8-9-2013 A NASA whistleblower has come forward to reveal that the real reason behind the closing of over 20 US Embassies this past week, is due to a collection of nearly 20 asteroids currently heading for earth. The sudden emergence of FEMA attempting to by up food supplies also rings alarm bells throughout the world community.


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Author ProjectsBlack (29 days)
Most of these idiots probably believe in Big Foot.

Author Quiet Whispers Graciolett-Vega (3 months)

Author DanceLvr2013 (2 months)
Wow. I realize this is petty given the subject matter, but that female news
woman's seeming inability to speak without irregular fits and starts is
driving me nuts! I'm gonna have to seek a different source for this
information, because unfortunately, her lack of skill in relaying these
details makes everything she says seem implausible, irrational and thus,
utterly unreliable. I'm just sayin'...

Author angel 959 (3 months)
dont believe it was a meteor who here has heard of a meteor blowing up
before it hits the ground .what ever was shot down ..russia awesome at
keeping secrets

Author Mike* (4 months)
NOBODY really Knows when the Next Asteroid will Hit Earth.....Period.*

Author byekim mikeyb (19 hours)
At 10:50ish it's 500.000.000 per th Georgia guidstoens. Its people that
pass on bad information to others, that the others think incorrectly and
may make poor decisions. If you're going to state it, at least be accurate.

Author Dart Gar (1 day)
We cannot believe in NASA anymore, they could not even see this
Scientist do not know squat All I want to know is what they are doing with
the money they are stealing from the public.

Author Beyond the Obvious (5 months)
The Mayan calender Stopped at 2012 because the world as we know it is
ending right in front of our eyes. Most people are so caught up thinking it
will be like some movie. It's a carefully paced sequence of events that
will lead to the big climax. Then everything will start over. We just got
out of the dark ages now we are into the light ages. Which means
destruction must occur kinda like the stars purging the poisons of the dark
ages to start fresh and new. Balance, light and dark. It just keep going
back and forth(Light/dark) through thousands and thousands of years.
Remember this is all paced and the heavens do not work on our time.
Everything will happen at the right time. Nobody knows when but it is
sooner than we think. Take care be safe guys.

Author Bill Williams (3 days)

Author Andrew Bryant pianotunerbristol (3 days)
Prison is the perfect place for these lying bastards

Author omniexistus (6 days)
surprised to hear russians panic like that cuz they're dead calm in all the
traffic accident videos on youtube

Author nickd1961 (11 days)
As long as it hits the Persian Gulf I'm ok. That will solve a lot of

Author guile214 (17 days)
And where are all of these Russian and Israeli troops that are in America?
They would need ALOT of troops to control the population. Everything about
this video is crap. This idiot that was interviewed can't get his shit
straight, all he is doing is regurgitating what he sees or hears on other
web sites or videos. The guy says "they want 500,000" trying to refer to
the statement of the Georgia Guidestones where the ideal world population
is 500,000,000 NOT 500,000. The underground caves that have the 18 wheelers
in them, those are in the Ozarks and are used by a lot of companies for
cold storage. My Father was a truck driver and he's picked up plenty of
stuff over the years. The one example that these FEMA camp folks always
refer to for proof is in Louisiana, and when you Google Earth it you see
that it is a Federal prison that is actively being used , it is not dormant
waiting for people to revolt. I used to watch these videos for a good laugh
put the Stupid factor is through the roof. When will this idiocy end?
Sheeple of the World unite!!!

Author semtech30 (19 days)
Your off your medication again dam'it. Go get a refill immediately.

Author Andrei-Paul Manolache (5 months)
All I have to say is.. Hit USA and miss the rest of the world :D

Author TheX Chanel (24 days)
What a geeky ugly voice. It is so annoying !!!
If I hear a focking guy like that I would hit him in the throat.

Author jeremy coon (25 days)
this is a real paranoid freak...talking absolute crap and really needs his

Author Frabbledabble (26 days)
I shot down the asteroid... Everybody owes me 20 bucks....

Author The Druidess Of Midian (3 months)
Urgh, this is yet another fearmongering, religion fuelled, load of
NONSENSE!!!! Man made deity based beliefs have no place in our modern
society, especially when coupled with fear based propaganda! What a load of
drivel, seriously! This video is a total waste of time!

Author Def Con (29 days)
Here it is Oct 2014 and I see no such thing in the sky. No 2 suns. Govt is
always hiding something so I'll agree with that but the rest I am not so
sure. I do think though we are in the last days according to scripture and
judgement awaits us which means things like meteors or missiles will rein
down upon us.

Author Mura Jr (1 month)
its 10/24/14 and were still waiting...

