Piggy back of fat girls

Piggy back of fat girls

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Author OMGitsSEVEN (26 days)
So this is what the Other side of youTube looks like

Author nick antonelli (1 month)
looks fun im jealous

Author a reyes (2 months)
blythe and amanda look TALL cuty females MY weaness are TALL HEAVY
CUTE THIGHS curvy Thighs I like 2B punished & flatted by mean dominators
mistresses big curvy thighs and always ontop or topless girls 

Author Mikel gil martin (3 months)
helloo, I would like me to do a film like this,

Author BODacious X Studios (4 months)
You should see some the BBW arm wrestling videos on my page too. Google bbw
arm wrestling in the youtube search.

Author Ivan Stoqnov (5 months)
leleee sedno tir date machka :)

Author bjsw534 (6 months)
I would kill just to have these 2 taking turns as they fucc me like a
b*tch, rape me and hopefully I impregnate them both.

Author John Cottrell (9 months)
The heavyer the wormen the better the activity will be 

Author John Cottrell (9 months)
The heavyer the wormen the better the activity will be 

Author LoRdOfLoRdS12 (1 year)

Author diego cortes (1 year)

Author Naomi Gallagher (2 years)
Lol that was funny :D

Author ryan combs (2 years)
i could carry u both

Author Arcsynn (2 years)
I weigh 135lbs... I think I would have been killed if that were me.

Author Callum Heaps (4 years)
camera guy sucks

Author Aaron Serna (1 year)

Author a reyes (1 year)
nice to feeling two big girl playing with their cute weigh always ontop
lucky loser .

Author pimpinplayerful (2 years)
Where do I have to go to get trampled by these woman??? Please answer

Author LuvBgWdPears (3 years)
wow! :) what about me too oooooooo! I would love to see u both where shiny
nylons a one peice leotard, and sit on a rubber ball and bounce on him
maybe use a trampline yeah oh yeah:) admirer

Author wagner santos (1 year)

Author teflon deon (1 year)
How much will she me4 a piggy back ride

Author Ahmed Safwet (1 year)
no she is not

Author a reyes (1 year)
the guy really enjoy suffering feel cuties weight females on top to B under
those two is so awesome therapy most I like that two big girl fighting to
stay on top so girls like go always on top nice fantasy so xciting well my
favorites amada amazon & Ur friend yamy yammy .thank U...

Author 12sex2b (2 years)
I love this scene where these 2 giantesses crush this guy, but the camera
guy sux! Lol other than that video makes me horny.

Author Brody Stumpf (1 year)
Lol. Where can I get crushed by u 2?

Author gizzamayne (1 year)

Author TristanZemagisch (2 years)
i heared blythe can squat more than 400lb!!! would pay for seeing her take
amanda and squat her! a fight between those 2 would also be awesome. an
winner humiliates loser like facesitting and squeezing!

Author gindees (3 years)
i wont to be sat on

Author Ricardo Villarreal (1 year)
the blond fat chik is uuuuuuuuuuuuuugly

Author MyDanny90210 (3 years)
those two are extreamlly hot very nice...

Author Ahmed Safwet (1 year)
she is so damn hot i hope i got one like her in my country

Author Lakitu1134 (2 years)
If only the lighting was a little better

Author Crushed350 (3 years)
how much weight is that?

Author Double Sword (1 year)
make some more and make them longer

Author Jacob Kuoersmith (2 years)
I would say this: Ow...but you guys are sexy lets wrestle

Author ot744 (1 year)
I like the way you think Tristan

Author jeff smith (1 year)
omg blythe carried amanda like she was a feather, HOW FRIGGIN STRONG is
blythe body ?

Author Ricardo Gomez (1 year)
How much does each woman weigh???

Author Reece Shelton (2 years)
whats your friend's sisters name?

Author Jacs titant (10 months)
and me when

Author ilovetallwomen22 (4 years)
those two are so hot

Author Ahmed Safwet (1 year)
this is is blythe and amanda i think

Author Chaz Curling (10 months)
me next on my face...

Author Jeffrey Roderick (1 year)
I wrassled with both of them from hello. of course i'm alittle sore. leave
me alone!

Author SPANKYBRIAN1976 (11 months)
I want them to trample me

Author a reyes (2 years)
So lucky man 2B squashing by two large CUTIE girls lovely video the guy
enjoying FEELING ONTOP weigh so great fantasy for fun romping so exciting
hot sexy video possitive true awesome more videos like that please .

Author Farid Khamchane (1 year)
you supre nice

Author Crushed350 (3 years)
The dude got Crushed

Author w0okitha (2 years)
ellas son sexys ♥.♥

Author ot744 (1 year)
I would love to see them wrestle

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