GTA IV Download ,install and crack tutorial

This is a tutorial how to download and install with patch and crack Gta IV! thx to heroicman03 for his links and DJ Boyler for his music Keep On Moving
Original video here:
This is the torrent for GTA IV FULL PC VERSION :
Crack link + PATCH (WHOLE UPDATE : -thx Irma -thx Irma

EDIT: fixed link for the update and few crack links

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Runtime: 6:09
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Author ofir Sharshanevsky (6 months)
What do you callthe song

Author Ani M (5 months)
Hi, do I need to install Games for Windows Live along with Rockstar Social
Club to play the game? In my torrent it just came with RCS, is that enough?

Author Seedy Solee (1 year)
It asks for the serial?

Author MrXleader (3 years)
@djxrayvision read in the comments you dont need a serial

Author heroicman03 (2 years)
@MrXleader no,this one. i dont have yo vid anymore on my video responses ;)

Author Domme XXL (10 months)

Author MrXleader (1 year)
then you need to get a better PC or lower the settings,cuz GTA IV is pretty
unoptimized game

Author MrXleader (1 year)
just google and research a little

Author MrXleader (1 year)
right click->Open with 7-zip

Author laejabu (1 year)
yo dude if ill use that crack i can save my progress too?

Author MrXleader (3 years)
@stuffstuff000 right click in daemon on the device and you have UNMOUNT

Author MrXleader (2 years)
@YoungMaqler talk to heroicman03 for the link with patch and crack

Author FluffeyMuffey (2 years)
Downloading it now, hope it works.

Author Aaron Koebberling (2 years)
Omg give me plss this music :) ! I like it

Author eren kayapic (3 years)
when i want to patch it it saids that i need to run setup :S??

Author DarkDampSquib (10 months)
i took virtual clone drive

Author MrXleader (2 years)
i will make it soon,i need to reinstall game ,and get a goddamn new PC that
can actually run it

Author eren kayapic (3 years)
could it be cuz I have intel pentium dual-core winows vista basic??

Author GameStoreCZ (1 year)
What is the SONG ??

Author stuffstuff000 (3 years)
@MrXleader Game instillation folder=disc1/disc2 folder?

Author stuffstuff000 (3 years)
@MrXleader And Is unmounting meaning removing the disc?

Author MrXleader (3 years)
@ferrariloverify1 you must run .exe file as administrator after you have
extracted it thats all...

Author The UNKnow (1 year)
What name for music

Author sp00npawz (1 year)

Author eren kayapic (3 years)
thanks man!!

Author legostarwarskid12345 (1 year)
Hey dude. I need help. I have windows 7 and i need the crack to be able to
start the game. I can't get the crack because my cp can't run .rar files.
please tell me how to be able to run .rar files

Author MrXleader (3 years)
@ferrariloverify1 no problem ;)

Author MrXleader (1 year)
hahahahhahahahaha malo sutra

Author MrXleader (1 year)
for mounting the image you need a program to mount the ISO file

Author Niko Rasmussen (1 year)
Haha xD

Author BigBartek100 (2 years)

Author ANANT MOMAYA (1 year)
pls send me serial and unlock code at pls do this for

Author stuffstuff000 (3 years)
@MrXleader Okay one more question, the product code is the crack, right? I
am going to try it anyway but unknowingly. Sorry for all the questions,
this is the second tutorial that I have watched that actually works! (the
first one was a Garry's mod tut.) Thanks again for this :D :D :D :D

Author legostarwarskid12345 (1 year)
how do i lower settings??

Author legostarwarskid12345 (1 year)
ya thats the thing. i cant get there because whenever i start the game and
go to menu it only shows map and doesnt display any other options that
should be there. i decided to screw it and i got rid of it. thanks for all
the help and being patient with me. your awesome!!! hope you get more

Author Anonymous (1 year)
xD use Bittorrent Faster than anytorrent

Author stuffstuff000 (3 years)
@MrXleader It says "Installation failed. Run setup to install update." I
believe I went through many setups...

Author عبدالله موسه (2 years)

Author Seedy Solee (1 year)
How do you crack it? and plus where is it, I downloaded but all I got was
the patch, and in the patch was UpdateTitle and some Media1, What do I do
withe Media1, Help?

Author MrXleader (3 years)
@stuffstuff000 in patch archive you downloaded you have folder named Crack
inside is the file that must extract to your installation directory

Author MrXleader (3 years)
@djxrayvision BECAUSE WHEN YOU CRACKS IT IT DOESNT ASKs ;) and the crack is
in archive with the patch

Author stuffstuff000 (3 years)
@MrXleader I feel so stupid right now D: D:

Author MrXleader (1 year)
i preffer utorrent,andi f u know how to use it,beat it,this is for those
who dont know

Author MrXleader (2 years)

Author stuffstuff000 (3 years)
@stuffstuff000 damn same thing

Author lowedwin1 (2 years)
i need help bro, it says i need to insert a serial number...please respond

Author MrXleader (1 year)
sorry to hear that

Author MrXleader (2 years)
extract it to game folder

Author MrXleader (3 years)
@stuffstuff000 in PATCH archive that you donwloaded directly without
torrent inside is a crack folder

Author MrXleader (3 years)
@stuffstuff000 in the archive with the patch you have CRACK folder open it
and extract all files from there to your game installation folder and
replace files in that folder from files that you extracted

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