George Carlin on Global Warming

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Author Cuythulu (1 month)
I´m baffled as to how many people are misunderstanding him, he´s not saying
climate change isn´t real he is saying climate change will not destroy the
planet it will destroy us, then the planet will continue to exist as if we
were never here, so yeah, even if you don´t give a shit about nature you
should take care of the planet because it is on your best interest.

Author Truthseeker1961 (2 months)
Right on the George, ahead of your time...more and more people are waking
up to this 'Save The Planet' bullshit....Whole Foods years ago: ''Sir would
that be Paper or Plastic?" Me: "Bag it up in Aluminum Foil for all I care,
and what's a White Man doing having Dreadlocks?"

Author Robert Breschini (2 months)
Environmentalism is dogmatic, uncompromising, rules from the top down, and
operates on the premise that humanity is a blighted curse that must be
reformed and redeemed through any means necissary.

Environmentalism is a proto religion in its formulative stages. Get ready
for another chapter of mindless zombies mudering and bullying the non

Author Tyler Gutierrez (2 months)
Funny how so many people are saying George is wrong but hes totally right.
In every sense of the word. I mean you really think that farts and plastic
bags are gonna be the end of the Earth some day? lol despite the fact that
he was probably a democratic liberal, he spoke the truth about humanity in
this particular topic.

Infact it was very profound. Almost seems true that we are just existing
simply just cause. R.I.P. George Carlin.

Author 10Elmer10 (6 months)
I came here expecting him to bash the fuck out of climate change deniers
because he seems to be a clever guy. But he seems like the biggest fucking
idiot ever in this video. Denying science. LOL

Author Venomancer (6 months)
Global warming is real, you idiot.

Author ProtagonistNonTheist (7 months)
Wow, I always thought of George Carlin as being somewhat clever and smart
but he looks like a real idiot in this one.

Author robpsychobob (4 months)
He didn't deny science or climate change. He was basically just saying
we're fucked and that it doesn't matter.

We say things like "save the planet" when we haven't even learned how to
save each other. He's saying no matter how much we pollute the planet
absolutely nothing will happen to it at all, only the creatures living on
it will be effected. The environment will correct itself. If every species
goes extinct new ones will just spring up to take their place and the
"universe" won't even skip a beat. He's saying we'll go extinct and it
won't make a single difference because human beings are just another
insignificant form of life.

I also feel he was saying that if we go extinct we deserve it because we've
brought it on ourselves through our many avoidable flaws and not living up
to the full potential we're capable of.

Author Liza Persson (1 month)
There are a few who manage, at least occasionally, to step out of the
influence of their biases and just observe.

There are fewer still who make it their main point of view; not to be
without biases, but to be so aware of them as to be able to see them
instead of see through them.

What emerges then, I think, is not a view in which one or another of the
perspectives into which people tend to fall on one issue or another is more
right or wrong.
Rather it is a vantage point that sees all of those perspectives as
understandable, reasonable, but also not exhaustive.
That they are optional.

All of them.

George Carlin on Global Warming:

Author Henry Reimer (1 month)
I want to punch this guy in the face.
I fucking hate this guy, he doesn't understand anything.
Yes there has been worse, but the problem is, EVERYTHING FUCKING DIED.
if we keep it up we will be killing off millions of us a year, not
including the worlds steady incline to become inhabitable? What we are
doing is pushing ourselves to extinction, the earth can eventually rid
itself of these gasses but we wont be around to see that if we carry on
acting like this idiot.

Author Databyter (5 months)
Think of Manmade Global warming theory as an acid test for intelligence.
Not education, or instillation of bais or political correctness, but
You don't even need to listen to the skeptics that are censored and
ridiculed by the brainwashed zombies produced by cookie cutter moron
factories. The theory disproves itself. Every time it makes a claim or
prediction it falls short over time. Every time they base a model on CO2's
expected influence, or causal loops, or Ice caps disappearing, they
disprove their own agenda.
Not to mention that they have such a fervent zeal for the theory, more of a
religion really, that they feel JUSTIFIED and morally authorized to fake,
twist, and misrepresent data. The other side doesn't need to do that. All
they do is point it out, and yet the slack jawwed morons and their wide
eyed zealots cannot hear them, cannot hear the truth, because you see they
are SO SURE. After all EVERYBODY knows the emperor is wearing clothes.
Anthropogenic Global warming theory is a great tool for seperating the herd
from the thinkers.
It's kind of the way I feel about idiots who ride ultraloud monkeyhanger
motorcycles.. Thank goodness they have those loudass shaky oil leaking
pieces of crap to warn us that stupid people are nearby and you might want
to take cover.

