Minecraft Mod Showcase : COMBAT PIGS PLUS+

PIGS WITH MACHINE GUNS!? WHAT?! This mod adds pigs with machine guns, landmines, and flying pigs! all controllable! check out the mod here!

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Music used in this video is by C418
Music used in the intro is Mechanolith by KevinMacleod at Get a Server Here!

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Author Jeante St.Helene (3 months)
Sky didnt sound so good :(

Author CraftyCraftyMax (3 months)
this here
son was my frist video i saw from sky
o and

Author Peyton S (5 months)

Author Xavier William (3 months)

Author Ethan Hodge (2 months)
the pig he was looking for is on 4:26 on the left

Author Michaels Covers (1 month)
@1:45 I thought the pig was farting

Author Ivan Wu (3 months)
Do the ultimate nether mods please! Do it and you will like the lost soul.

Author Kiett Phomsaka (3 months)
I fond the pig😏

Author isabella davenport (4 months)
What would Jason think of this?!?! XD

Author hi peps (2 months)
piggy that is practicly in the air force

Author Georgiana Jeske (4 months)
Piggies !!!!!

Author jasonlakee (1 month)
Bad leader

Author jr cortes (3 months)

Author Sebas Naul (4 months)
Sky do the diamond meter mod

Author Dustin Axtell (1 month)
#Pigsareasome #Skyisasome

Author Connor Lugg (1 month)
Why are u so sad

Author Dyani Blaze (5 months)
Myna smile the 3

Author Andrew Russell (3 months)
5:45 lol professor oak imitation!

Author Kevin Rosillo (2 months)
i found the pig

Author Colin Wright (3 months)
I do not know how to get a mod

Author allen laird (4 months)
That's awesome sky and I love your videos

Author Lawrence Zeng (5 months)
last pigge pooping fire

Author Pretty Chel'e (4 months)
C cool video

Author Josh Oliver (5 months)

Author David Tennant an the TARDIS (5 months)
he could have spawned in the last one

Author Alex Reigle (2 months)
You didnt sound that well. You sounded kind of down

Author Trevor Hiscox (3 months)

Author patricia ann maralit (4 months)
This pigs are cool

Author Alex A (4 months)

Author Joanne Bracken (1 month)
Are the bullets coming from the piggy's ass?

Author Aidan Donahue (1 year)

Author Peyton S (5 months)
my bretheren!

Author Katy MC sweetness (6 days)
Piggys will rule mc¡!!!!!!!!!

Author Carcalash Suat (2 months)
Sky can you tell us you tubers what day it is like 3/6/14

Author alex james cameron clarke (2 months)
i know

Author Skyguy2k (5 months)
Is it just me, or did sky sound depressed?

Author Alexsander Mendez (3 months)
That is so asome sky

Author hawk Cao (3 months)

Author Rick OhAilbheartaigh (2 months)
I loved this video but man do you sound sick :(

Author Ezequiel Garcia (1 month)
Sky sounds sad :(

Author Malhar Mahadik (4 months)
Ahhhhh :-) the old intro

Author leskogirl1 (8 months)
pigs bidder

Author MinecraftTheAwe (8 months)
You didn't spell virus right.

Author S McCormick (8 months)
Murder pig

Author tuyuka's channel (7 months)
pigggggggggggyyyyyyyyyyyyyys !!!!!!!!!!!!

Author James Potato (9 months)
Do i get free virus with it?

Author starkeszmaymek (8 months)
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Author Brandon Savage (9 months)

Author LifeOfLemonFresh (9 months)
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Games videos as well as many other gaming videos! It's really hard to get
noticed on Youtube these days and small channels have a rough time getting
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Author cgeoffrey (7 months)
cool sky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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