The 1,100 HP Switzer "Ultimate Street Edition" GTR - /TUNED

It wasn't long ago that driving a 1000+ horsepower car came with many sacrifices. These were race or show cars, not to be used daily. Enter the Switzer "Ultimate Street" GTR. On pump gas, it makes 1,000 horsepower with virtually no downside. On race gas, it makes 1,100 horsepower. And the owner of this particular GTR uses it as his daily driver to commute to work. Is 1,100 horsepower enough to get to the office? We'll find out.
**Update** 0-60: 2.5s, 1/4 Mile: 9.4 @ 150, Standing Mile 208 mph.

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Author sean octane (2 months)
i am a bit lost, is it a nissan GTR or a skyline GTR????

Author xoxSEANxox1 (10 days)
91 octane in the USA? thats crazy in the uk we count 95 octane as low :/

Author TheS1PikesPeak (5 months)
Just for me:
The 87 you can see on the gas station, is that how much Octane it is ??

Author Dexter Spaulding (27 days)
How's the fuel economy on this?

Author nazariyscoot (4 months)
at first he says 1000hp on gas and when hes driving it he say 880 hp wtf

Author Infinit3Enigma (4 months)
How is 962HP effectively 1100HP and on pump 800 some HP effectively 1000HP?
Is that just a typo? I would assume if its rated a 1000HP it should be able
to give a 1000HP as a minimum.

Author the.gtr.kid. (7 months)
This car is faster than the Bugatti's

Author IRising IPhoenix (3 months)
I feel bad for the americans cause of the shitty 91 octane gas. Why just 91
octane? We got at least 95 up to 98 or even 100 octane on a regular gas
station in germany.

Author INFsleeper | Battlefield & GTA (2 months)
Your car prizes... Fuck it im moving to the US

Author Joe Strobeck (12 days)
Love that fucking car!!

Author Bret W. Caldwell (11 days)
look at the what

Author I like melted cheese sauce (13 days)
boner achieved

Author Matthew Sharpe (3 months)
Awesome build, but I hate the chalk board finish. Honestly, why are matte
finishes so popular? It's impossible to maintain AND it looks shit.

Author Jack Conner (23 days)
86k for 300whp? I think that if you did the work yourself it would be about
20-30grand cheaper lol

Author Lane Albers (17 days)
watch his cheeks slowly return to their home from 6:00 to 6:08!!!

Author Richard Cortez (19 days)
The 1,100 HP Switzer "Ultimate Street Edition" GT…:

Author Straight Edge (7 months)
What sunglasses do you wear? Any one knows? Thx.

Author Trent Wright (3 months)
the gtr is prob this sickest car ever

Author Paul Aguirre (1 month)
first time i have ever heard him curse was launching that car

Author Alexander Young (4 months)
5:15 his response lmfao

Author the.gtr.kid. (7 months)

Author Zach Chai (2 months)
All this for less than a Nismo GTR

Author l (4 months)
fantastic build

Author Isaiah R (4 months)
I NEVER get tired of watching him launch this beast of a GTR! He's reaction
is PRICELESS!!!!! lmao 

Author Paul Aguirre (1 month)
giggle meter high

Author tren fuku (2 months)
big fan keep up the great work!!

Author Robert Keeton (2 months)
Wow, what a car. I would KILL to have your job Matt. Seriously, I am so
envious that you get to drive and judge cars all day. I'm sure that it took
you a long time and a lot of work to get there and I'm sure that this isn't
your only job, but man would I love to do what you do.

Author Bushido Brown (5 months)
"Maybe, ya know things aren't goin good. Call up Switzer and then
just....BRAGGHHHHH WAAAAAHHH!" hahaha awesome.

Author Big Boss (5 months)
i like his rims 

Author Kenshin Himura (2 months)
Isn't it funny this little V6 that's less than half the size of an average
american V8 is completely dominating the car world?

Author sjpro1 (2 months)
1100hp to run a 9.4? 1100hp mustangs can run 8s

Author Bali H (3 months)
Lmao " Yee Doggy'.

Author Mine is good (3 months)
I'll take one

Author paparazzizi (10 months)
carbon fibre backseats saving 1 pound... really useful with a 300 pound

Author Rahu Sh (6 months)
It is definitely fast enough to provide an organsm without inserting a
single thing!!

Author Ryan Satter (3 months)
I'd give my left nut for a stock one, but this? Awesome!!!

Author Malaasoy GotTheNeedforSpeed (6 months)
drug money

Author Daniel dragonvlv (11 months)
Toyota Supra and Nissan GTR are two best cars to tune the engine.

Author Jordan Stockpile (6 months)
who says 962hp to the wheels is slow?

Author RXHardstyle (4 months)
91 octane... yuck

Author Ispharel! (6 months)
$140,000 for that GT-R, or $1,000,000 for a Veyron SS. C'mon...

Author Femi Omomo (7 months)
We all know the stock GTR is about the balance of power, traction and
weight, to get good 0-60 time it would be nice to know the figures on this
car 0-60 MPH and 0-100 MPH

Author lakai2305 (4 months)
I wonder how much fuel it needs when u go on normal speed?! but actually i
think u will anyway kick it all day long haha

Author AAAF556 (8 months)
962HP is fast, but only until you get on a Ducati 1199

Author CaptP3netration (4 months)
5:58 "OH SHIT" hahahaha

Author george Dube (4 months)
There used to be a VP racing gas station right down the street from my
house w 101 octane. i used to see all the street racers there on friday
nights it was really cool but it closed and now its a shitty ass USA gas
station. do they have those anywhere else where u guys live?

Author SuperNuclearDeath (4 months)
Please review the AMS Alpha 16+ GTR?

Author Rick Kamminga (7 months)
Lol, when I drove my 180HP opel corsa I thought that's fast. Nevermind xD

Author kriengkrai ch (4 months)
โฆษณา เด็กโดนกรีดท้องเอาไส้ออกมา ลวกจิ้ม อ่าาาา

Author cante199 (4 months)
call me when you can fix those fuckin fuelcuts :D

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