Author TVC15ohoh (24 days)
"Saving endangered species is just one more arrogant attempt by humans to
control nature."

Carlin has frustrated me for 30 years. He was hilarious back in the
early/mid '70's and I always WANT to like him and enjoy his humor - and I
do at times (though of course I'm speaking of clips on YouTube, not in real
life, seeing as he passed away a few years ago) - and find him insightful
if not occasionally revelatory. But then he'll stay stupid shit like the
above line and justify it by pointing out that over 90% of all species that
have existed on this planet at one point or another over the hundreds of
millions of years this planet has been supporting living creatures (not
including things like bacteria or single cell organisms) have disappeared
and that WE didn't kill them.

Yeah, well, at the risk of stating the obvious, but over the last few
hundred years, we've been seriously adversely affecting nature thanks to
our rapid growth as a species, which has resulted in the destruction of
millions of square miles of natural habitat; hundreds of millions of tons
of shit poured into the air, water and land on an annual basis, and a
delightful way we have of shooting (i.e., murdering) living creatures for
"sport" (i.e., for the sheer joy of snuffing out said living creatures.)
And let's not forget our voracious need for food and energy (e.g., whale
blubber for heating oil and light.)

I think it's fair to say that since we, as the dominant species on this
planet, have impacted on the rest of the planet's creatures to the extent
that we have, it's only fair and proper that we do something to try to undo
the damage we have done. Short of a natural catastrophe, as in a massive
meteor hitting the planet or a "super volcano" erupting, this planet has
never seen one species have as much impact on all the other species as ours
has. In the last 40 years alone, we have lost HALF of all the living
creatures that roamed on the land 40 years ago (which happens to coincide
with our own population doubling from about 3.5 billion people to over 7

We have a moral obligation to fix that which we have broken, or at least
repair it to whatever extent we can. Everything is connected; prior to our
rise as a species, nature was in balance. Yes, species came and went, but
they happened naturally and at a FAR slower pace. We've upended the natural
array, the natural order, and if we do nothing, and the oceans become
depleted of fish (as they are scheduled to in some 35 years at the rate we
are going) and the planet's temperature rises the nine degrees it's
expected to over the course of the next hundred years, we will pay a price
we simply cannot afford.

The planet is self-correcting and it will get rid of us if we mess with it
too much, just as you and I would swat a mosquito that's landed on our arm
and is sucking our blood. We are little more than a pest to this planet. We
need to be, as it says in the Bible (though I am not religious) "good
stewards of the planet."

So sorry, George, but you're wrong on this one, and only an arrogant,
ignorant man would think as you do on this topic, speaking of arrogance.

Author Emanuel Muresan (5 months)
Even this guy revolves continuously around the notion that there is
something greater. He simply refused to acknowledge that that someone is

Author Mr.Boyka (13 days)
You brainless youtube comments.. Please understand, George Carlin was
trying to say we need to take care of us first, also in reality it will
never happen because too many retarded people on earth with too many
Ideology, Religions, and Politics. In the end humanity will be wiped from
earth one day like every other species in the past and that's the nature...
If we don't start to act urgently and see us all as humans and not what
country, religion or skin color you have the world would be a beautiful

Humanity can't save the world right now, however
they need to be saved from themselves.

Author Christopher Casey (5 months)
Even if global warming is real, he is right. The planet is not going
anywhere. We are. If anything, global warming probably is just the planet
getting rid of us. Self important humans think we can fix every problem. 

Author Jake Lakota (1 day)
What I do not like is how people mindlessly POLLUTE because they are too
damn lazy to throw their shit in the trash can. I also think using
non-biodegradable packaging is STUPID. Just because it is out of sight and
out of mind does not make it disappear. On a recent visit to the Mariana
Trench, the deepest part of the ocean, the pilot of the submarine saw a
FREAKING blue plastic grocery bag. 36,000 feet underwater in the middle of
nowhere. That is some seriously messed up shit.