Author 1jpministries (4 months)

Author johnmonk66 (1 month)
so, where did your rocks go? companion asteroids are called companions
because they are near their companions 

Author TATERTOTS JACKSON (2 months)
I used to believe in Jesus until I found out about 99% of christianity is
plagiarism of egyptian, mesopotamian, and roman beliefs. Horus and
zoroaster have the EXACT same background story as jesus. Coincidence... or
good old fashioned plagiarism?

Author Carl Davis (1 month)
Great job, Sir.

Author Levon Guyumjian (1 month)
By watching this video clips it just make me laugh how stupid are most NASA
workers & US government officials, what fuck do they think by hiding under
ground they are going to be safe? They are like an ostrich sticking their
heads under ground time panic hoping lion wont see them, they are truly
representing what alien civilization think of human kind, I cannot get any
better example than that. 

Author whoreallygivesacrap (5 months)
These meteors are pretty slow that were following that other one.People who
post this paranoid shit make me fucking laugh.

Author chris gange (1 month)
You need medical attention! the sooner the better for you!!

Author EpicBroFistLoser (1 month)
We're still here! Quit feeding this end of the world bullshit!

Author sailingsolar (6 months)
Be afraid doom is coming, oh it's coming. Nine months after this was made
guess what???? Nothing yet! Not even Jesus has been seen about. Oh well!
maybe tomorrow. 

Author TechRedstone (1 month)
The creepy part is that we just barely missed the impact of an asteroid
less than a month ago

Deep Impact: dopo la caduta del meteorite Chelyabinsk il mondo teme una
nuova minaccia by admin

Nel corso dell’ultimo anno e mezzo, dopo caduta del meteorite a
Chelyabinsk, la comunità mondiale ha compiuto passi concreti per combattere
la minaccia asteroidi.
Il Comitato delle Nazioni Unite per l’uso dello spazio esterno a scopi
pacifici (COPUOS) ha portato avanti il progetto comune, per la creazione di
una rete internazionale di allarme sulla presenza di asteroidi
(International Asteroid Warning Network, IAWN).
In una recente riunione del Comitato di Vienna, nel considerare la
questione, la delegazione russa ha proposto di creare uno spazio
d’informazione unico con un centro di controllo presso le Nazioni Unite.

Il modello del Centro di controllo e gestione su Allarme Asteroidi, è stato
presentato dal Dr. Boris Shustov direttore dell’Istituto di Astronomia
dell’Accademia Russa delle Scienze. Tale organo può avere base a Vienna.
Potrebbero essere elaborate le informazioni di tutti i corpi celesti
potenzialmente pericolosi e i detriti spaziali. Se l’oggetto è destinato a
cadere a terra si potrebbero calcolare il luogo dell’incidente e i rischi
potenziali che sarebbero poi notificati alle autorità delle rispettive
Oltre a tale organismo, la rete IAWN avrà mezzi attuali e futuri di
osservazione del cielo in diversi Paesi. Il reale contributo della Russia
allo sforzo globale potrebbe essere dato dall’attuale sistema di telescopi
robot dell’MGU (Università Statale di Mosca). Il gruppo è composto da
telescopi di 40 centimetri estesi da Kislovodsk sino all’Estremo Oriente,
ed è una squadra capace di vedere un punto desiderato del cielo via
Internet. Il sistema stesso è costruito per uno scopo diverso, ma con esso
sono stati scoperti anche asteroidi. Il professor Vladimir Lipunov
dell’MGU, responsabile del progetto, ha dichiarato:
“I nostri piccoli telescopi sono progettati per la ricerca di base. Per
risolvere i problemi legati alla pericolosità degli asteroidi, è necessario
avere telescopi più grandi. Se si vuole avvertire la popolazione 24 ore
prima, il Maser è sufficiente. Ma la prevenzione sarebbe migliore se fosse
di più giorni. Per questo è necessario un telescopio da un metro.”

Dopo l’adesione della Crimea alla Russia, si può utilizzare l’osservatorio
di Crimea con il grande telescopio del diametro di 2,6 m, che sarà
collegato al monitoraggio del programma asteroidi russo. L’Istituto di
Astronomia ha già individuato l’importanza di questo impianto ai fini di un
monitoraggio complessivo, come rileva il capo del dipartimento di
astrometria spaziale Lydia Rykhlova:
“Abbiamo bisogno di almeno due telescopi grandangolari che opereranno
principalmente su questo programma. Ora abbiamo la Crimea. Ma ce ne serve
un altro più vicino all’Estremo Oriente. È inoltre necessario aggiornare i
telescopi. Perché una cosa è trovare, ma altra è mantenere la traccia. Se
abbiamo le coordinate dell’oggetto che deve essere osservato, i piccoli
telescopi possono anche trattarlo, anche se non può essere un servizio. E
senza base spaziale la lunga rilevazione dell’avvicinamento alla Terra di
oggetti pericolosi non funzionerà. Necessitiamo almeno di telescopi in
orbita geostazionaria. La componente spaziale di Roskosmos può fare la

