Helmut Lotti-Besame Mucho


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Author ΜΑΡΙΑ ΠΕΤΡΟΠΥΛΕΑ (6 days)
'Όμορφη, μελωδική και υπέροχη η φωνή του.
Τον θαυμάζω. Λατρεύω τη φωνή του.

Author Matthew Miranda (1 month)

Author Fab Farrago Fudge (5 months)
I can't believe how well he sings in so many different languages...this is

Author linda desion (2 months)
Hermoso hermoso canta hermoso!!!!

Author Mirja Kurppa (2 months)
espoo areena ,siellä helmut lotti oli parhaimmillaan 

Author Mirja Kurppa (4 months)
mike pitää minusta ja minä pidän mikestä , eiks silloin ole kaikki
kohdallaan , became mucho 

Author IRENEO CHUQUIJA (4 months)

Author Ferwerden Sheet (5 months)
I like to see the translation, is it available ?

Author valonpisaroita (5 months)
very god

Author thebeaterz16 (5 months)
HELMUT! <3 fantastisch man

Author thebeaterz16 (5 months)
Fucking underrated legend. Belgium doesn't give him the credit he deserves.
We need to split the country into a part for the Netherlands and one for

Author sym290 (5 years)
Bravo Helmut...una dintre cele mai frumoase interpretari...sehr
schon...very beutiful

Author Jörg von Appen (1 year)
La canción de amor más hermosa que se puede cantar a una mujer ....

Author Татьяна Кричевская (3 years)
Симпатичный какой!

Author Marisabel Llorente (6 years)
QU bonito canta este hombre en todos los idiomas.

Author elfmeter42 (4 years)
sehr schön

Author bellacolomba (6 years)
en español CESARIA EVORA

Author malm65 (5 years)
not bad... I've seen and heard better!!!!

Author Pabblovp (3 years)
Amo a Helmut, lo conocí cuando interpretó el himnonacional de su país,
Rusia, pero ahora lo amo más .... esta interpretación perfecta de una de
las mejores piezas de la mi música mexicana hace que lo ame más !! Eres
Grande Señor Lotti

Author sunANDshadeJV (6 years)
yeah... he sings in 10 different lenguages and he's a Belgian singer... but
i must admit that i have never heard about him before however i like him, i
like his voice..

Author Liyana Gomez (4 years)
ich liebe diese stimme

Author Corrie121 (6 years)
Most enjoyable. Thanks.

Author JackSparrowDepp (2 years)
Влюбилась что ли?

Author brianna34dd (7 years)
Captivating voice! I love it!

Author chibinski (7 years)
nice voice. thx. for posting. saw Lotti a few years ago on public tv and
have looked forward to seeing him on their "financing campaigns" every year
since then. thx. again!

Author eivocarc (4 years)
Quelle belle chanson, embrasse moi comme si cette nuit était la dernière
fois, j'ai peur de te perdre magnifique déclaration

Author Sakurita (3 years)
Excelente! bella voz. I really love your voice Helmut and you are so pretty

Author kuswoc (4 years)
Greetings from India !! This is the best version I have heard so far !

Author Dea Vieira (5 years)
Quantas vezes voce cantou e dancou esta musica comigo...agora so sinto seus
beijos nos meus sonhos..Te perdi novamente e desta vez para sempre.

Author stockguitar (8 years)
beautiful voice!

Author zepres (7 years)
Simply beautiful ...

Author leopoldo406 (4 years)
muy buena interpretacion de la mas famosa cancion MEXICANA, DE CONSUELO

Author Barbara Kornas (5 years)
I love this song and this voice.Thanks

Author Antonio Vargas Heredia (2 years)
me gusta cuando canta en españaol, esa sutileza ese respeto a la lengua

Author Carlos Miguel Bautista Quiroz (4 years)
You are a VERY SPECIAL SINGER TO ME, SIR LOTTI. I send you a lot of kisses
from Acapulco, MEXICO

Author Takencxp (7 years)
incredible vibrato and pitch and control

Author Břetislav Grmela (3 years)
moc pěkně provedené , Helmut Lotti zpěvák několika žánrů

Author Aramis1766 (7 years)
beautifull !!!!

Author Kaname Novak (6 years)
^^ Yeah...I've loved his voice since I maybe younger. He's
always be on PBS and everytime, we'd watch him...there's one song by him I
can never find, tho. It's a duet with some girl and it's about mother

Author Gregory Mihut (6 years)
One of the best,thanks Ccilyn 7 for posting it.

Author VICTOR BALIT (5 years)
Very nice voice, but the singing is very academic and lacks imagination!

Author FrankieSpankedMe (7 years)
my god thats lame

Author strawbox (7 years)
what is helmut's nationality? he's great!

Author Ana Martins (7 years)
Simplesmente maravilhoso!!

Author mangeldeth (5 years)
Helmut is amazing, this song is originaly by Consuelo Velázquez.

Author spiritypusur (6 years)
Great song and a great singer!

Author Ljoedmila van Vyve (6 years)

Author Frank van der Werf (6 years)
kritikoreal ,could you shut your mouth? by every video of helmut gave you
stupid comments,if you don't like him,why are you listening to his videos?
a little bit crazy or not? i see the comments,everyone is positive,you are
the only one who gave crazy comments. go way please,stupig person. helmut
is the best selling artist in europe;) what are you listening ?songs of
baby's ?

Author DerSinn42 (5 years)
Noch einmal wunderbar, Herr Helmut Lotti! Danke, danke, danke.

Author Narcisa Olimpia (6 years)
Este un cantec frumos.Merci!

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