Author Overl0rdTheo (5 days)
Global warming is about the gradual rise of temperatures causing mild
warming and greater temperature swings which causes a chain of effects
including wild drops in temperature. Global warming can lead to pattern
changes such as, storm patterns, harsh temperature rises and drops, changes
in the jet stream air flow, and general air pressure changes. Nature is
changing (the climate) to accommodate our pollution and warming. Climate
change is one of the many effects from global warming (the cause). The
cause of global warming is argued against but many arguments jump to the
false basis "we are not effecting our environment", but we know we know we
are responsible for our current situation. We have the facts to conclude
pollution isn't good for the health of people, neither for our environment.
If you disagree that we cause pollution then put your mouth around a
running tail pipe and look me straight in the face and say you were just
breathing fresh air and not CO and other pollutants. You are implying one
thing correctly, we are going to have some strange weather phenomenon in
the to be future. Acid rain is a excellence example of pollution's
interaction with our environment.

Author SearchBucket2 (27 days)
George Carlin was a brilliant satirist, but to those who take him too
seriously his act involved taking a mainstream accepted norm and folding it
inside-out for a laugh.
Too many people take his words and utterances literally. His "views" on
stage would hardly cause such laughter if they went with mainstream of
opinion, would they?
No, all he would do, like any satirist is just re-focus on some other issue
to "shock" the mainstream into laughter.

Author c4p0ne (28 days)
And in the last 200 years, we've managed to fuck the planet up *so royally*
as to boggle the mind of any rational thinking human. George was "ahead of
his time" on some issues, like the horse-shit of religion, but on the
issue of caring for our planet (which *intrinsically* means taking care of
ourselves), he got very, very, very little traction, except from a gaggle
of totally uneducated numbskulls. Just look at the posts in this thread.

*BTC: 1PADNHhze28JLnXkvhKa6PjMVzspAnwgkH*

Author joe mama (1 month)
What a depressing stupid retard. He was a liberal. He was an atheist
liberal commie

Author Jay-sen Phang (2 months)
Humans are as natural as any other organism on the planet. The fact that
the majority of humans have dissociated from nature because of a
superiority complex driven by societal organisation and religion does not
mean that we suddenly unnatural. We are out of ecological balance but
nature has ways of restoring this and if we recolonise this we will be able
to work with nature to exist in a more natural balance. The driving force
of life on this planet is DNA. It is in control of all life and while we
humans like to think we are an independent and superior we will never
overcome our DNA. DNA wants to change and evolve. It drives our species to
discover it so we could manipulate it: hence genetic manipulation the next
evolutionary leap. Driven by DNA. As natural as can be. Humans are just a
tool DNA has developed to help it evolve and infect this solar system and
the rest of this galaxy the same way it infected this planet. That's why
DNA developed NASA. 

Author Salim Mahmood (3 months)
george carlin is the realist motherfucker...always speaks the truth! 

Author Rowan Williams (10 months)
There is a consensus among the scientific community - we are climate
change. George is not a scientist.

Author Mike Hunt (3 days)
RIP , Sure miss you George.

Author Jules Dash (1 month)
Hey I think if we can lower C02 and methane in the atmosphere we can avoid
our species dying off in the next couple hundred years........

Author TVC15ohoh (1 month)
"Saving endangered species is just one more arrogant attempt by humans to
control nature. It's arrogant meddling. It's what got us in trouble in the
first place."

Er, um, actually, George, what you call "arrogant meddling" is really just
humans trying to mitigate and/or reverse the damage that we caused in the
first place. It's not arrogant; it's conscientious and compassionate. To
paraphrase a statement made by Colin Powell back in late '01/early '02,
"You broke it; you fix it." (And yes, I know he said, "You break it; you
bought it."

Using Carlin's logic, if we've adversely affected the climate and the world
is heating up in part or mostly due to our actions over the last 200 or so
years, it would be arrogant to try to reverse the warming trend and
therefore shouldn't do anything.

I've been a fan of his since 1972's album, "Class Clown" and I've agreed
with Carlin more often than not, but this is not one of those occasions. It
seemed to me that the older he got, the more cynical, bitter, jaded and
preachy he got. And he became less funny.

