Wright Cyclone R-3350 Cutaway

The Wright Cyclone R-3350

Two banks of nine cylinders each developing between 2,200 and 3,700hp depending on the model. Note the mechanical Fuel Injection system; I did not see the Turbo-Compound equipment on this engine.

Cutaway Color Coding:
Light Blue......Air

To see this type of engine running on a test stand view:

Having used four Wright R-3350's in the Lockheed Constellation, you'll probably enjoy watching Bomber Guy's and Manfred Poznanski's video featuring the restored "Breitling Super Constellation" (formerly "Camarillo Connie"):

A stock Grumman Bearcat normally flies with a P&W R-2800, the "Rare Bear" put in a modified Wright R-3350 that puts out over 4,000hp allowing them to establish the Closed Course World Speed Record of 528.3MPH:

Many thanks to The Oakland Aviation Museum, Oakland — North Field, CA

Note: A similar video on a Pratt & Whitney R-4360 Wasp Major Cutaway can be viewed at:

A Pratt & Whitney R-2800 Double Wasp Cutaway:

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Author Calum Douglas (1 month)
Very nice exhibit, but as previously stated - is it unfortunately going
round the wrong way....3:40 to 3:50 the supercharger impeller is clearly
throwing the air against the turning vanes
not through them. But I suppose it doesnt really detract from the

Author Jukka Piironen (4 years)
@klesmer Just an intuition, Rare Bare simply(on my eyes)has a lot of F&W
190 on her fuselage- and wingshapes, including the mounting of gear. Sure,
I' had wrong to compare Rare Bear with F&W 190. Thank You for great video.

Author GGigabiteM (5 years)
Like I said before, there's no such thing as 150 octane. Octane rating is
how much octane is in a specified amount of fuel. 87 octane would be 87%
iso-octane and 13% heptane. 150 avgas would be 100% octane plus tetraethyl
or tetramethyl lead added on top of that to stop detonation.

Author paralleler (5 years)
Oops..., now I'm 99% certain your angelic sound is from the Hawker Sea Fury
"September Fury." Hear those two little laughs around 2:36 -- that pretty
much seals it. I found it while I was working on another project.

Author peterm3964 (4 years)
I think I heard the whisling death at1:56 Corsair f4 ??? and some merlins

Author oisiaa (5 years)
At about 1:25 you can see the cam ring that runs the intake and exhaust
valves. The shiny wheel is running on it and the pushrod tube is directly
above it.

Author RT060789 (2 years)
The machine work involved in producing this engine is astonishing.

Author mohammadalmeraikhi (4 years)

Author yousawthis (5 years)
wow such engineering with out computers back then was awesome.

Author scavenom2008 (6 years)
great video thanks!!!!!sweet

Author Acornoa (3 years)
how is oil fed through these types of engines?

Author Gene D (2 years)
Oh, God ..... I was hoping I would never see one of these again. I used to
work on them while in the navy Good post

Author Gene D (2 years)
I disagree on the 4360 start up sound, but your correct on everything else.

Author Gene D (2 years)
Hell I'm not up-set. I just love planes in general. My last few year in the
navy was on the tom-cats. I started with them when it was a wooden model.
but even they are fadding away in history.

Author aroncbds (5 years)
Love that characteristic radial-sound... And the whining sound at 1.56.
It's just fantastic....

Author ロレンジャー マイケル (4 years)
Epic video here!

Author chuchyboy (2 years)
One of the very BEST videos I've ever seen ! Great piece of engineering
doing that cutaway - thanks for showing us !

Author Flies2FLL (4 years)
The sound track includes several Merlin V12's passing by.

Author Jukka Piironen (4 years)
The fantastic here is, The Rear Bear is a copy of a German Fockewulf 190.
Flies baddly, specially with take-off, maybe because of the heavy engine.
German's alreaydy devolebed The Wulf to it limits, sorry buddies:)

Author Jorge Picabea (5 years)
Your'e an idiot, you ever heard of hi/low blower, or in this case, also

Author Raymond Falcon-Lugo (3 years)
Superb video with heavely glorious sounds! Seeing a Wright Cyclone up close
is something extraordinary!!

Author GGigabiteM (5 years)
There's no such thing as 150 octane fuel, you can't have more than 100%
octane in a fuel mixture. The octane rating was interpolated with the ton
of tetraethyl lead they added to the fuel to stop detonation of fuel in the
cylinders. It's not that the fuel type isn't available, it's just nobody
wants to risk the dangers of mixing their own gas and risk getting severe
lead poisoning. Not to mention when the fuel is burnt, it would spread
everywhere and contaminate miles of air and land.

Author paralleler (2 years)
Good ear. I confessed to using the 4360 audio about three years ago though;
used it because I didn't have much 3350. If you're Navy, you'll also be
upset because I used the audio of a B-25 for a Martin Marlin P5M-1 also on
YouTube — sorry. Yes to all — much of my audio is from the Reno Air Races.
p.s., I also have cut-aways of 4360 & 2800 on YouTube. p.p.s., I hope to
get some material on a restored Grumman F3F flying near Sonoma, CA,
sometime in the future; my first attempt failed.

