Bel-Del Railfan Weekend 2007

Chinese 2-8-2 #142 pulls a photo special during the Bel-Del's annual Railfan Weekend.

A big thanks to Pete Lerro and his crew for organizing the trip.

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自作のMOVIE 音MAD もしかしたらなにかの曲に聞こえてくるかもしれない


Author navegathor (4 months)

Author Mao Castillo (1 month)

Author Christopher Bernhardt (1 month)
i like diesel trains better but i never seen this kinda train in real life

Author 100Sewayne (2 years)
Nice video like, like, like. Its a cool locomotive.

Author bigboy4016 (2 years)
@SavetheKKRR2011 Very true...

Author Trainfanz (1 year)
If we are gonna fight Roach we need to fight Him with facts.

Author Antonio Ferrer (8 months)
Muy interesante "gracias"

Author david121912 (2 years)
I love the night crossing with the old cars!

Author mogges (1 year)
She's a live. listen at her BREATH,What POWER My favoret part is when She's
coming around that curve and under those too bridge's

Author PKPFun (2 years)
Nice sound.

Author Hornhausen (1 year)
Very interesting weekend.

Author Maizza Raflee Arviansyah (7 months)

Author dab18351 (1 year)
I live next to a set of tracks and i love it!! A nice coal train runs
through every other day....

Author Li bor (1 year)
ABSOLUTE FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!

Author Robert Gift (2 years)
So glad thathey replaced the horrible Chinese whistle with an American

Author mogges (2 years)
She needs some Chrome on her.and DAM it aren't them car a little close

Author 2agray (2 years)
The best stream video on the net! Brings back so many memories. Sounds just
like I remembered including the train taking off and what we would hear in
the middle of the night as a train passed through. The stairs in the house
used to creak and we'd wait for the train to come through because it was so
loud, and then run up the stairs when it went by. LOL! It shook the dishes
in the cabinets and rattled the windows.

Author mogges (2 years)
WOW!! I dont care how many time i watch this it alaway gives me thrills.I
can just feel the raw power.I just love her.she so mighty.

Author calendo (1 year)
Great video!

Author Andrew Tillson (7 months)
is this american made engine

Muito chic

Author pramod garad (1 year)

Author Graham Stokes (2 years)
Great sound!!! Fun in your re-creation of older time trains. Ending night
shot is a good bit of fun & nostalgia. Thanks for posting!! :-)

Author MVScalper (1 year)
wtf? you should have ran that through a translator and spell-check!

Author Emiliano ROJAS CALIXTO (10 months)

Author mogges (2 years)
great scotts what would it have been like to had never seen something like
this back in the 1800 and at 2 am in the morning you hear the sound of that
whistle and see that Big black thing coming at you LOL

Author maria paula orell (1 year)
Jajaja Que Ruidoso... Manita Arriva Si Crees Eso.

Author carlottasabri (1 year)

Author Chris Young (5 months)
Great sound from that whistle, it's great how it echoes... Very haunting

Author Sergio escobar ocampo (8 months)

Author Pavol Piroha (1 year)
Veľmi pekné :-) Škoda nevyužitého zrkadlenia v 2:00 min :-)

Author eduardo quiroz lagos (2 years)
que hemocion tantos lindos recuerdos

Author mogges (2 years)
I would give any thing to have live back in the day this baby was
running.So I could learn to run her.The section where she come under those
bridges is the most thrilling part.

Author VRfan - Train Videos Downunder (10 months)
Great night shot at the end passing the old cars. I'm assuming they're much
older than the steam loco. :)

Author Bryan Haugen (2 years)
I love it. Thank you!

Author mogges (2 years)
LORD I love the sound of the Whistle, and the chug a chug a .Dam it can ya
hear the power and feel,at 1:58 even though its just a video, it still
takes your breath away.try this put some head phones on an turn up the

Author AKASH VERMA (1 year)

Author Otaku Railfan (2 years)
@Cockroach2008 this locomotive was built in 1989.......

Author Tim Post (1 year)
I think you made some spelling errors, but i think there are plently of
places for bikers to ride. The historic rail lines and equitment should be
preserved for future generations. Hopefully they will feel the same and
also keep our rail history alive.

Author gabriel orosan (1 year)
y love train is a model the istori

Author Muhammad Hilman (2 years)

Author rjkopp (2 years)
I also loved the antique cars near it at the beginning of the video, must
look pretty neat with the old cars, then coupled onto the passenger cars
too! You'd think you were in a time warp!


Author adri guerra v (1 year)
el mejor tren

Author youlldietrying (8 months)
Clickity-Clack! Clickity-Clack! Who's are the best trains on the track? JM
Fuscp is where it's at!

Author 1abbasoweid1 (10 months)

Author DaylightGS24412 (11 months)
What type of whistle was on 142 at the beginning?

Author Jonathan Wair (1 year)
olha eu sou ums dos amante ferroviario que aida tenho saudade desta epoca

Author ladragonaperla1988 (1 year)

Author Eevee the Cute :3 (1 year)
gracias me sirvio ´para mi proyecto

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