Machete Use - Making the Cut

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They needed vines dead... they called me...

In this video I compare the performance of a 16 inch Tramontina machete, my 14 inch Custom Golok/Machete, and a traditional Parang.

The Parang was given to me for testing and evaluation. I am very impressed with its workmanship and performance. The Parang is available from...

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Runtime: 17:34
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Author darksideka (1 month)
Damn Vince Gilligan makes outdoorsman videos

Author Jeremias Drumond (5 months)
bigger machete makes job easier. i use a "20 tramontina that goes through
mean branches without complaint.

Author natserog (2 months)
lind to buy a parang?? thanks!

Author natserog (2 months)

Author tom jackson (2 months)
The light weight of the parang is forcing you to better form, snapping the
blade instead of swinging it like an axe.

While it would be an exaggeration to say all the force should come from the
wrist while the arm is motionless, a high percentage of force should come
from the snap, not from the roundhouse swing.

Author satansbudd (2 years)
I was looking at the magnum kukri from cold steel.

Author Giuliano Toniolo (2 years)
Cool test and parang Mac! Now what really impressed me was the fact you can
actually find water in those vines! Are they potable and as sweet as the
ones we got here? Ive found a really thick one a ew weeks ago in Monte
Verde. But Yumei´s gramma is in hospital now half here half there and it´s
being a tough momoent for her so I cant go to the bush. Good video bro!

Author Colhane (2 years)
Believe it or not I have never used one.

Author Bushcraft SP (2 years)
Colhane muito bom seu videos eu gosto muito são ótimos gostaria de ter uma
conversa com vc me add no skype danielzinho.guarnieri. Grato.

Author ReconMon (2 years)
why do you not like sawbacks wouldnt that make it more useful? (new to
this... dont judge)

Author muddog1561 (2 years)
It look like to me the parang did a better job, the tramontina was a good
second place. I have been a die hard Kukri fan for something like 25 years,
but lately I've been thinking about getting a Parang to compare them.

Author Paolo Jiz de ortega (2 years)
you should see how the old filipino men do them my friend they can chop
though it with one stike

Author Colhane (1 year)
Thanks, that was encouraging. I try to stay out of NYC, I'd be a felon
there in too many ways just by being myself. Don't take it personal though.
I stay out of Philly and Chicago too.

Author Lee Timmons (2 years)
I'm new to bushcraft like brand new but wouldn't a saw be better for the
size of vines your cutting...With respect...

Author thenrylee (2 years)
Good to see you back. Judging from the backgrounds, you might have been
better off with a chainsaw.

Author Lee Brewer (2 years)
That was some fantastic editing!

Author Colhane (1 year)
A cane machete is 100% optimized for cutting sugar cane. They tend to have
very thin broad blades. Sugar cane has a tough outer skin and a dense pith
in the center and is about as thick as a shovel handle. The cane machete is
not a general purpose jungle tool it is an agricultural tool specific to
one plant.

Author iscariot project (9 months)
i dont get why people go to a machete video and complain its not an axe
that is used. idjits.

Author Colhane (1 year)
My purpose, the one I do for me, in this was to compare the handling of two
blades I know very well, the 16 inch Tramontina and my modified Golok, to
one that was entirely new to me (parang). Both of those blades, for me,
form a control due to many years of jungle expereince with them. The video
is entirely subjective and any conclusions are based upon my preferences,
personal ability, skill level, and bias.

Author Atkrdu (1 year)
How are the handles on the Bidor parangs? Been thiking about getting one. I
figure it's going to cost me a bit either way (some of the sheaths cost
damn near as much as the machetes). You wouldn't happen to have any videos
on the jungle plants, would you? That's an area I'm having trouble finding
information (at least visual depictions- names I could find, but with
nothing to match it to). It seems like that parang (whoever makes it)
swings the best & has that "edge first" advantage.

Author Bushcraft SP (2 years)
Tramontina representando o Brasil muito bom .

Author Rprecision (2 years)
I love your parang. I tried to pick one up last year from keong and it just
never seemed to work out. I built a golok like yours and find its thin
blade and weight forward design is perfect. One thing you didnt mention in
hte video is the edge on the parang. To be fair is this convexed like your
others? I am curious if they all started sharp ? Great video, missed ya

Author qdgundam (1 year)
what you think about using a kukri? by the design it should give you an
edge on cutting power.

