Are you ready for the coming collapse?

Global Food Prices / Shortages will cause and ARE causing World Wide Riots and Revolutions.
Many experts are saying this is the year it all goes down and that we have perhaps until July before complete collapse in America.
The Sheep will remain in denial. You must prepare if you wish to survive.
You are not alone if you can see what is coming.

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Author consciousnesswarrior (3 years)
@MrWrldpce HAHAHAHAH Of course they aren't. They are sticking with their
messiah, Steve Jobs and endless Angry Birds levels!

Author nickk1k (2 years)
in 2008 rice prices rose to 25$ per metric tons? at 4:00...I understand
that it is raw value, but still it doesnt seem high does it?

Author 50 Ducks In A Hot Tub (2 years)
@crsbt My wife doesn't believe me that I would stand by my principals &
make the kids fend for themselves after they have ignored every warning &
prediction I have thrown at them. We have made some serious sacrifices in
the last 2 yrs getting ready for what is coming & I'm going to come out the
other side of this mess a winner & they can fend 4 themselves. I will take
the grandchildren in but the parents can take care of themselves, I hear if
you lick an I-crap long enough it's like a meal

Author HeroOfChristArchives (2 years)
@TheGenuineChristian Heretic according to whom, and why? P.S. Arianism is

Author TheWestbrooke (2 years)
yes they do. The American Pot Farmer!!

Author concen (2 years)
Enjoy it while you can, it's not going to last much longer and don't expect
sympathy or help from those of us who have been preparing for the collapse
for years.

Author Iriatv (2 years)
I'll just take the ad to walmart

Author lianza09 (2 years)
Dude! You are surely funny as heck, we r past july already where is the
colapse of the united state? where are the riots? You are a comedian!

Author C Nguyen (1 year)
Things are already happening. So if you're not pissed, then keep it that

Author 1000rave (2 years)
omg if rice goes up to 26,27,28 or maybe even 30 dollars per 100 METRIC
FUCKING TONS will i no longer be able to eat? OMG!!!

Author GrooveDoctor77 (3 years)
@smallblueclouds give it some time do some research the unending flooding
in the US . Everything hangs on just how long it takes for just 1 big
catalyst...there are timelines yet..its coming it may be unbelievable

Author jeff61177 (2 years)
unfortunately pot is not an adequate source of nutrition. and makes you
fucking stupid.

Author 50 Ducks In A Hot Tub (2 years)
@crsbt I'm Canadian, our BK laws are insane, not like the States easy come
easy go... Seriously look into it, do some research on this before you
dismiss it as crazy. There is going to be no credit when it collapses, it's
all a scam to keep you paying with the hope of keeping your credit, saw
that in Brasil in 91. I have a business & I saw with my own eyes in 2008 &
09 the banks panicking pulling credit that wasn't being used, reducing
their potential exposure even though nothing was wrong.

Author Orquiz92 (2 years)
Go suck on a fat one queer Concen & don't be mad cause u live in fear I
don't feel fear & just because your dumbass video tries to put anything
into portion, life is what it is so you can f*** yourself for calling me a
kid BTW

Author Monkeywrench542 (2 years)
just default

Author TheStevenLawrence (2 years)
My prepper tip of the day: I keep that time of the month female products in
my guest bathroom, when they need it they love you forever for having it.

Author chefshitpiece (2 years)
Yeah, I hear ya! We are all mulch one day why shit our pants
about the state of the world. But I dont equate being aware of what could
possibly happen next with living in fear of it. But then again I dont give
a flyin fuck about I aint like most types! %^> Go Crazy!

Author William Straughan (1 year)
if u s stop trying to feed the world this would not happen here

Author EarthRover (2 years)
The use of grain for gasoline is partly to blame for high food prices. When
governments and ecologists get together, prices rise.

Author LudaKrisp (1 year)
"past away"? First rule of making a point: Learn to spell! Second, know
what the hell you are talking about.

Author D33Lux (2 years)
@moviematcanada They won't let you go bankrupt so easy anymore here in
Canada. I have a friend who filed for bankruptcy they owed over 50k & they
still had to still pay about 30% of the debt. I just paid off a small debt
I had, I didn't want to go through all the hassle of filing for bankruptcy.
Most think you just tell the creditors over the phone "I'm broke, can't
pay" & its over. I saw what my friend went through, its very stressful &
more extensive/intrusive than just saying "I'm broke"

Author Chronmonster185 (2 years)
personally Id rather prepare myself for the coming massive starvation
rather then "let it be" lol but suit yourself brother

Author mkmason2002 (2 years)

Author Pikeman50 (2 years)
are you retarded?? What the fuck you think Corporations are, Social service
organizations. Good grief. Go work for one and thrive. I do.

