Nightcore - Down With The Sickness


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Author rileigh galer (1 day)
What anime is this?

Author Hoppy Doxus (2 months)
black rock shooter spying on a more "matured" version pf herself so to
speak, LOL WTF !

Author Jaeger The Titan Slayer (2 months)
I can see why people like songs like this but its definitely an acquired I frickin love disturbed and nightcore but I prefer the original
compared to this version because let's face it, it is pretty difficult to
Take this seriously.

Author shadow magma purge 10057 (1 month)
is the pic from a game it seem like it

Author B.C.Cancela (10 months)
Does anyone noticed the tiny Black Rock Shooter in the background :D

Author TheKlostoepsel (11 months)
Srsly guys this is crap they not just ruin Nightcore because this is not
nighcore at all its chipmunk and they ruined this beutiful song

Author RandomnesDude (6 months)
For some reason, before i clicked this i thought of the old (ish?) song
where the guy was saying "Come on get up and get down with the sickness", I
forgot alot about it but it is definitely older than this.

Author komori yui (6 months)
XD there is 2 of black rock shooters and um is it a graveyard or a
rollaroaster park
'cause' it has a gravestone and broke down rollarcoaster tracks

Author JinxAnimatia9902 (6 months)
Does anyone else think of Ryuga when he says, "Open up your hate and let it
flow into me"?

Author Crow Asylum (4 months)
OHWAHAHAHA! damn I love disturbed and damn I love this.

Author Vearwind the Poison (10 months)
If you don't like the music, then leave a dislike. Don't be rude and
insulting. It's pointless and aggravates people who do like what they're
listening to. Please, just leave quietly (and dislike if you want) if the
song is not to your liking, it's considerably more kind.

Author Trev Z (10 months)
This is how nightcore is supposed to sounds morons...

Author David Hill (7 months)
this isn't bad, but what really drew my attention the picture, but still
good job

Author Astro Cat (3 months)
this is a bit questionable it sounds the pitch is faster and higher this is
a bit of a bull shit >:C you killed my favorite song 

Author SiteM16tv (1 year)
Srsly, I never heard such a bad chipmunk music about Disturbed, you guys
destroy good songs for views, little shits.

Author pokemon trainer black shredder (5 months)
what's whit black rock shooterr

Author CyberSniper (5 months)
I dont get this... its just the original sped up....
Im gonna get tonnes of hate for this arent i? dont get me wrong - i LOOOVE
Disturbed but really?

Author leach627 (4 months)
wat is the picture #2's url plz set it up so we can see and i mean the
picture with the girl with few clothes and blue flames from her eye

Author Kate King (8 months)
AMAZING!! I LUV DIS! its bascially the original but female! coool :D

Author Volf Voss (1 year)
Came for the music. Stayed cause the picture..If you find a girl like that,
let me know.... 

Author jazmine gadouas (11 months)
this song is amazing

Author Miguel Zepeda (11 months)

Author Gilbert Beilschmidt (1 year)
This is hilarious
fucking awful but hilarious

Author SlenderMansProxy (9 months)
another version of BRS which has bobs and then the real flat chested one in
ze backround

Author shadowmossess (8 months)
whats the intro song?

Author 7Blau7 (1 year)
Down with the Chipmunks!

Author Chri33 (1 year)

Author megamincraft779 (7 months)
good song yolo

Author namekman01 (1 year)
just as good as the original :D

Author JinxAnimatia9902 (10 months)
What's the song a the beginning?

Author Rune Wolf (1 year)
wolfy likes 

Author JinxAnimatia9902 (10 months)
Disturbed is disturbed.

Author Rune Wolf (1 year)
ya this is awesome 

Author Sabrina Eden (1 year)
What's the intro song? (:

Author Emanuel Morales (10 months)
Is this picture from an anime?

Author Divineknight (1 year)
Hey we got same intro for our channel except mine is for my machinima
gaming video i'm part of machinima respawn i uploaded my first nightcore
remix with bassboost check it out and tell everyone thanks.

Author Robert Sebourn (1 year)
YOU GOT THAT RIGHT namekman01!

Author JinxAnimatia9902 (10 months)
Can someone make a nightcored version of this song without the REALLLY
disturbing ending?!

Author MUZIC MASTER (11 months)

Author Rynxy Rhino (1 year)
its the same dam thing with dubstep and tech9

Author Tophee Ghore (6 months)
Loose cooch

Author kostas villa (1 year)

Author อาเคมิ โฮมุระ (1 year)

Author Kx Drazell (1 year)

Author Hollidux (1 year)
Is this really all nightcore is, is putting a song in a simple DAW and
upping the pitch and speed?
And here I thought it was an actual genre of music..

Author TheSolusPrime (7 months)

Author darkknight09100 (11 months)
awesome :P

Author Crimson Lord (1 year)
enters thinking disturbed nightcored would never wor... :o

Author Grace Salavare (1 year)
Seems like Black Rock shooter has another opponent she has to face.

Author Artorius Rains (1 year)
were did u get the pic

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