8-9-2013 A NASA whistleblower has come forward to reveal that the real reason behind the closing of over 20 US Embassies this past week, is due to a collection of nearly 20 asteroids currently heading for earth. The sudden emergence of FEMA attempting to by up food supplies also rings alarm bells throughout the world community.


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Author Nancy Graciolett-Vega (18 days)

Author Mike* (1 month)
NOBODY really Knows when the Next Asteroid will Hit Earth.....Period.*

Author Beyond the Obvious (2 months)
The Mayan calender Stopped at 2012 because the world as we know it is
ending right in front of our eyes. Most people are so caught up thinking it
will be like some movie. It's a carefully paced sequence of events that
will lead to the big climax. Then everything will start over. We just got
out of the dark ages now we are into the light ages. Which means
destruction must occur kinda like the stars purging the poisons of the dark
ages to start fresh and new. Balance, light and dark. It just keep going
back and forth(Light/dark) through thousands and thousands of years.
Remember this is all paced and the heavens do not work on our time.
Everything will happen at the right time. Nobody knows when but it is
sooner than we think. Take care be safe guys.

Author coldblooded kidder (29 days)
they put all the people in fema camps and then just drop a bomb right on
the camp .means they can kill a lot of people with a minimum of resources .
fill the camp . blow it up . then rebuild and do it again and again until
they got the pop. down to where they want it . that's clever and that's
what I believe is going to happen. 

Author Andrei-Paul Manolache (2 months)
All I have to say is.. Hit USA and miss the rest of the world :D

Author 1jpministries (1 month)

Author Michelle Lee (1 month)
I've heard that it's going to be Russia that destroys America and there are
many priests and prophets that have been warning Americans to leave
America. This is the first I've heard of this. But, it does line up with
that TV show that's on the air now and they do like to warn us of what's
going to happen through tv and music. I'll have to do more research more
of this. I'm honestly thinking of going to South America. Does anyone
have thoughts on this?

Author whoreallygivesacrap (1 month)
These meteors are pretty slow that were following that other one.People who
post this paranoid shit make me fucking laugh.

Author Vickie Dearden (1 month)
They always go to scriptures and as far as i am concerned the Vatican has
lied and held all the secretes in their basement of miles of knowledge. So
until they give us the real books to the truth the scriptures they spew
about the end days mean nothing! It fear tactics at it finest in this
country! And fear is a motivator to create more violence in this world.
Look at the desert people in Iraq and Iran ect... They put fear into all of
us over their GOD...People just need to be good people period! Not confess
on Sunday for your fucking sins and then do it all week again. The pope is
trying to look like he gives a fuck, truth is he does not want the world to
know that his church is wrong and has been for thousands of years! So to
the ELITE that thinks they are more important than the ones you stole from
for centuries to get where you are FUCK YOU!!!! And this information has a
little substance but it is more of a church thing than any. So get to the
real shit not the bullshit scriptures you spread with information that is
said to be important because your book of James said so!!!

Author Cynthia Trilles (1 month)
You could be home watching tv and that thing just bust thru the sky and
break your appartment and pearce you thru half way thru the planet and
light your soul on fire all under a matter of seconds and nothing can save
you from the sky I fear the sky more than the sea 

Author sailingsolar (3 months)
Be afraid doom is coming, oh it's coming. Nine months after this was made
guess what???? Nothing yet! Not even Jesus has been seen about. Oh well!
maybe tomorrow. 

Author Chris Collins (4 months)
Your more likely to hear about a wardrobe malfunction from Madonna before
you hear about the next earth bound asteroid. The elite don't want you to

Author Tom R (2 months)
Hmmmm - it's now June, 2014 and no asteroids. Feel like a gullible fool

Author smb123211 (3 months)
ROFL - if an asteroid hits with worldwide calamity how will bringing home a
few embassy workers change things? What IS wrong with people that they
can't read the news? NASA has identified 95% of all asteroid 1k or over
and puts our chance at a collision as zero for the next hundred years. A 1
KM asteroid would block the sun and exhaust food supplies for 95% of
humanity. We'd emerge as a nation of Mormons and preppers. 

