George Carlin on Global Warming

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Author Rowan Williams (13 days)
There is a consensus among the scientific community - we are climate
change. George is not a scientist.

Author Amélie Renoncule (26 days)
We are SO self-Important...

Author Adolph Oliver Bush (24 days)
281 people are far too stuck in their imaginary paradigms, and/or too
stupid to recognize GC's brilliance. 

Author Derek Bowen (3 months)
I tire of some if my human brothrrs and sisters self loathing. George is
right on the money.

ACW theory is failing.

Author skyboundpilot (1 month)
I love this man....he didn't subscribe to either gang (republican or
democrat) from what it seems. He knew the games political elites played
and didn't fall for any of them...He didn't worship a fake god in the sky
like nutty republican Christians nor did he worship the govnt like a lot of
liberals. He was for simple HUMAN RIGHTS and knew what was holding us back
from it....And he showed all of this through his art and made us laugh
while telling us. His big fame was a little before my time, but I still
miss him all the same.

Author Pamela Rice (3 months)
Humans will leave hundreds of nuclear power plants after we're gone.....
If we go extinct suddenly, hundreds of meltdowns will kill all life on
Earth.... The poisons could even over time infect other planets. I think
I'm right here.

Author Green Goose (4 months)
There's no need to debate weather humans are causing Global Warming. There
is more than enough other observable ways the human turd is fucking up the

Author sisbrawny (1 month)
I'd say George allowed some toxins to get too saturated in his system and
destroyed any bit of crucial bodily functions dealing with rational
thinking, causing a great delusion. He seems like a mentally disturbed hobo
that just happen to get on a stage and speak the language of idiots,
ironically, because he was self-proclaimed to be against idiocy, but he was
one of the biggest ones. 

Author Andrew the Impaled (7 days)
He's trolling those who doubt the reality of climate change. He's well
aware that 150 years of burning fossil fuels is totally sufficient to
change the atmosphere's ability to trap energy.
He goes on to list several examples of humans being ignorant to
environmental dangers like volcanoes. They're analogous to the denialists.

btw, the way to out a denialist as not an honest skeptic: ask them what
evidence they would require to be convinced. Denialists cannot answer. True
skeptics can.

Author salsa4dayz (10 days)
the planet isn't going anywhere...WE ARE!

Author Ron Zack (18 days)
Why are we here? Plastic....

Author Toby Young (24 days)
When you think cow farts and SUV's can kill the planet you need to give up
dope,,beer and breathing...

Author Dan cutting (1 month)
Sisbrawny, what branch of government do you work for?

Author Willy Rho (4 months)
There has been NO Global Warming in the last 16 years.
The arctic Ice pack this year has expanded, this year, from 600,000 square
miles to 1,600,000 sq miles. And the Antarctic ice has tripled in size
this year.

Global Lying is the Problem and the purpose of this Global Lying is to take
your money and give it to Al Gore and George Soros and other Leaches.

Author Hal Martin (23 days)
Amazing how many idiots actually think we can do something to alter climate

Author jac kitt (2 months)
pamela have a look in the dictionary for fucktard and there will be a
picture of you...

Author 442Rickmaniac (2 months)
I think that liberals are actually more conservative than anyone.
Conservatives supposedly want to "turn the clock back" to the "good old
days". In my opinion its the Liberals who want to go back. They can't
change anything. But they are arrogant and think somehow humans can make a
major difference to anything other than ourselves.

Author jfarwell92 (3 months)
I hate it when someone as smart as George Carlin completely misses the mark
like this. Yes, environmentalists care about having a clean place to live.
That's what an environment is in the abstract sense--a place in which to
live. That's why identifying in opposition of environmentalism is
completely retarded. And no, the planet doesn't share our bias against
plastic. It also doesn't share our bias towards humanity. We come
together to help each other, in part, by realizing that reality is
indifferent. This planet is not as stable as we think it is, and it is not
"arrogant" to notice the power that we have to impact both it and ourselves
through individual actions.

Author mantra3000 (2 months)
Wow, he's not bad at all.

Author PinkFlying Menez (4 months)
Life is thriving in Chernobyl right now. Already a sign that life really
doesn't give a shit what we do. 

Author healdogtoe2c (3 months)
If "its what got us in trouble in the first place" how is trying not to do
that the same thing? How is trying not to interfere with nature,
interfering with nature? Is trying to stop a murderer an effort to destroy
life? Sorry George. For all you who "will be more than happy when the earth
rids itself of our species", then do us all a favor and kill yourselves. No
Global Warming in the past 16 years? Interesting. You ever get the feeling
people are quoting absolute bullshit they saw on the internet? Yea, fuck
the scientist! You've got the internet! 10 minutes online and you find the
answer you're looking for! 

