How to play Trouble in Terrorist Town without Counter Strike Source

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destination folder = c:\srcds

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Author AspavientosGaming (4 months)
I don't have the css or the hl2 folders at the srcds folder. Dou you have
any solution?

Author Tank Derpsy (1 month)
aaannnd if your on windows 8?.........ya know the one without a start menu

Author Rickey Marsee (3 months)

Author Ignatius R. (1 year)
my download is stcuk, what happen?

Author smpfilmsfan12 (8 months)
This was very difficult to follow. You should make a new, scripted version
of the tutorial.

Author StarCraftNoobOfDoom (11 months)
When i type in "run" it wont show up. Can u help?

Author Tizatan (6 months)

Author ninjanishi (10 months)
Have you found a way to fix it yet? that's been happening to me as well.

Author Payman Sedaghat (8 months)
it worked the first time a while back but now the srdcs folder doesnt have
the hl2 and css?

Author ApStryker2 (8 months)
i don't think this works anymore

Author PrettyAwfulGamer (1 year)
Garry's Mod is the main requirement for TTT. You can either buy or download
it freely, but you should buy it, it's like 6 dollars or something...

Author The Elite Gamer (11 months)
for the ppl with trouble in the cmd when you run the installation at the
very beginning u put C:\srcds not scrds he got it wrong

Author Power Pals (5 months)
dude will we still need to download garry's mod separately or it will
download automatically,,,, by the way I am stuck on checking bootstrapper
version ^^^like for him to see this comment^^^

Author Scyhtersz (11 months)
There's no folders in my srcds folder.

Author TheAussieSpy (9 months)
It downloaded a whole lot of different files...

Author Jarod Black (1 year)

Author Andy Kunda (8 months)
Does This Still Work ?

Author Elyo (1 year)

Author theseeyasuckashow (9 months)
This doesn't give me the css folder. the hl2 and css folders just dont

Author anbublackopp100 (11 months)
In the black screen I get a new window when I press enter and It seems like
nothing downloads. Please help! I have the srcds file but css and hl2 are
not in it

Author The SAGA (7 months)
You must delete this video, so you MUST buy CS:S to play TTT

Author SomeGoodGames61 (10 months)
hldsupdatetool -command update -game "Counter-Strike Source" -dir C:\srcds
when i type that it downloads something for like 3seconds then closes i
don't have hl2 or the css folder then

Author Fiercesabotage The Rookie (1 year)
I like your profile pic. It brought back so many good memories time to
subscribe with my other channels

Author SigmundTheDoggie (1 year)
thanks this helped a lot

Author brecht de rick (11 months)
thx bro it works!!!

Author too sly (9 months)
checking bootstrapper folder

Author Ancient lawz (11 months)

Author lawrence pautan (11 months)
yeah !

Author alexalt13 (9 months)
ok now i had to redownload GMOD and when i open the srcds the 2 folders
dont show up just hlds update tool and other stuff no folders. please help

Author Pipin TheSexyLizard (9 months)
cmd says that system cannot find specified path

Author TehOnlySplice (10 months)
wait for it

Author The SAGA (7 months)
Pfft i cheated( LOL I LIED )

Author Proto-Bello (1 year)
OF COURSE YOU DO!!!!!!! Trouble in Terrorist Town is on GMOD. It uses CSS

Author darkvipergaming (1 year)
thanks this helps a lot no more errors

Author wintercapsenty (11 months)
it says its not a recognisable command

Author vladstarr27 (9 months)
same here

Author ScottyMackenzey (11 months)
When you have moved the 5 folders to garrysmod, can you delete the scrds

Author conor OGD (10 months)
it says HLDS installation up to date

Author Tizatan (6 months)
Does this work?

Author T Villainy (9 months)
Same thing happened to me, he just said where you save it wrong. copy and
paste this when you choose the specificated folder! c:\srcds

Author muus jerom darius Jongedijk (1 year)
i don't now where to search or find 'run" on windos 8. please help!

Author diablo1994able (1 year)
i had the same problem run cmd as administrator and then paste what the
video says.It will solve the problem.

Author HoneydewsFriend (11 months)
Turn of your firewall and possibly your anti-virus software depending on
what it is.

Author yareen00 (10 months)
Any solution?

Author Pickle_Master (1 year)
same here i cant find garrys mod in steamapps :(

Author Ash Ketchum (9 months)
It didn't give me anything..... I checked the folder and I got no CC hfl2
foldiers.... <_<

Author A Kruijer (9 months)
cstrike will download cs 1.7, I used csstrike_beta I think

Author GamesEdplays (11 months)

Author Fiercesabotage The Rookie (1 year)
The main requirement is garrys mod so yes

Author 10Zaltech (11 months)
Try hitting the start button in the bottom left then type Cmd and then
click cmd Hope I helped :D

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