Animal Kaiser Evolution 5 - Strong - Defeating Brutus

Defeating Brutus with Mecha Lion-Elite.Join the AnimalKaiserGameplay Group on Facebook to get More Information of Upcoming AKG Videos :)

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Join the AnimalKaiserGameplay Group on Facebook to get More Information of Upcoming AKG Videos :)...


Author Catherine Flores (5 months)
I have master blue

Author Elijah lim (3 months)
I use Death Scorch To Defeat Armageddon Vertus 2 times

Author minecraft gaming (5 months)
I have Brutus

Author Roy Keng (5 months)
also i am selling master apollo evolution 6 for any ultra rare

Author Roy Keng (5 months)
i suscribed because i always watched you awesome videos

Author Roy Keng (5 months)
if u have galleon can you plz do a gameplay of him?

Author Roy Keng (5 months)
or maybe galleon vs kaiser coral or master daedalus vs armageddon vertus

Author jaynesh mahesh (1 year)
Can't believe that you bet Brutus

Author daniel82220 (1 year)
How did you get mecha lion elite?

Author klovs martikus (11 months)
mecha lion elite strong they should've make mecha tiger dx

Author Galleon King (1 year)
chi bai malaysia shit no evo 5 and 6 nooob malay anjing babi

Author mike lim (1 year)
why don you updated evo 7 rise of undead animal

Author sukri muhammad (6 months)
i have lion

Author ClementAiZai Is Good (9 months)
emperor sell at $100 no wrong pricr is confirm

Author Reborn MasterLeoZangetsu (1 year)
wow awesome attack weak point attack plus forest aura

Author aurizal puja (1 year)
Not commenytl

Author AnimalKaiserGameplay (1 year)
Unfortunately its fake. XD

Author AnimalKaiserGameplay (1 year)
Is my comment obvious enough?

Author AnimalKaiserBattles (1 year)
I Have Joker Zangetsu NT Siegfried And Brutus :D

Author aurizal puja (1 year)
I'm Have forbidden power

Author Wong Chan Wong (6 months)
I sub busthurt and animal kaiser gameplay

Author blasthurt (1 year)
Woah u so lucky have real mecha lion elite, anyway congrats on beating
brutus :D

Author Jason Does MC (1 year)
Very lucky to have Mecha Lion-Elite,the imposible Mecha of All Mecha's

Author ShockedGaming56 (1 year)
Your very good at Animal Kaiser, your so awesome!

Author Ang Alex (6 months)
i have don bison

Author Reasa Tjandisaka (9 months)

Author Nick Tham (1 year)
What card you earn

Author Wong Chan Wong (6 months)
I have mecha lion elite

Author daniel82220 (1 year)
What card did you get after defeating brutus?

Author Leslie Chiang (9 months)

Author MegaQueenie7 (9 months)
I've have 2 emperor vertuses. What can trade/exchange emperor vertus???????

Author ShadowOblivion32 (1 year)
OMG you scored 9999 damage

Author Wong Chan Wong (8 months)
Animal kaiser gameplay what card you got after this battle

Author kstiambenglsgh (1 year)
NA it's fine.

Author Zarraro369 (9 months)
Nice skills that's awesome

Author Benjamin La (8 months)
What song is that can you tell me name I wanna get it :D

Author Zack Black (1 year)
i have real Mecha Lion-Elite, but i defeating Brutus using Mecha Gorilla DX
(before i got Mecha Lion-Elite)

Author Meilany Indra (6 months)
Where is sumon the grim reaper (brutus has it)

Author ray gilbert (8 months)
With the song it makes this cool

Author mike lim (1 year)
i have brutus and mecha lion - elite

Author MegaQueenie7 (10 months)
Is this your last vedio?

Author Minez Bandit (1 year)

Author TheBlastersam (1 year)

Author kstiambenglsgh (1 year)
@AnimalKaiserGameplay you men it's fake!

Author plants vs zombies channel (1 year)

Author Zack Black (11 months)
lol....its a luck man...

Author Wong Chan Wong (6 months)
I also have forbidden power

Author Jason Chan (1 year)
NiceSong and nice beating brutus

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