George Carlin on Global Warming

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Author ProtagonistNonTheist (3 months)
Wow, I always thought of George Carlin as being somewhat clever and smart
but he looks like a real idiot in this one.

Author 10Elmer10 (2 months)
I came here expecting him to bash the fuck out of climate change deniers
because he seems to be a clever guy. But he seems like the biggest fucking
idiot ever in this video. Denying science. LOL

Author Venomancer (2 months)
Global warming is real, you idiot.

Author Emanuel Muresan (1 month)
Even this guy revolves continuously around the notion that there is
something greater. He simply refused to acknowledge that that someone is

Author Bruce Bosco (2 months)
He is right the planet will be here but WE WILL BE GONE. and the elephants
whales and thousands of creatures we are directly responsible for

Author Golden Boy (2 months)
GC is a guy I agreed with on almost everything. Not this, though.

Author Rowan Williams (5 months)
There is a consensus among the scientific community - we are climate
change. George is not a scientist.

Author ILL Gotti (3 days)
SO.. if there is all this unprecedented polar ice melting... where are the
disappearing shore lines from the ocean levels rising??

Last time I checked, the Outer Banks are still there..

Are you guys forgetting that they melt in the summer and REFREEZE in the
winter? No one ever shows the REFREEZING diagram..

Damn it, I would prefer to not be TAXED to breath AIR.. SO if you guys
would please keep your stupid fucking opinions (FEARS) to yourself, that
would be great.

Author Jay McHue (5 months)
George seemed to loathe humanity as much as the global warming nuts do.

Author fjordking (4 months)
287 professors at Huxley don't understand

Author MySerpentine (2 months)
Even if we cause the next great extinction, the PLANET will still be fine,
right? LOL

Author Clark Magnuson (4 months)
Did Rush get this spiel from George, or did George get this from Rush or
did they both think it up?

Author Chris Casey (1 month)
Even if global warming is real, he is right. The planet is not going
anywhere. We are. If anything, global warming probably is just the planet
getting rid of us. Self important humans think we can fix every problem. 

Author fumanxxx (1 month)
George didn't think this one through.
Yes, 99% of species on Earth have gone extinct from natural causes. That's
why human's are here now. If dinosaurs never went extinct we wouldn't be

What contemporary people rightly worry about is human activity causing

Author Databyter (1 month)
Think of Manmade Global warming theory as an acid test for intelligence.
Not education, or instillation of bais or political correctness, but
You don't even need to listen to the skeptics that are censored and
ridiculed by the brainwashed zombies produced by cookie cutter moron
factories. The theory disproves itself. Every time it makes a claim or
prediction it falls short over time. Every time they base a model on CO2's
expected influence, or causal loops, or Ice caps disappearing, they
disprove their own agenda.
Not to mention that they have such a fervent zeal for the theory, more of a
religion really, that they feel JUSTIFIED and morally authorized to fake,
twist, and misrepresent data. The other side doesn't need to do that. All
they do is point it out, and yet the slack jawwed morons and their wide
eyed zealots cannot hear them, cannot hear the truth, because you see they
are SO SURE. After all EVERYBODY knows the emperor is wearing clothes.
Anthropogenic Global warming theory is a great tool for seperating the herd
from the thinkers.
It's kind of the way I feel about idiots who ride ultraloud monkeyhanger
motorcycles.. Thank goodness they have those loudass shaky oil leaking
pieces of crap to warn us that stupid people are nearby and you might want
to take cover.

Author Spring Creek (1 month)
Carlin 1 , Greenies 0 

Author Peter Griffin (1 month)
Mr. Carlin you sir will always be the smartest & funniest comedian of all
time. You have no competition sir. 

Author True8Bit (2 months)
This is the only thing I agree with him on.

Author Larry Wilson III (2 months)
So funny.

Author sisbrawny (7 months)
I'd say George allowed some toxins to get too saturated in his system and
destroyed any bit of crucial bodily functions dealing with rational
thinking, causing a great delusion. He seems like a mentally disturbed hobo
that just happen to get on a stage and speak the language of idiots,
ironically, because he was self-proclaimed to be against idiocy, but he was
one of the biggest ones. 

Author Greg LaVanway (2 months)
The Earth is a dynamic place. It changes constantly, environmentalists
want to halt that change and turn the Earth in to a static place. No
seasons, everyday the temperature is the same, it rains from 2pm to 3pm.
Absolute nonsense.