Author mkmason2002 (2 years)

Author THESTOONKA (2 years)
i went to the store today and bought a sandwich an Artichoke ,a can of
tomato juice, and one candy bar, and payed over $21.00 dollars,

Author jimmyjoenewby (2 years)
This very real! All you have to do is talk to someone who farms,

Author avonleanne (3 years)
@dhellbilly you just keep thinking that...... keep worshiping your beloved
obama..... you will be out looking for handouts very soon....and there will
be NONE.... except for generous donations from the fear mongers that

Author crsbt (2 years)
@moviematcanada i know exactly how you feel,,my family eat crap daily. when
i try and give them friendly advice i get shunned. now i dont give a
dam,let them eat the crap. my kids are getting into the healthy eating
which is no1 on my agenda :-)

Author snocamo154 (2 years)
Going to have a year round garden from now on. Ordered seed for this fall's
crop today. If you have a small backyard or plant in containers or raised
beds, always grow nutrient dense food (peas, beans, corn) over food like
lettuce or cucumbers. If the food shortages get really bad, don't be
surprised if you are sitting in your garden all night with a shot gun and a
mean dog.

Author creedstat (2 years)
@madbradb how american of you... then you all can just shoot and take from
eachother......whatever happened to learning a real skill and having a
productive capacity...geesh some peoples kids

Author Ganseblumchen12 (3 years)
Thanks to financial terrorists, they managed to bankrupt us all. Get rid of
The Fed. Ron Paul 2012!

Author inkey2 (2 years)
what does that mean......."put anything into "portion"......don't get it

Author Bassett (2 years)
You have to understand, a Us collapse would not be over nite. If you have
ever played with dominos, you know very well that they don't all fall at
the same time. Is the same concept, things will collapse over time, each
one making the next come faster and faster. Better to be prepared then left
in the dark.

Author crsbt (2 years)
@moviematcanada dude i live in nottingham (robin hood) country,ive lived
here most of my life,i know this place like the back off my hand,and i know
exactly were and how i can obtain supplys. but to be honest right now im
paying council tax=£900 per yr electric=1400 per yr and the list goes
on,car fuel,insurance,house
insurance,water,phone,internet,xbox(son),mobile,mortgage(the ba****d),ect
ect i need a way out myself.

Author jeff61177 (2 years)
Everyone wants to be an American Idol, and no one wants to be an American

Author Pikeman50 (2 years)
Uh, Im 50 and haveing the time of my life. Money ive put into "evil Banks"
Have given me this little miracle called "Compound interest"!! Its so easy
even you should try it. Party on bitter little bottomfeeder.

Author Laurence Duque (2 years)
There isn't fear mongering in alerting each other. When people do their own
research, (when they start to care), they learn for themselves WHY these
things are happening and how to interpret videos like these. The more you
understand and dig, the more fear becomes irrelevant; accept what's coming
on your feet, with understanding and on you're own terms. Thanks to the
internet, the control system has been laid bare for all to see, those who
care to look. See you in 2013. Good luck.

Author Kevin Town (1 year)
Agreed!...People preach to prepare, as if they will have any "Life" in a
dire situation, and even if they prepare, they will still run out
eventually..Then what? Fucktards have all the "Answers", but they will just
die later...I would rather go sooner myself. They can have the world and
shove it up their ass!

Author D33Lux (2 years)
@moviematcanada I'm wrong that they ended up paying for the debt. I'm not
lying! This person was making under $1,800/monthly. Too much money? The
only thing they had was their house which they inherited, I think they
would have put a lien on their home that's what may have made it difficult
to fine for bankruptcy. This happened around 2 yrs ago, things may have
changed since then, but they did have to pay around 18k. So they found
their blood somehow.

Author 50 Ducks In A Hot Tub (2 years)
@crsbt I haven't bought food at a grocery store since June 14, 2011 and
I've got enough to last me at least 12 months on hand for 2 people and the
growing season starts in 3 months and I'm back at it again. What ever is
left from last year is going to some people I know that are having a hard
time, gave them a couple hundred pounds this winter and they were blown
away. My family thinks I should just hand it over to them, they won't even
weed the garden, screw them...

Author Shala Font (3 years)

Author 50 Ducks In A Hot Tub (2 years)
@EconCat88 Me too

Author Spell Guru (2 years)
Stock up on non perishable foods and look into MRE foods and buy in bulk.
Look into couponing. Although I'm not the religious type it says right
there in the bible "blessed as he that keeps his clothes on because I come
like a thief in the night". You can do it. Don't think you can KNOW you
can. He who has faith in himself can accomplish anything. Just made that up
but you can do it.

Author CircleCityCurry (2 years)
AWWWWW I DON"T WANNA LIVE IN THIS CRUEL WORLD!!!!! lol people have lived on
this earth for thousands of years, there was not always a global financial
community or local supermarket, yet people survived, this stuff may very
well happen, but when your on this rock, you are not promised easy access
to food, shelter or protection, u have to make it happen, it sucks cause ur
not used to it, but the ride couldn't last forever, earth is ever changing,
do what you need to do and don't blame anyone else

Author ingyinginging (3 years)
Maybe it'll be an opportunity for Americans to lose some weight.

Author creedstat (2 years)
@madbradb ya I suppose so.....if life gets that difficult most people would
do whatever it takes to protect their families

Author Jenkins1155 (2 years)

Author Viper King (1 year)
can this fucking start already this world needs to end ASAP!!!

Author 50 Ducks In A Hot Tub (2 years)
@creedstat News Flash I've got lots of guns & ammo to protect my food....

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