That's the main difference between him and Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert,
Jon Oliver and Bill Maher: As Carlin got older and lost his faith in
humanity, he concurrently lost his sense of humor, while Stewart, Colbert,
Oliver and Maher are as good as they've ever been, that is, anywhere from
very good to brilliant. Though undoubtedly exasperated by the foibles,
idiocy, hypocrisy and downright evil put upon us by our elected leaders and
corporate overlords, Stewart, et al, have never given up hope. They can
still find the humor in the midst of the awful absurdities and upset that
surrounds us all. I wish Carlin had too.

Author DmaxHd (1 month)
That's right lefty fucks , listen to George ..

Author David C Kendall (1 month)
He makes us think...and we hate that, don't we?

Author goblin hunter (8 days)
Carlin got 2016!...oh wait

Author kcwbar (6 days)
RIP George we love you!

Author Kyle Towers (29 days)
It's a sign of the desperation of science deniers that they have to point
to a comedian - and then misinterpret even him - instead of listening to
the science. Fools. Buffoons. But in large numbers, all you fools are an
extreme danger to all of us. Stupid kills.

Author parminder kumar (1 month)

The world is MORE THAN 1 degree F cooler than it was 15 years ago.

Al Gore said in his Nobel acceptance speech - “The North Polar ice cap is
falling off a cliff. It could be completely gone in summer in as little as
seven years. ”

Well it is 2014 and the 7 years have passed.

Recent satellite images show that not only have the icecaps not melted . .
. but they’ve expanded in size by 43% to 63%.

An area twice the size of Alaska — America's biggest state — was open water
two years ago and is now covered in ice.

Since 2002, the ocean temperatures have fluctuated less than 1 degree
Fahrenheit. There is no warming.

President Obama even tweeted on May 16, 2014, “97% of scientists agree:
climate change is real, man-made and dangerous.”


Well this 97% must be PEER REVIEWED scientists of Rothschild.

The truth is a mere 1% of scientists believe human activity is causing most
of the climate change.

Capt Ajit Vadakayil says that there is no convincing scientific evidence
that human release of . . . carbon dioxide ( caused by coal burning ) will,
in the foreseeable future, cause catastrophic heating of the Earth's
atmosphere and disruption of the Earth's climate.

Earth’s temperatures rise and fall based on its exposure to . . . the sun.

There are times when the sun gets hotter and times when it cools off as
measured by “sunspots.”

Multiple solar cycles determine the temperatures of the Earth.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has been using
COMPUTER MODELS and NOT real temperatures. This is a bigger bullshit than
the Adam Smith economic model .

In 2001, when Al Gore stepped out of white house as VP he was was worth
less than 1.9 million USD.

Today he is worth more than 105 million USD. He had merrily invested in
“green-tech” companies . . . 14 of which received more than $2.5 billion in
loans, grants, tax breaks, and more from the Obama administration.

John Casey, a former space shuttle engineer and NASA consultant, is out
with his book "Dark Winter: How the Sun Is Causing a 30-Year Cold Spell,"
which warns that a radical shift in global climate is underway, and that Al
Gore and other environmentalists have it completely wrong. The earth, John
Casey says, is cooling, and cooling fast.

Who the hell is Al Gore ?

Capt Ajit Vadakayil says that the earth is rapidly growing colder because
of diminished solar activity.



Russian astrophysicist Habibullo I. Abdussamatov has argued that a new
mini-ice age has begun—

capt ajit vadakayil

Author disgustedvet (24 days)
Use plastic , save a tree . Remember THAT moronic campaign brought to you
by the Save The Planet weenies ?

Author Peter Schopf (1 month)
Earth Abides...Read It!!!