Author kevin bauer (2 months)
George Carlin is absolutely Brilliant!! Rest in Peace George,we miss you!!
I happen to agree with George,Mother Earth is going to shake Man off like a
bad case of the Fleas.
Peace Y

Author Andrea Davidson (4 days)

Author giftedat (9 days)
One point George Carlin mentions is how can we talk about saving the planet
when we don't even know how to care of ourselves. 

Author Amélie Renoncule (6 months)
We are SO self-Important...

Author Shawn Peters (10 days)
It's amusing to see all you getting yer panties in a wad...because Carlin
doesn't agree with you. He's a're media-controlled. It's
much easier to fool someone than make them realize they've been fooled
(mark twain). He's being absurd to illustrate your absurdity...thinking
you're special enough to lower the temp of an entire planet...negro
please. How do you know a Millennial is having an orgasm? They stop

Author Mick Psyphon (1 hour)

Author Qian He (4 days)
wow, this is an impressively stupid talk. 

Author daveeol1987 (5 days)
he nailed it here.white rich liberals telling us we need to change.fuck you

Author ThreatofDoom (3 days)
He's right.
The planet is fine, the people are fucked.
I can't wait for the earth to wipe everything and everyone off it. Start a

Author Julian Aenlle (4 days)
he is clever unlike yourself,typical liberal "if you don't follow what i
believe in your a dope",why not try listening to scientists instead of your
dopey al gore who preaches global warming as he's hopping on his private
jet or the dope leonardo dicaprio from his ocean polluting yaght that he
flew on a private jet to get to,try using your brain for once

Author John Ratko (6 days)
Poor little idiots so disappointed in George. Obviously, an absolutely huge
numbers of viewers aren't disappointed. There still may be hope for the
human race.

Author fl6stringer (11 days)
It's great, you know, seeing all of the love that modern culture has
adopted. People who take a politician's word, listens to their every
fabricated crisis, and never looking at both sides of the coin WITHOUT
bias-born ignorance.

Author Aaron Ernst (6 days)
George Carlin on Global Warming

Author Ethan Tracy (8 days)
Spot on. George Carlin speaks the truth.

Author M.L. McCarren (3 months)
He kinda puts things into perspective...

Author Wundering Whi (14 days)
I'm no fan of Carlin, but this is apt for the times...

Author razzle nipper (22 days)
Global Warming?

Let the children figure it out,

Author dantco (11 days)
Oh, the truth hurts! Self-important meddlers who think they are the ALL of
the universe. If George Carlin's take on this hurts your ego, you're
probably one of those self-important meddlers...

Author Andreas Naftello (12 days)
So, just out of curiosity, what's the timestamp of the point were he talks
about Global Warming? Because I can't find it. In fact, considering he died
in 2008 and this looks like it was filmed about a decade before then, Why
would he even mention Global Warming. Back in the 90's Warming was still
going on and there wasn't really a skeptic movement yet. All he talks about
in this is out-of-control environmentalism, and while CAGW is certainly the
embodiment of out-of-control environmentalism that doesn't mean he was
talking about it.

Author Pamela Rice (8 months)
Humans will leave hundreds of nuclear power plants after we're gone.....
If we go extinct suddenly, hundreds of meltdowns will kill all life on
Earth.... The poisons could even over time infect other planets. I think
I'm right here.

Author Cara Randall (16 days)
He's actually agreeing that we are making a difference in the earth...but
that it will not "harm" the planet, it will just extinguish humans. We are
making our own habitats dangerous. It won't destroy the earth, it will make
it an unfit home for humans. He is correct about species dying out. It's
okay to seek to help species that we've harmed, I think, but I do get tired
of people who are constantly afraid of everything.

Author marcusdolby1 (14 days)
I've been saying this shit for years, self righteous idiots who think we
can really do anything to this planet.

Author stlkngyomom (4 months)
Ton of:coal 1000$,oil 2000$,n.gas 3000$.Ocean 9876543210$.
Questions my grandchildren will ask:priceless.
There are somethings money can't buy,for everything else there's
exponential growth Fossil Fuel Card.

Author Shawn Peters (10 days)
Did you hear about the first gay Transformer? He morphs into a Prius.

Author John DeFreeuw (1 month)
wtf? carlin is anything but an idiot wake up asshole! he makes perfect
logical sense!

Author William H (1 month)
In a way George may be right look at Chernobyl some of the wiled life is
doing much better even in radio active soil.

Author pjzdreamz (1 month)
George ... I sure miss you. You only improved with age. Now Mr.
Williams, the absolute epitomy of the clown who could make you laugh AND
cry, is gone.

Author ExtrackterYT (1 month)
It's a little awkward since some of the stuff GC talks about are pretty
much tea baggers arguments.

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