【初音ミク - Hatsune Miku Append】The Endless Love【Original】

An amazing piece created by HanasoumenP. This track was created using the "Dark" voice from the Hatsune Miku Append expansion.

EDIT 4/16/2014: HSP's official channel is now up!


MP3 (provided by HSP himself):



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Runtime: 8:52
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Author katou shinichi (23 days)

Author NMYuMaMi (21 day)
I got here from a WWII video. I am quite pleased with this destination.

Author squealer rose (14 days)
I wish the beginning was shorter..

Author orego oregano (2 months)

Author Colonel Thyran (7 months)
I've heard the first 30 seconds of that before somewhere. Do you know where
it is originally from? :/

Author Konoha Kokonose (3 months)
I wonder what she is doing in this picture causing her to blush?...

Author El S (4 months)
뭔가 소름 끼친노래... 정말 좋다

Author Rikka Takanashi (4 months)

Author PrincessPaina (9 months)
Once you get past the 4 minutes of pointless foundation music, it's a great
Miku song. I just wish someone could do an edit to shorten the beginning :/

Author katou shinichi (2 months)
love beautiful song thanks! 

Author Chelsae Terhune (7 months)
I love this. i am soooo glad i found it

Author Ricardo Ret (1 year)
O Endless Love De Hatsune Miku

Author jimmy araya (10 months)
1000% Mikuism

Author Chip Salen (10 months)
sound is so awesome

Author Vendela Greenleaf (3 years)
Parteey xD

Author Rosemary River (2 years)
They are created as a replacment... so, why not? :D

Author AvatarZ (2 years)
Heard a sample of this and instantly purchased it.

Author rockmanzeromythos1 (2 years)

Author Kael Izumi (2 years)
ok and thanks for posting the song :3

Author Tsuki Keyatsune (1 year)
I love this, its so amazing, inspiring. C:

Author Sophieperky (1 year)
I love Miku dark voice songs! I haven't heard one I don't like yet XD

Author MauMauNyanNyan (1 year)
I want her dress

Author skiipia2 (1 year)

Author Thetrashflingingthebashringingthecashsingingtheslashslingingslasherhahahagosuckonapotato (1 year)
Techno and vocaloid combined. My life is complete.

Author bmax99 (2 years)
@phantomrider115 lol, i hope you're feeling better. XD

Author Kuromiya (2 years)
I love this song ♥.♥

Author Kael Izumi (2 years)
Idiots, Idiots that wont stop bothering me everywhere

Author Kiko Kiwii (1 year)'s good...and ya know what? It's almost as good as the trolololo
song! XD jokes, jokes! XD

Author Buggy Angel (2 years)
I love this. Her voice is so pretty. Miku dark append FTW

Author sothe52 (2 years)
HEY PEOPLE That guy, jrharbort, posts a lot of Miku videos. He has 178
videos uploaded. Just so those of you who like finding lots of awesome Miku
videos know :3

Author Jrharbort Productions (2 years)
Hey, hey. Take it easy guys.

Author Zezrim (1 year)
Miku at her best. If I had children I would force them to listen to Hatsune

Author bmax99 (2 years)
@jrharbort what are the six?o.o true, with this, it sounds like she really
means it. xD

Author R. Meitzen (2 years)
Perfect music, this music remember me of Elfen Lied opening.

Author Lucia Malpense (2 years)
Just like a breathing singer?

Author Last_ Quazar (1 year)
That words have a deep meaning..

Author bmax99 (2 years)
@Humaki01 this very father? Como(con acento)???O_o

Author Utkuak (2 years)
This song and Unfragment are some of my all-time favorite songs regardless
of genre. Considering my iTunes library currently has over 90 days worth of
music (all of it legal), that's a pretty high compliment from me to Mr.
Hiro Kanzaki. I'm going to go listen to his new Revive EP now. It's awesome.

Author BlackKeyedPiano (1 year)
This is the best music to work on homework to.

Author Rawr Kuma (1 year)
THAT WAS FRICKIN' LONG But its still a good song :D

Author Jrharbort Productions (2 years)
I have. Check out "Free Open Blue Sky", "Solosail", "Sub Sirens Solosail
Remix", and "nATALIE".

Author Altair Erygorn (2 years)
>3< Nothing else I can say.

Author miku j (2 years)
Thanks! I'll go listen right now! <3

Author Destroysall (1 year)
Her voice is sampled from the voice of Saki Fujita. So it makes sense in a

Author Kurono Kiel (2 years)
emo-ing =="

Author superstardust1969 (1 year)

Author David Lopez (1 year)
Hatsune Miku kawaii

Author Gasai Yuno (2 years)
ingenious !!!

Author SouthPortlandKK (3 years)
that is such a beautiful song! its amazing! I really love it I just wish
there were more singing parts with Miku ! =p

Author Daniel Coben (2 years)
Is this a real Miku song? I mean I can hear her breathing in this song, and
seeing as how she's a Vocaloid... you'll get the point.

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