Author Baronstone (3 months)
Hmmm, when exactly are these billions of people supposed to die?

Author Heisen Berg (2 months)
fear mongering government....funny how the time passes and nothing happens

Author Michael Juda (1 month)
Scientist don't know much of shit. You tell me how in the hell they can
tell that an earth rock is millions of years old just by looking at it..LOL

Author chuck jones (3 months)
rather than worrying about the end of the world and everyone dying..
why not help out with the ones that are still alive and need you most.
help feed the dying in Africa, help your elderly neighbor. do a good deed.

id rather die being happy than living in fear watching this shit.

Author Philemon Boga (2 months)
What is the big dillema?

We have enough nukes in the U.S. alone to destroy the earth 5 times! (or at
least that is what is widely said), not to mention all the other thousands
of nukes 'round the globe.

Instead of just sitting with their thumbs up their ass waiting for Russia
to nuke someone so they can retaliate, why don't the powers that be
actually do something GOOD with them and use them for earth defense against

With the tech we have now, we can creat a nuke that can intercept and
destroy any meteor/object before it gets anywhere NEAR earth.


You could detonate the nuke in FRONT of the incoming object, changing its

practicality my friends, practicality

Author Trace Wikes (4 months)
Ugh I can't make out the guys name. Patty Berson ? oooh got it. It
USArmy Natl. Guard 26th Divarty HHQ, Rehoboth, MA USArmy Reserve 117th/
P.S.C. 94th ARCOM New England Institute of Technology Hall Institute Of
Technology AIT Fort Bliss, USArmy

She has also worked for :
NASA, POLARIS, Lockheed Martin, spent 7 years in Military Missile
Communications and she also once worked for the national guard. Citrix
Migration Tech at Pacific Crossing Computer Deployment Tech at The Computer
Merchant Computer Road Tech at Sullivan & Cogliano Electro-mechanical
Assembly, Systems Assembly at New England Engineers & Dsgnr Installation
Team Leader at ATSI Communications Computer Tech at PC HELP SERVICES INC.

Author Daniel Devereux (5 hours)
LOL I love you tin foil hat lot, keeps me so entertained :)

Author jack hunter (18 hours)
more shit ...yup

Author Tim Allen (22 hours)
holy shit. what he saying at around 10 minutes. That is word for word, what
is happening in ferguson. Militarized foreign police, taunting crowds,
doing nothing to stop looters, and pushing for rioting.. 

Author Footless Coot (1 day)
You shouldn't need anyone to tell you an asteroid is coming, if you see a
fucking big ass rock coming towards you.... RUN LIKE HELL!!! And hope it
doesn't hit you

Author Deke (1 day)
So, Earth is expected to stand still and wait for the remaining 20 to come
along. Planets have this thing about not being in the same place for too
long. Unless these rocks are somehow following Earths orbit, I'd have to
say hogwash to this story.

Author ToGetToTerrapin (2 days)
it's been a whole year now... yawn

Author Cinquecento Nero (2 days)
Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Fuckin Blah who the hell believes this shit.

Author QFGlass (2 days)

Author puggieworld (3 days)
You have way too much time on your hands lol

Author Claire AwesomeSauce (3 days)
Because we all know Russia Today is reliable.

Author The Druidess Of Midian (4 days)
Urgh, this is yet another fearmongering, religion fuelled, load of
NONSENSE!!!! Man made deity based beliefs have no place in our modern
society, especially when coupled with fear based propaganda! What a load of
drivel, seriously! This video is a total waste of time!

Author Jack Wade (4 months)
wow this is extremely interesting, Ever wonder how google earth can be so
clear but we have never seen a clear photo of the moon? Even though we have
sent satellites to the outer reaches of our solar system. can land a rover
on mars, can see the crab nebula better than the moon? because my friends
we have been here and done this before, built up a civilization and it was
lost, and done it again and it was lost.
I'll tell you one thing, I have no intention of being a soul stuck on this
planet with a million politicians claiming they are GODs with the

Author clitmint (5 days)
We do NOT live in twin star system. Not even one which has a huge outer
ring orbit like along the lines of Pluto (and i do personally consider
Pluto to be a planet unlike some).
Our Heliosphere would be different if we did have a twin star system even
one which was extremely far out like Pluto or even if it was outside of our
The solar winds would be much stronger and of course the amount of material
being slung into our system would be increased.

