allah hoo zikar by animals

allah allah zikar by animals , a miracle of islam. cow saying allah , crow saying allah , tiger saying allah

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Author Xoz eXoz (3 months)
Surah Isra 44 : "The seven heavens and earth and whoever is in it speak of
His Glory. And there is nothing, which might not speak of His Glory
praising Him; yes you understand not their glorification. No doubt, He is
Forbearing, Forgiving."

Author marco da silva (4 months)
LOL. You Muslims are retarded.

Author Yasmin Banu (6 months)
masha allah

Author Randomrandomdream (1 year)
Is it really ? Or an edit ? 

Author Yasin Khan (1 year)
Subhan allah

Author Aishabella Sheikh (5 months)
Masha'allah Animals say Allah's name

Author سعيد الزهراني (1 year)
سبحان الله

Author uzair8339 (2 years)
cute !!

Author ahlesunnahwaljamaah (2 years)
If u wnt to criticise Islam atleast study it with the right ppl ie the
scholars dnt do a bbc o wikipedia job, u dnt no nything about the prophet
muhammad alayhi salam or the religion of islam, ur just anuda idiot hu has
nuthing betta to do then to sit on the computa all day making pathetic
comments on concepts u dnt understand, n btw ur not funny at all unless u
laff at ur own lame jokes which only mkes u stupid n nt funny. epic failure

Author Hamza Raza (2 years)
@mrdrawde Aw, is the wittle non Muslim angry about the spread of islam?
Come here and get a milky wilky XD

Author ahlesunnahwaljamaah (2 years)
listen m8 ur analysis is waaaaay to deep for me 2 even understand honestly
i dnt understand anything ur saying. gta giv to u tho u dun a heck of a lot
of research on 1 single word of the quran, but there again just to make
urself luk lyk a lifeless crtitic hu earns nuthing but pure emptiness. I
dnt believe wt u say, neither am i a philosopher nor specialised in arabic
literature, im jus a muslim hu reads the quran and understands it, and
therefore i cant comment on ur fabricated findings

Author Necro bastard (2 years)
not someone else who can examine whether rumors are true?

Author ahlesunnahwaljamaah (2 years)
tbh no i dnt understand ur pathetic analysis of something u dnt completely
understand. Either way our belief in the quran will not deteriorate bcoz we
no that there is no spelling mistake in the quran, and the sad thing is
that u tryd so hrd and lukd so deeply into the words of the quran to try
and prove a mistake, but there is no mistake either way the quran has said
what it wants to say, using advacned terminology in this case is nt mkin u
luk intelligent but rather lyk a low lyf

Author ahlesunnahwaljamaah (2 years)
so where did u gt ur theory from? wikipedia? anti muslim websites? o a
place called 'i have nothing better to do so I'll just sit down and
criticise the quran' honestly i dnt understand ur arguement, its way too
complex and pointless, ur proving nothing with ur fancy terminology and
mild use of arabic grammar which truly u dnt understand., u cant apply the
same methodology to two different ayats of the quran, and sabioona and
sabieena hv da sme meaning! loosa

Author ahlesunnahwaljamaah (2 years)
u sound lyk a pathetic idiot, n for the record, ur neither hilarious nor
intelligent but a misguided fool and a good one at that

Author ahlesunnahwaljamaah (2 years)
erm that not funny, thats just the limited capacity of ur almost invisible
brain being displayed, first of all u splet the word with the letter after
the saad when its actually as hamza, n there is no mistake in the
declension, just the fact that borth word forms saabieena and sabioona
translates as the 'sabians', n bte its nt sabaens, its spelt sabians. so
next time u wnt act clever go criticise darwins theory o existentialism,
not something as authentic as the quran, epc failure and joke

Author ahlesunnahwaljamaah (2 years)
'letter nun after the saad when its actually a hamza'

Author Masum Aktar (2 years)

Author nativesupport2 (1 year)
I only believe the crow said Allah

Author aysha ali (1 year)
Allah is real!

Author Soufian El Maliki (1 year)
shut the fuck up, respect other religions you little stanking ass bitch

Author Klaus Knecht (1 year)
allahu akbar

Author MIRZATHINOOOOOO (2 years)
if someone have better religion than islam....or someone is
atheist....please answer......

Author ashad miah (1 year)

Author HDGHOSTX (1 year)
no no no not that way we speak with them ... plz good morals

Author fantasypgatour (1 year)
My friend said this proved Allah existed haha, what a fucking joke.

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