellow Hawke (1 year)
Yes, very annoying... otherwise great vid. Not very many show his guitar
playing up close.

Author Greg M (5 years)
awesome song... i can always listen to this on a long drive you dont have
to call me mister, mister the whole world called me hank

Author FooBob420 (2 years)
This video only has 4 dislikes you wanna know why? Its because all those
ppl that listen to justin bieber and hate on country music don't know real
outlaw music, so they never searched for David Allan Coe...The Ride...

Author Three16 Band (1 year)
Real Country Music.Just sayin.

Author Gordon Shumway (2 years)
neither is jamey johnson

Author mac423 (4 years)
and thats a very easy observation to make lol. id bet it was more like
150... Sr. was rail thin.. and Coe, especially in the time frame this video
was made was a pretty large man...

Author Jimbobwae (5 years)
Allen Jackson totally ripped off this song with his "Midnight in
Montgomery" song. Not the only time he's been ripped off. I can't wait to
go see him tonight in Seattle.

Author Beverly Taff (2 years)
LOVE HIM, sure miss those days..

Author coley1315 (4 years)
One of the top 10 country songs of all time!! PERIOD!!!

Author Marla Query (1 year)
love this guy and his music. He only sings to the truth speaking for so
many people that are scared to say certain things. LOVE HIM

Author Cjsanborn (5 years)
HA! best joke ive ever heard. hank sr has been dead since before this video
was made. so why dont YOU learn YOUR shit.

Author musicnotes01 (5 years)
r u crazy???????

Author krisk1973 (4 years)
solid country gold...when is the last time you heard that and country music
in the same sentence...?

Author KEN LEWIS (4 years)

Author LilyNelsenOfficial (1 year)
This is so good!

Author williamsjoshua551 (5 years)
learn your shit thats hank willams sr

Author Keith Guyer (4 years)
does anyone know when he got out of prison he drove a herse from ohio
nashville tennsee

Author 900hppowerstroke (5 years)
your a dumbass if you thinks its sr!!

Author SuperDeadheadFred (4 years)
@Crewmannumber6 How 'bout Hank III?

Author dmc16336 (3 years)
One person got into a Prius with Karen Carpenter instead....

Author equinox627 (4 years)
alan jackson didn't rip of this song. they both respect Hank, and they
wanted to do something to remember him.

Author lillucky666 (6 years)
i love this song! it tells a story and no one writes songs like this no
more. RIP HANK SR.

Author 14jtd994 (3 years)
2 people got in to a pink mini van with justin beiber

Author snoflaked (2 years)
f***in awesome song!!!

Author Rick Phillips (1 year)
Love that David Coe....Great vid.... Ignore any haters that post on
here....their jealous cause their not shit

Author Phil Giesbrecht (2 years)
Fantastick! ! ! ! Love it!

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