Go look at the mass of Kepler data on other systems and see how the vast
majority of them turned out when they have twin stars... the rest of the
twin star system is bare bones as in, not as many orbiting gas giants or
rock worlds as we do with our single star. and the reason for this is very
simple, we have only one star thus there was enough material left over to
create all the other planets we have in our system including the rock belts
we have which no doubt would have been planets if they hadn't fallen into a
comfortable wide solar orbit.

Author asgweb2 (5 days)
um... yeah... or planet would melt with 2 suns.

Author Gshad Shad (5 days)
more religious bollox dont bother

Author Brian Gilman (6 days)
LOL, it was supposed to happen aug-sept in 2013.
What happened?

Author Beverly Wright (6 days)
Evil truth.

Author Preview43 (6 days)
Seems a bit of a waste of effort on God's part doesn't it? Create a whole
Universe, possibly even Multiverse, cobble together a pleasant rock to put
us on over the course of 4 billion years and then on a whim, swat us with a
lump of space turd. It's kind of like waiting in line at Disneyland for
hours and then the ride's over in 30 seconds.

Bring on Armageddon, I say. Even if the sky was half filled with the blank
stare of a blazing spaceball, they'd still be lobbing rockets and bombs at
each other over in those desert shit holes just for the hell of it. Bring
on the end and get it over with ... and take the fun away from all those
religious nutjobs. Go ahead, space turd. Make my day.

Author vic trombley (8 days)
They make up a good scary story,it passes with nothing happening and then
they go back and make up another story for the next year and again nothing
happens! Keep predicting. lol

Author AliensUTubedME (9 days)
This wasn't a rock at 11:30pm in Australia it flew over Sydney this thing
started in the Southern Hemisphere.

Author FriedContent (10 days)
The funny thing about bullshit doomsday conspiracy theories is even though
they've ALL been proven wrong (none of them have happened) people still
cling to them like Linus clings to his blanket. Are your lives really so
sad and boring that you feel a need to believe in this nonsense? Why waste
your life worrying about something that you have absolutely no control
over? Get out there and enjoy what's left of your life before it's too

Author MyFAT69 (11 days)
Dr who?

Author scriban media (12 days)
What. RT journalists still don't know the asteroid was not detected because
it came in the direction of the sun rays?

Author Robert Burchett (13 days)
The planet Nibiru is coming.

Author puerto77 (13 days)
This is an incoherent mess, and an utter waste of time, terrible. 

Author Airik1111 (3 months)
Dont put Christian scripture or Jesus's name on this lie.Jesus is coming
soon,but using this lie & scare tactics makes me sick.Bad things are coming
to this world and we have no control put your faith in Jesus.Christians
need to rise up & speak against these crazy videos that make Christians
look like fruitcakes.The moon is hallow,earth is concaved,lizard people,the
matrix blah blah blah.How bout something real like
Russia,China,Egypt,Iraq,The E.U all circling Jerusalem.This tiny speck of
land & yet the whole world revolves around it.If you really want to see
whats coming,keep your eyes on Gods people.The world will come against the
Jewish people and Jesus will stike them down.Damascus will be destroyed,&
so watch the news about the areas that I speak of & you will see the hand
of God and real truth.

Author brownhard (4 months)
oh wow, as soon as you said god is in control and not man, i stopped
watching, thats a complete load of bullshit

Author FamilyMeditation (14 days)
Does worrying about the "end of the world" bring you comfort or emotional
unrest or anxiety? We couldn't stop something like this anyway. Why worry
about it every day? You won't enjoy the time between now and whenever the
"end of YOUR world" will come. We will all die, we must learn to LIVE. 

Author Michael Rinaldi (15 days)
Wow! Who comes up with this shit! What a huge amount of solid doodoo

Author Blindguy1981 (15 days)
Tell the whistle blower "stop blowing"!!!!!!!!

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