Per creare un servizio internazionale unitario sugli asteroidi occorre
risolvere molti problemi, non solo tecnici e finanziari. Bisogna unire le
squadre di diversi Paesi e le agenzie che hanno osservatori ottici. Non
solo astronomi, ma anche l’esplorazione dello spazio militare occupato.
Molto diversi sono i linguaggi informatici di controllo dei telescopi e i
programmi di elaborazione dei dati. Quindi, non si può fare a meno della
standardizzazione. Esempi di interazioni di successo sono: il comando Air
Force degli Stati Uniti che ha fornito agli scienziati i propri telescopi
in New Mexico per il progetto LINEAR (Lincoln Near-Earth Asteroid
Research), e con esso nel periodo 1998-2005 sono stati scoperti quasi 3000
nuovi corpi celesti nello spazio vicino alla Terra. Le osservazioni di
asteroidi, anche se non regolari, vengono condotte nelle Hawaii, presso
l’isola di Diego Garcia nell’Oceano Indiano, in Australia, in Arizona,
presso l’osservatorio astronomico del monte Palomar.
Oltre al MASER russo, è funzionante il progetto IONI (Network International
Scientific Optical, ISON) con 30 telescopi di 10 Paesi. Attualmente non
esiste un sistema internazionali di catalogo delle informazioni ed i dati
degli oggetti sono ricevuti dal Minor Planet Center di Cambridge
A Vienna la rete internazionale di Allarme Asteroidi IAWN, sta diventando
una realtà. Sarà creata e diventerà operativa entro 10 anni. Questo
servizio di gruppo studierà le modalità per rendere inoffensivi gli
asteroidi pericolosi per la Terra.
di Boris Pavliščev

Author Tom R (5 months)
Hmmmm - it's now June, 2014 and no asteroids. Feel like a gullible fool

Author Michael Juda (5 months)
Scientist don't know much of shit. You tell me how in the hell they can
tell that an earth rock is millions of years old just by looking at it..LOL

Author Mr lan ham (1 month)
and what do you know it only in the ol USA

Author Philemon Boga (5 months)
What is the big dillema?

We have enough nukes in the U.S. alone to destroy the earth 5 times! (or at
least that is what is widely said), not to mention all the other thousands
of nukes 'round the globe.

Instead of just sitting with their thumbs up their ass waiting for Russia
to nuke someone so they can retaliate, why don't the powers that be
actually do something GOOD with them and use them for earth defense against

With the tech we have now, we can creat a nuke that can intercept and
destroy any meteor/object before it gets anywhere NEAR earth.


You could detonate the nuke in FRONT of the incoming object, changing its

practicality my friends, practicality

Author Susi Gwynne-Galfe (2 months)
Video is from last year....?

Author Ritson01 (2 months)
Oops it's September the 14th 2014...and we're still here.

Author mindsaglowin (2 months)
Earth will never be destroyed by an asteroid. I have it on good Authority.

Author Simon Swain (2 months)
September 15th 2014 and we're still here... yawn...

Author Chelenie Howard (2 months)

Author Marc Briere (2 months)
Still here. Just sayin'. 

Author Matthew Cabeza (18 hours)
To all you guys still hung up on the Mayan calender.. Have you ever seen a
calender that didn't have an end? 

Author Elizabeth Johnson (3 days)
The Mayan Calendar tells of the End of the time of Pices and the beginning
of Aquarius.

PLANET X or NIBIRU is a Planet on a 3600 (approx.) years orbit.

There is a report of a second sun some say the second sun is Nibiru.

He reference the Georgia stone but it says 500 million not thousand.

Garbage this is In any case all of us need or should be prepared for

Author ell Hall (1 day)
If my time ok I going to be high like a kite dress up like I am really to
die but I am not give up I saved my self and other

Author ninjawu1369 (7 days)
This has NEVER transpired in the way these people say. Imagin insects
surviving that kind of bombardment, or birds, they are very fragile. You
can fool some people, but not all people. Massive upheval of land and ocean
we know for sure, possibly ice age event. But life moves on. Your expert is
a liar. You guys need to stop playing with gullibles. I watch this stuff
cuz I do not use drugs, but realy love to laugh. Ty for that at least.

Author MsPrecious918 (9 days)
Google this....Russia warns Obama of ASTEROID to hit in the Atlantic. This
year!!! And YouTube PROPHET EFRAIN RODRIGUEZ, said ASTEROID to hit near
Puerto Rico and he has warned NASA, the GOVT and that is why they are
storing food for the US and 2million body bags have been sent to Puerto

Author Skinny Bob (4 days)
Yeah, right. What a load of pish! 

Author Sola Radiant (12 days)
Yet another we're all gonna die story.

Author Mr X2X NEVERMIND (8 days)
its bull shit, I wish I had £10 for every time the nuts give us this crap,
x2 suns my arse 

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