Author Colhane (2 years)
Sorry, I don't have any experience with Cold Steel machetes. I haven't even
seen one first hand. Down here in Brazil we use the Tramontina mainly due
to availability and price. They work great though so its not a bad thing.

Author Colhane (2 years)
Old men who live in the jungle are the best machete instructors for sure.

Author qdgundam (1 year)
I see, thanks for the info

Author Reality Survival (2 years)
The Golak has been one of my favorites for several years. It's a great all
around tool. Thanks for the video! Cheers jJ

Author Diopterman (2 years)
Did you get any ticks on you?

Author paulie 4x (1 year)
Also please send me the information on that new Parang you talked about in
the video, Thank You in advance, and Merry Christmas and a Healthy and
Prosperous New Year.

Author TSisk2 (1 year)
I bet Joe F. Would like to have helped.

Author Colhane (9 months)
Заранее извиняюсь за мой русский. Как я объясняю в видео. Виноградные лозы
были расположены на острове, что наводнения периодически.Вес vnies тянет
деревьев вниз. Режем лозы для того чтобы сохранить деревья от падения.

Author Colhane (1 year)
That water was fine, very little taste. Not all vine water is safe. Here in
Central Brazil we have vines that give sweet water, others are very bitter,
and some give milky latex that's a contact poison.

Author 1BattleRattle (2 years)
There are guys who know their stuff. In Bushcraft and Machete-ism, you're
that guy. When I was like 14 or15, there was a beautiful Puerto Rican girl,
that lived across the street, whom I had a mad crush on. Her mom cooked the
greatest food. Her dad grew up from a young age cutting sugar cane with a
machete. Once he checked my palms to see how hard I worked, then took me
out in the garage where he tried to show me how to use the machete. And
that ended my relationship with his daughter.

Author btllofaro (1 year)
I don't see why you don't just us a hatchet or an axe seriously you are
going to dulling your blade plus you use less energy

Author Larry Koziol (2 years)
Hey bro good video, I wish you would of brought out your 12" Ontario to
compare to the Tramontina golok and the parang. How would you feel it
compares to the golok in North American hardwoods?

Author jsparks2k7 (1 year)
try a chainsaw!!!

Author Ted Palmer (2 years)
thanks for the video comparison! I live in the Oregon rain forest and use
parangs a lot. I hope those vine aren't poison oak brother! be safe... Ted

Author Jack Handle (1 year)
Yeah stick in the sand and dull it out...Jesus you city boys know dick
about outdoors

Author Colhane (2 years)
Not judging... Sawbacks seem like a good idea, more versatile. Actually
they prevent you from using the spine for batonning, holding it like a
drawknife, scraping up shavings, smashing stuff. So basically you get a
marginal saw but lose all the other uses.

Author theflamingjanitor (2 years)
didn't know any youtubers lived so close! how did the water taste?

Author Colhane (2 years)
The water tasted good, no bitter aftertaste. I did swallow a big gulp with
no ill effects. They are most full in the spring when we have plenty of
rain anyway. You will like the parang.

Author MrBkzero (2 years)
acompanho seus videos já faz algum tempo mesmo não falando nada em inglês ,
se vc puder fazer um vídeo em português sobre o parang seria bem legal ,
obrigado por compartilhar suas técnicas abraço fera

Author the HonorablePaladin (2 years)
Which of the parang do you use? Thats the one i want. How much?

Author Maria Velichko (9 months)

Author bob wong (1 year)
yes you use a machete for cutting but i recommend a chain saw because they
are faster!

Author Colhane (2 years)
I have never handled one personally but I'm not a fan of sawbacks in

Author 14DFASniper (2 years)
Nice job there buddy...

Author Colhane (2 years)
Chainsaws are no fun.

Author Colhane (2 years)
LOL - I never thought I would enjoy doing "yard work". It really is good

Author Phantasmos (2 years)
It seems the first machete did better. There is no balance test, yet by its
performance, the first one is better balanced.

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