Author andy765gtr (1 month)
nihilist carlin doesnt give a stuff about climate change because, you know,
we are all dead anyway long term. nothing matters so just party on guys.
great argument. the argument of all criminals and sex offenders. i'm
guessing he wouldnt have thought that if a peado had got hold of one of his
kids (if he had any) and used the 'dont worry, we are all dead anyway, so
just have fun' argument
i like carlin on religion, but hes way off on this one. his attitude stinks
as much as any republitard

Author tomlxyz (2 months)
He does NOT deny climate change. He says that we are not destroying the
earth completly.
It is mostly harming ourselves. As he says "We are going away"

Author ElizabettaC123 (1 month)
Let's see, his argument is that we're arrogant if we want to fix problems
that we ourselves have created. And we're assholes if we want to save
animals that are on the way to extinction due entirely to human
interference in nature. If we want to stop interfering with nature, then
we're interfering with nature. I had no idea this guy was such a dumb ass

Author Dan Lenoir (2 months)
I can't believe there are people in the comments section posing scientific
debates to this... Your science is based on human perception... Global
warming/Climate change is only detrimental to the species living on the
earth... But the earth ITSELF, will NOT blow up and disappear... All the
species could become extinct and it's environment could burn down, but
earth will continue to spin and time will heal all wounds and it will cure
itself... This is a philosophical point of view... How can you save the
planet when it will remain here long after you are gone and have done all
the damage you could possibly muster? Even nuclear war wouldn't destroy the
Earth... It would destroy OUR earth, our habitat, our homes, our bodies...
Our idea of earth built through our perception... But it will not destroy
the earth. The one continuously spinning on billions of years of universal

Author TheEukaryote (1 month)
People who understand global warming know that it is not about "saving the
planet" and they don't pretend that it is. In the long run the planet will
be fine. The problem is trying to save ourselves. Global warming will cause
climate change leading to worse storms in some places, droughts in others
and flooding in other places. Sealevel rise will threaten many coastal
cities. This is what it is about. If we carry on as we are we will be truly

Author pigeonpsycho (2 months)
manbearpig is real

Author sgtsnakeeyes11 (2 months)
this guy is such a fucking idiot

Author pcmustgo (2 months)
People always shriek that "diversity" is such a "strength" - yet this
"strength" is ONLY forced on white people...why is that?

The end game is always the same: whites simply cannot win no matter what
they do:

-when white people flee (white flight) - white people are evil and "racist"
-when white people stay - white people are evil and benefit from "white

(Even if white people move in - white people are then evil "colonizers &

"Diversity" in reality means: "there are too many white people; there must
be fewer white people & eventually NO white people".

So called "diversity" is in reality just a code word for white genocide.

Author Cyr Uay (1 month)
Earth as a planetary object of rock, magma, lava and water will be around
but it's possible that all biological life will become extinct.

So do better humans, because all life can end and it might never occur

Author NinetyFive Nasty (2 months)
Nononono. You see. He's totally wrong. If you just pay enough money to Al
Gore, the exhausts of his private jet will finally magically turn into
fairy dust that gets rid of all the bad, bad CO2. I just wish more people
understood that Al Gore needs to eat money to be able fart fairy dust into
the atmosphere. I wish the world would finally wake up to the fact that we
need Al Gore, the IPCC and the United Nations to fart purple unicorns with
neverending erections and cherubs and rainbows all over the planet so
everything will magically turn great and jolly. Why are people still
denying this? You EVIL BASTARDS!

Author joe mama (1 month)
Stupid hippies

Author krisztian76 (1 month)
Stupid logic for stupid people. He gave the permit to continue shitting all
over the world. That's what public needs. 

Author Timothy Maggard (1 month)
We are the first animal on this planet with the capacity to alter our

Were not changing the geological status quo, were exacerbating it! But we
dont appreciate what we would actually have to give up to cease
exacerbating it.

Author Ally M (4 days)
He's not really talking about climate change. He's talking about people.
How we behave toward one another, what we worry about, what that shows
about our conceit and self importance, etc. Someone below mentioned
misanthropy. Carlin was known as a misanthrope in the style of Jonathan
Swift. His act is meant to "vex mankind." He is sorely missed.

Author ILL Gotti (4 months)
SO.. if there is all this unprecedented polar ice melting... where are the
disappearing shore lines from the ocean levels rising??

Last time I checked, the Outer Banks are still there..

Are you guys forgetting that they melt in the summer and REFREEZE in the
winter? No one ever shows the REFREEZING diagram..

Damn it, I would prefer to not be TAXED to breath AIR.. SO if you guys
would please keep your stupid fucking opinions (FEARS) to yourself, that
would be great.

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