Word Origins 8; Allure, Charm, Glamour Hot Teacher Amb

There are a great many words used to describe attractive women or girls such as alluring, charming, glamorous, sexy, hot, stunning, etc. This video discusses the origins of three of these words and their relationship to black magic and bird bate.

What is etymology of Allure?
What is etymology of Charm?
What is etymology of Glamour?
What is the origin of the word Allure?
What is the origin of the word Charm?
What is the origin of the word Glamour?

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Author David Hadlow (4 years)
I think she's cute. Where does the word 'cute' come from ??

Author carterj3995 (4 years)
i dont like this girl.. sorry

Author MasterREB (4 years)
It's interesting, now I understand why in vampire movies they would
"glamour" their vitcims to them.

Author rage6742 (4 years)
I love the new girls!!

Author Meldo (4 years)
all 3 words sound like boring fashion magazines

Author David Helt (4 years)
Listen Dip Shit!! I am sorry that I actually care what they say on
here.......... I am not gay, in fact you must be Gay for even mentioning
that? I am listening to what they say because I do not want them to pollute
young ppls minds!!!

Author saturatedfact (4 years)
boring. 2 stars. not very hot. not very exciting.

Author Jesse Quintana (4 years)
I know girls have power over guys it's how it is.

Author JozzkDMan (4 years)
Amen Brotha!

Author br26ya7nb (4 years)
i dont know what the hell you guys are talking about she is hot as hell i
do that

Author rcomstor (4 years)
This series just keeps getting better, nice video.

Author gd2budfi (4 years)
That is one big forehead.

Author Thomas m (4 years)
another related word: Enamor --verb (used with object) 1. to fill or
inflame with love (usually used in the passive and fol. by of or sometimes
with): to be enamored of a certain lady; a brilliant woman with whom he
became enamored. 2. to charm or captivate.

Author angel9719 (4 years)
hey how about thw word bless you ,, you know when some one go Aaaashuuu ppl
say god bless you

Author AdrianIsaacs (4 years)
These videos are mesmerizing.

Author tjkowski (4 years)
wheres the chick with the glasses?

Author MeEstaiWebeando (4 years)
This series of videos needs something, like more movement in these babes
IDK, how about stating facts as you shower or excercise or do something
other than just sit there =D that would be awesome =D

Author mld72mld (4 years)
Yes, little bo peep !

Author thundera3 (4 years)
Nice vid... I cant wait for the grenade. I think you are a bit more
charming than alluring. Liked the pink top... why was the star of david
used as evil in this vodeo though?

Author Bret Carpenter (2 years)
yea shes the hottest butter face ive seen in a week i mean wats up with the
ears,cheeks,chin,eyebrows and dont get me started on THAT

Author Magnus2552112 (4 years)
Sorry, this girl just does not have the Fact Girl ability. You set the Fact
Girl Standard very high.

Author MrB00gaMeister (4 years)
Three words: Stop. Plucking. Eyebrows. WTF?

Author VirginMari (4 years)
i love her voice

Author Lester Vecsey (4 years)
do the hotfactsgirls compete with each other? it seems like a psychological
mind twist that would affect each of your styling in relation to one another

Author Big Guy617 (4 years)
Hey Bo Peep can I be the black sheep. Kidding.

Author robshred66 (4 years)

Author bill johnston (4 years)
Rachel please come back to the 5&dime!! ;-)

Author piplup10203854 (4 years)
Yayy rebecca :] she is my favorite

Author Elasaltaculos (4 years)
She didn't say that one came from the other, but rather that they share the
same root. Some Latin word that sounds like grammar. At least that is what
I understood. What I found funny was that they misspelled grammar, lol.

Author X. Vanilla (4 years)
Thank you for wearing pantyhose! They're so sexy.

Author Garunnu (4 years)
Haha, from the good ol' days when men vere men and women were witches and
bad.. XD

Author MeEstaiWebeando (4 years)
Right, she has too much of a MILF look.. =D

Author David Helt (4 years)
The origins of words? Wow, you got to be kidding me!! They id not even have
the definitions correct!!! Thinkng tha the word Glamour came from Grammar?
You kidding me? I did not know that you could be that stupid!!!!!!! Grammar
is the use of words, where as glamour is the beauty of a female or male.

Author teacherjoejmsilv (4 years)
I was caught by your alluring poses, you've charmed me into keeping
watching your glamourous classes.

Author John Murray (4 years)
nice stockings

Author cuteboy1900 (4 years)
this is krazy but wats the word origin of fart

Author uriel4377 (4 years)
what i saw was an upside down pentagram,not a star of david.a star has 5
points a star of david has 6 points.

Author iyamileth (4 years)
She talks better than the other girls.

Author ikb01 (4 years)
thanks allureing lady

Author holydragon21087 (4 years)
Love the hair and the video. I think I just falling in love.

Author David Helt (4 years)
Yes, it is quite humorous, but I just gave up on them.

Author ilubelsalvador (4 years)

Author lllllll0o (4 years)
look like a school project

Author iMitotropin (4 years)
thanks for the info, figures charm came from the occult since its used in
occult video games

Author hotfactsgirls (4 years)
Well! I'm the 1st to reply to the 1st comment reply. So There! Keep
practicing your just one step up from a noob replier.

Author dshedder1 (4 years)
Good video!! Whats with the Union Jack in the pic.I thought Austin was in
Texas which is part of the USA. That should be Old Glory in the pic not a
memory of oppression.

Author piplup10203854 (4 years)
your very charming :]

Author JozzkDMan (4 years)
Whoever made her got a zero

Author pongman (4 years)
Ok, so there are six of you guys so far, right? Now all you need is six
more girls and then you can make a calendar. Awesome I can hardly wait.
Hmmm, it's June already and it'll take at least a month to get the
calendars ready from the printer. You guys need to get this going in time
for the Xmas holidays. lol

Author PsycheTruth (4 years)
First comment.....suckers!!!!

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