Gta 4 general lee horns 3

Gta 4 general lee horns

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Author ArogantniFrajer (3 years)
where download this car please? :-(((((

Author BanditHamlin11 (3 years)

Author Chris Green (1 year)
with the horn

Author Zeus-san (3 years)
xenon lights xD??

Author Francisco Zicarelli (4 years)
How i put the Horn ?

Author mysterio387 (4 years)

Author TakeItEasyLennard (3 years)
When comes the general lee on ps3?

Author Napa120 (4 years)
0:57 the general lee is a silent hunter it often sneeks up behind its
victems, usualy from behind a wall or in an ally and scares the hell out of
them then kill them... LOL

Author mikeyzor2 (5 years)
Motherfuckin sahit ! :D:D:D:D

Author Ryan6700 (4 years)
@Blazer0079 lol nice! gotta listen carefully but its there

Author Chris Green (1 year)
Where can ifind than car on gta 4 for the xbox 360

Author Nikoxq (3 years)
@kostasEFLC Search the General Lee at "InasaneGaz" Channel :D Download car
and read readme ;)

Author gamer4854 (1 year)
you now just need skin of BO DUKE and you are complete

Author Pierre Inthavong (3 years)
another dixie horn? cool stuff

Author mahaaxx (5 years)
This mod is great!! =) I've got the General Lee too but in my game all the
cars in the traffic does have this horn -.- how did you do this that just
the general lee does have this horn ?? and how did you make this blue light

Author bperdieu12 (3 years)
how did you get that

Author Blazer0079 (4 years)
Dude thats freakin awesome! Also if you listen CAREFULLY at 1:44 you can
hear a "La cucaracha"(SP?) horn in the backround lol!

Author Scattergunsniper (4 years)

Author Francisco Zicarelli (4 years)
how did you install the horn ?

Author John Messier (4 years)

Author utubienut (5 years)
How the fuck can you install that? I can't cuz i got steam and it's a pain
in the ass! I need to buy the retail version! PLEASE PM ME AND SHOW ME STEP
BY STEP. I'm sooo frustrated and i'm a modder! :(

Author whodeni2 (4 years)
ha my lite is red =p n also i have exhaust pipes on skirts

Author Thunderstrucker (3 years)
This General Lee needs the bush breaker

Author kostasEFLC (4 years)
how can i you the horn?

Author RyanTwister (4 years)
Dude I want the la cucaracha horn

Author LassedeV (4 years)
wtf i keep hearing Homer. xD

Author grandehillusion (4 years)
Very funny ^^ LOL 5*

Author luke poulton (4 years)

Author NadeoKing (5 years)
! lol You scared em' !

Author carlos castillo (3 years)
how do u put the horn on gta iv

Author Chase L (4 years)
Not the right rims... =]

Author thejoshua2133 (3 years)

Author predator0010 (1 year)
Can't wait to get this car for GTA V when it comes to PC!

Author mysterio387 (4 years)
is this for the 360 if it is could you make video's showing us where to
find it and how to install everything it has on here onto our computer and
how to download it on our system and how to install everything it has on
this video please im desprite to have the general lee on gta 4 for 360

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