Bang - Rye Rye & M.I.A (Stanton Warriors Remix)

Bang - Rye Rye & M.I.A (Stanton Warriors Remix)

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Added: 5 years
Runtime: 4:58
Comments: 166

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Author PolarNinjaRintaro (4 years)
Hell yea! baddass breakz!

Author Kevin Queefington (4 years)
raw shit

Author carlcoxxx (5 years)
Phaaaaaaataaass! :D

Author sp3c0r (5 years)

Author chasebadkids420 (2 years)
yea the 7 dislikes were actually trolling for PRON

Author Łukasz w (3 years)
woooow this is nice hahahah bang bang :DDD

Author ferbobian (5 years)

Author hamstergeddon911 (4 years)
haha what a sexy beat. Stanton Warriors plus Rye Rye? FUCKING WIN!!!!

Author DJVIIIMan (3 years)
@dddoubleggg Krumping and poping

Author Nilluerkul (3 years)
Epic, 666 after my like :)

Author dwindledrevenant (3 years)
:O whoa!!!! did you guys film this at the spring massive '09 party in
baltimore?? I remember these guys dancing and seeing MIA there but I had no
idea this was what was going on!

Author 313rdub1 (3 years)
i don't really mess with to many black chicks but i'd b down for some rye

Author meatmachines (4 years)
Amazing mix, this is a real remix too.

Author ronkos1987 (4 years)
dj przemo to ty :))

Author aamirq (5 years)
So where can one buy it then? I can't seem to find it on iTunes, Amazon,
Beatport, etc.

Author Sascha Jenzer (5 years)
just use the youtube to mp3 converter

Author berry1312 (5 years)
Love it :)

Author matzomaniac (4 years)
man this is heavy!

Author komakaze komakaze (4 years)
what's this style of dancing called?

Author rush1er (4 years)
been playing this song daily for 2 weeks now. BEEEEYAH!!!!

Author digweed000 (5 years)
this is official!!!

Author EllisDee523 (2 years)
Been listening to techno since the mid 90's, primarily jungle and drum and
bass....then breaks came around and fulfilled my life. I love good
breakbeats and nu skool more then my own dick and Stanton Warriors are the
absolute shit with only The Breakfastaz, The Freestylers and The Autobots
coming even close. Please come to the states one day Warriors!!

Author pecaqiym (5 years)
@richaaaye actually rye ryes style of music is baltimore club.

Author John Craft (2 years)
Straight fuckin RULE!

Author scarletpie (4 years)
bang bang bang bang what a badass track!

Author daisydaily28 (3 years)
love it! video cracks me up too! LOL old school

Author duceduce55 (5 years)
about time i heard some good breaks

Author txips (4 years)

Author swdfish21 (3 years)
Anybody know where to download?

Author eastfront4 (4 years)

Author debranov (3 years)
@tmthyc true that

Author Digiimandan (4 years)
damnn he did it again..

Author worldsbestperson (5 years)
dope as a mutha fucka.

Author Jake K (5 years)
Damn, the Torro Torro mix of this was so hot, but this just might top it.

Author Luis Rodrigues (4 years)
Dammmmmmm Stanton did it again!!!!!!!

Author DJVIIIMan (4 years)

Author justin19844 (2 years)
hey, lets krump over to the salad bar...

Author Emilos7634 (4 years)
great tune

Author kanada62 (3 years)
are jou ready je

Author trolus (5 years)
where I can download this song in mp3 format ?

Author Adam Grimes (5 years)
Download it from iTunes when its released

Author Brad Clark (4 years)
quality track !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author the87jazels (4 years)
Damn your breakz can make my veins jump!

Author PALECification (4 years)

Author gixxerjamesb (5 years)
This shit is RAW!

Author electronika26 (4 years)
Zajebiozaaaaaa !!!!!!!

Author Jesús Martos (3 years)
esto es breakbeat!

Author Simon Berisha (2 years)

Author therealestillest159 (3 years)
crazy beat

Author Claudiu Serban (5 years)
who said that the Zulu Nation iz dead?! way to go mate!

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