Author Steve Jeffery (1 month)
Your part of the joke Pam

Author Robert Pope (3 months)
The statement here is, will man save himself from himself? Man will not
destroy the earth, earth will let man destroy himself. We are relegating
ourselves to being nothing more than a pimple on the face of the earth. 

Author baler johnson (1 month)
I think George is the " Big Electron".

Author nukestrom (2 months)
Just don't mix-up climate change with economy. Carlin shouldn't have
talked about things he did't know. He may be right in social issues but
he's totally wrong here. Global climate change is a scientific phenomena so
fancy words starting with F can not revert the science.

Author Michael Brenner (1 month)®ion=searchResults%230&version=&

Author Samual Stensberg (5 months)
This guy was one of the most intelligent people to ever exist.

Author corombol (3 months)
the problem here is that people think that this is the pinnacle of human
development. Why should it be? just a few hundred years ago Europeans burnt
witches and Americans killed black slaves as a hobby. There were no physics
to talk of, no proper chemistry, no medicine, no technologies, no maths, no
nothing. Since the "discovery" of the scientific method, the acceleration
has been enormous.. WWI started just a hundred years ago. WWII - seventy.
That's like five seconds ago in terms of evolution. And it looks to us as
if it was sooo long ago.. In a thousand years time humans (although they
will probably hardly look like humans, at least from today's perspective)
will look at the human of today the same way we look at Neanderthals.
People caused global climate change, people will fix it. people will create
doomsday devices, people will find ways to survive them. it's naive to
think we will destroy ourselves or will die out like some kind of poor
leopard or grizzly bear. it is much more likely that this is just the
beginning, not the end. In a million years time the Earth will be here and
whatever ancestors we have, we will look as intelligent compared to them as
worms are intelligent compared to us ;)

Author Ayanda Gumede (5 months)
The Greatest!

Author Paul McClure (2 months)
At first I thought ole George was off his rocker. But then I saw his
direction, a direction that is sadly over too many peoples heads. But he's
right, we don't need to worry about the planet. It will be juussst fine.
It's what we're doing to our delicate environment which we DEPEND ON and
take for granted that matters (only to us and other creatures adapted to

Things the earth as a planet can easily survive without any notice. So the
question becomes; how long will it take us to make ourselves become extinct
and how long will it take before all signs of our infinitely short amount
of time on this plant are completely ground back in to dust?

Author Susan Tynan (2 months)
George I never like your bad language but I LOVED your philosphys on
Life.. You are missed by many..

Author Brini (1 month)
It kills me that the HIV joke didn't seem to play in the audience!

Author the brain (5 months)
We have caused an excessive wobble of the earth.Our machines applying power
to the ground(acceleration) and digging up resources (unbalancing a round
object which centrifugally balanced in a liquid state).Do not touch the
moon, are we always landing and taking off from the same general
side?Butterfly effect; nothing is negligible.Humans are a conceited

Author Stephen Greenfield (3 months)
The problem I see in all of these arguments is the thought that humanity is
a parasite upon earth. This simply is not true, we are the culmination of
all of natures natural processes, a species who is truly able to recognise
the beauty of the planet. If we are to be doomed by our own inventions
then perhaps ingenuity is not the correct course for evolution. It's not
the planet we should be worried about taking down it's ourselves and all
the other beauty of the other species with us. 

Author Lenny Lee (3 months)
We must keep the hope alive that we will make it off this planet.
Robotics, nuclear science and computers are still relatively new. These
sciences will push us further into space and possibly to another place that
can sustain our race. But let's try to utilize this planet and it's
resources for as long as possible, so this can become reality. Nature is
God's tongue.

Author alex smith (4 months)
loL, you guys realize that we are in an ice age? when global warming stops
and global cooling begins, it will be a huge cause for concern. go go
warming trend

Author Wesley Chipps (4 months)
When is this video from?

Author Penta Vision (2 months)

Author gonzalo villalba (1 year)
este es para +Cleito Papelito! un genio George Carlin! xD

Author Rory Lewis (1 year)
Leave nature alone! Save the planet crap and the arrogance of man!

Author David Gary (8 months)
he pretty much summed it up...

Author Daniel Betts (9 months)
I LOVE YA more than ever

Author Fred L (2 years)
The purpose of our life here on Earth? Simple: *Plastic*.

Fucking genius <3

Author Joseph Brana (2 years)
Too funny!

Author Will Burns (1 year)

Author Gerard Carney (2 years)

Author David N. Cooper (1 year)
Here is an interesting way to explain climate change, and humans.

Author Benjamin Prucha (2 years)
Watching the old George Carlin stand-ups again. So fucking brilliant.

Author Lukasz Heldt (1 year)
This is quite funny

Author Cassidy Larsen (8 months)
Explains the Idiot Progressive Liberal mindset!

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