Author scavenom2008 (5 years)
thats running backwards

Author Ronnie Heit (5 years)
I loved and miss the smell of those ol. radials burnin avgas and oil and
the sound of em revin. up from when I flew in USCG HU16e,s. I was a flight
mech. and yes there was an avgas rated 150, I know cause I pumped a
shitload of it as a rookie AD.

Author Gene D (2 years)
The blades could have been used, how ever the hub would never work, the
spilines are fewer on 3350, blade pitch from the T-56 engines (P3) where
handled differently, while the 3350 used engine oil pressure. The
fiberglass would be the best performers, but are fragle to bird stikes.

Author makebelieveballroom (6 years)
Great vid! Nice shots of the propeller shaft gear reduction unit, the
magneto drive, centrifugal turbocharger, and the "swash-plate" actuated
mechanical fuel injection pump. In top configuration, this 18 cyl delivered
almost as much horsepower as the 24 cylinder "Wasp-Major" from Pratt. The 3
"PRT's" (power return turbines)of the 3350 lessened it's reliability
somewhat,due to unpredictable failure,but still was a great engine,and
design. Thanx for posting!

Author klesmer (4 years)
@IhanNormal Where did you get that from? Rare Bear is a highly modified
Grumman F-8F. Leroy Grumman took the R-2800, hung and accessory panel on it
then ecconomized on the aluminum. It shares nothing with the FW-190 but the
air we fly in.

Author GGigabiteM (5 years)
Huh? no it's not. It's running counter-clockwise like it's supposed to.
Bristol engines are the ones that generally ran the oddball clockwise

Author fangus503 (3 years)
Too many gears and things in there. I can only identify a few things lol.

Author salemcripple (5 years)
The Octane rating, is just that, a RATING. Iso-octane and n-heptane are
used only as a comparison for rating. The fuel we burn doesn't actually
contain them. In other words, a fuel with an octane rating of 87, has the
same resistance to "knock" as a mixture of 87% iso-octane, and 13%
n-heptane. BUT since some fuels are MORE resistant to detonation than
iso-octane, the equation has been extended to include numbers above 100. So
yes 150 octane fuel once did exist.

Author Gene D (2 years)
If you noticed or not, the top front cylinder on this cutaway engine, does
not belong to that engine at all, it could or may be from a 4360, since the
pistons and bolt pateren are the same. the inake and exhaust ports are very
different on the 4360.

Author makebelieveballroom (6 years)
OOPS! 28 cyl Wasp. The reason Wright could "marry" 2 nine cylinder Cyclones
together was due to their proprietary method of casting the cylinders
(jugs) with finer cooling fins for more heat dissipating surface area. Top
configured (3700 hp) engines had to be refitted for lower compression ratio
due to no longer available 150 octane aviation fuel.

Author barthoedemaker (5 years)
They used avgas and methanol for more power in those days

Author M3TurboE46 (4 years)
@paralleler That engine sounds like it had somer serious turbo power

Author granskare (5 years)
I flew aboard a C-121 in 1957...we were seated backwards...nice airplane :)

Author myxbabez (3 years)
two ppl likes steam engines lol..

Author derneuschooer (4 years)
nice video!! i lvoe it!!! if you could get up to 12 stars i would give you

Author yousawthis (5 years)
great video thanks.

Author makebelieveballroom (5 years)
C-3 Aviation fuel with a lean-mix/rich-mix octane rating of 130/150, was
developed near the end of WW2. Just because it hasn't been available for 25
years or more,does not mean"there's no such thing". 100% octane? Octane is
a rating which is used to evaluate the resisistance to pre-detonation in an
internal combustion engine.The higher the compression ratio an engine has,
the higher the octane needed,or valve seat damage occurs.

Author noacronym (5 years)
And God said: let us make wright cyclone engines, and He saw what he had
made and it was good. But God was unhappy, because he still wanted pratt
and whitneys. So he said... And saw that it was good.

Author paralleler (5 years)
Hi Flexyco, I'm pretty sure the aircraft you're hearing is Rare Bear doing
a qualifying lap at Reno. It has the Wright 3350 engine with a prop from a
P-3 Orion. I didn't take notes on which clips I took audio from but this is
a pretty good "educated guess." I know I grabbed as many radials as I could
from my collection. I know, head hung in shame, that the engine start at
the beginning is actually from a 28 cylinder Pratt-Whitney R-4360 -- it was
the largest radial I had though. Enjoy!

Author Kinsley Lewis (3 years)
@paralleler You realise the prop from a P3 is massive right?

Author OLYMPUS GAIA (1 year)
Wright Cyclone R-3350 Cutaway

Ακου /........ηχοςςςςςςςςςςςςς..αγαπημενοςςςςςςςςς

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