BGA Reballing - Device Deballing Using Solder Wick ! BEST Inc

Area array devices from time to time need to be reballed as alloys needs to be changed or a device simply needs to be removed from a PCB and the same device replaced. This instructional video discusses and demonstrates how small volume deballing occurs-through the use of a soldering iron and solder wick or braid, and flux.

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Author Ronsentech (3 years)
Hello, I know how to solder! The solderiron is my most regulare used tool
since I' ve been 13 years and I love to earn my money with it. But I still
think the ammount that you use is very much. I use some little points of
flux arround the LGA and it works verry nice. Flux isn't realy responsible
for heat transfer but it is responsible that the tin becomes more liqiud
from the typical propertys of the flux (activation). best regrads from

Author Pieh0 (1 year)
I, too, like to apply generous amounts of gel to my balls before working on

Author texican512 (4 years)
what's the solder tip called? or you customized it?

Author LineMasterJorbob (4 years)
That's a lot of flux.

Author maurizio mormone (2 years)
sorry to be the temperature at which the welder

Author Ronsentech (4 years)
what a waste of flux

Author blackops696 (2 years)
but they cost alot thou mines going to be around 600.00 and up

Author weerobot (2 years)
Manufactures please use a ZIF scoket for GPU ???

Author KingSnake377 (1 year)
This guy

Author aar0n0412 (1 year)
how did I get here???

Author John Smith (2 years)
Where is Reballing?

Author blackops696 (2 years)
@2615863 not at all ...... if u know how to do it

Author Mark Lyth (3 years)
The soldering tip is called a tunnel tip, and only seen them on the Aoyue
irons. What temps are you running the iron at to remove the solder?

Author ElectricRain0 (4 years)
I'd love to see this done by hand on a VFBGA IC. :P

Author Christian Ospina (3 years)
Do you need a license to reflow / reball peoples machines on craigslist?.
can i get in trouble? plz reply

Author protesialbanese (4 years)
Is it normal that the gel flux is so expensive?... what kind of flux is it
(Rma activated or no clean)? where can i buy gel flux for cheap?

Author mickwhitworth (2 years)
I tried this by using a heat gun, the BGA chip came off fine but when I
tried to remove the solder from the pcb it lifted the copper track (I did
not use braid) I did use a solder sucker and soldering Iron which did not
do a great job - I wish that I had done it this way.

Author iggy151 (3 years)
@2615863 Not at all. However you need very fine motor skills, patience,
plenty of information and good equipment. Otherwise you will have many
unhappy customers. Best thing I can tell you, is educate yourself as much
as possible.

Author abz2000123 (3 years)
thanks for the great tutorial, i am having one issue though, i got the
video chip off, cleaned it well, but the motherboard cleaning did not go as
planned, when i wicked it, i got a few missing solder points (black holes),
& remembered someone telling me that it renders the mobo unusable, is this
true? & what is the max temp celsius you would recommend in the removal &
refit process? thanks in advance, abz

Author omar bnadra (2 years)

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