Hilarious Arnold Schwarzenegger Prank Call

Probably my best work to date.

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Author Paula kent (3 months)
Come up w more cool. Pranks. More more.!!!

Author tedkuklinsky (2 years)
those random yelling were hilarious

Author Benjamin Sisko (1 year)

Author Brandon Fletcher (1 year)
Is this a prank call!

Author linkin park. brothl: I kill for a living (1 year)
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA "Im so sorry Im afraid I have
"I have to disconnect your call"

Author Eien no Yami (1 year)

Author Dan W (1 year)
Live hi arnie is all professional after his random screams :D

Author SORA247100 (2 years)
Is this a prank call? Negative. Freaking LOL.

Author Todd C (3 years)
aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh 4 5 2 go on... lol

Author Eli P (1 year)
10 rooms lol

Author novicebuilder (1 year)
The chick who talks between 1:44 and 2:42 has a SEXY voice :D

Author MrRamazanLale2 (1 year)
Wtf ten rooms for an orgy haha!

Author bobalegokid123 (1 year)
lol hilllarious aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh

Author Nick Barber (2 years)
1:46 When she says "Hello" she sounds a bit scared after hearing the scream

Author patrick harper (1 year)

Author NYHORROR25 (1 year)
lady: how may i help you arnold: HI lady: hello can you hear me? arnold:

Author Nick Barber (1 year)
It's funny how he screams before almost every response.

Author Nick Barber (2 years)
The beginning nearly made me pee myself.

Author Babalonkie (2 years)
A good fresh soundboard prank! :)

Author Jen Pajak (2 years)
choking on my chicken nuggets because im laughing sooo hard!

Author Lambo BigBrother (2 years)

Author micalzoperipsol13 (1 year)
A good one

Author baddinner (3 years)
fucking indians LOL

Author Brandon Fletcher (1 year)

Author Annalise Abdelnour (1 year)

Author Randy Nielsen (2 years)

Author Aldla (1 year)
this is the best one in years

Author novicebuilder (1 year)
"I'm so sorry I'll be forced to disconnect your call". WTF kind of response
is that ?????

Author Brandon Fletcher (1 year)

Author googlexxxxxxx (2 years)
"Hello may I help you?" "AAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUUGH!!!!"

Author Jaimy Groen (1 year)
"What city?" "YOU BLEW MY COVAAHH!"

Author Collin Glover (3 years)
There is actually 10 digits. NO SHIT!!

Author keith c (3 years)
dude hahaha where you get that soundboard plsss!!

Author poet279 (3 years)
"Fucking bitch!" LOL!

Author handofstand (1 year)

Author BritishGamingNerd BGN (1 year)
how may i help you

Author Hi ! (2 years)
Hahahaha !! How many rooms ?? Ten !!

Author JASOWN CHECKOV (2 years)

Author pbrad555 (1 year)
hahahhaah what city and state? "Maybe some place warm I need to work on my
tan anyway" hahahahah from "The Running Man"

Author Tony M (2 years)
"Talk like that and I'll release this

Author eternalsubstance (2 years)

Author RupertDCD27 (3 years)

Author devon Reid (1 year)
fuck you

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