8-9-2013 A NASA whistleblower has come forward to reveal that the real reason behind the closing of over 20 US Embassies this past week, is due to a collection of nearly 20 asteroids currently heading for earth. The sudden emergence of FEMA attempting to by up food supplies also rings alarm bells throughout the world community.


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Author Mike* (28 days)
NOBODY really Knows when the Next Asteroid will Hit Earth.....Period.*

Author Melody Branson (6 months)
Two sun? How many moons?

Author James McDonald (7 months)
Anybody believing this crazy lady/guy? Outed as a guy pretending to be this
smart woman, his predictions are wild and baseless, not to mention
completely false. It's laughable and sad that some might take this as

Author 1jpministries (29 days)

Author badwolf66 (4 months)
Are we dead yet?

Author Mr67bandit67 (7 months)
As soon as religion is brought into natural occurrences it negates the
story immediately. 

Author Steve Holt (6 months)
I don't believe in religion ether. I only believe in truth!
Jesus Christ is the truth!!
I trust in Jesus only! 

Author Logan Sorter (6 months)
the asteroid was hit with a laser weapon as it entered the atmosphere, we
have the technology, we can protect ourselves now..

Author sailingsolar (2 months)
Be afraid doom is coming, oh it's coming. Nine months after this was made
guess what???? Nothing yet! Not even Jesus has been seen about. Oh well!
maybe tomorrow. 

Author whoreallygivesacrap (1 month)
These meteors are pretty slow that were following that other one.People who
post this paranoid shit make me fucking laugh.

Author sharktroubles (5 months)
The powers that be probably know EXACTLY what's on the way towards impact
and are suppressing it so that the monetary system will continue until the
very last possible moment. They will then retire to their vast underground
bunker network that all the under-imminent-demise tax payers have financed.

Author james millward (6 months)
what a total crock of shit, firstly you present a so-called specialist and
yet will not name this individual, if what she says is true and she wanted
to help humanity prepare for this event, why would she keep her name
secret, revelation of her name would either prove her to be a total fraud
or would lend validity to her claims, why would her name be withheld when
such a massive world wide disaster is imminent? and any folk if a polar
switch occurs its curtains for us all, no amount of preparation will save
you from the oceans being emptied from their basins, or the thousands of
volcanoes which will erupt should a polar switch happen. sleep tight

Author AnotherDeadMind (7 months)
Hahaha, some people need some hobbies, and STAT. This has the whole package
- NASA sources, Revelations quotes, the sentence "Obama wants to institute
martial law", and talk of RFID chips.

My favorite thing about these canned conspiracy theories is the profundity
with which the people vomiting them out suppose they speak with.

Author SmithsCrhronicles (7 months)
meh... death is just another path we all must take.

Author Paul Ryan (4 months)
Revelation 8 ; 8 And the second angel sounded, and as it were a great
mountain burning with fire was cast into the sea: and the third part of the
sea became blood;
9 And the third part of the creatures which were in the sea, and had life,
died; and the third part of the ships were destroyed.10 And the third angel
sounded, and there fell a great star from heaven, burning as it were a
lamp, and it fell upon the third part of the rivers, and upon the fountains
of waters; Better believe these prophecies will happen in the very near
future, bible says so. 

Author rmarolla33 (5 months)
Come on two suns??

Author Chris Collins (3 months)
Your more likely to hear about a wardrobe malfunction from Madonna before
you hear about the next earth bound asteroid. The elite don't want you to

Author Richard Kovacs (3 months)
The biggest countrys have missile-defence-systems for millions of dollar to
watch and detecting other countrys missiles but they can not see a astroid
at this size. This makes me sick to my stumac. The world is suffering but
still the leaders are putting money on oil, wepons and other self
destructive things that going to be our own downfall. Keep up the good

Author Nikolay Klimchuk (5 months)
Worst TV channel ever

Author smb123211 (3 months)
ROFL - if an asteroid hits with worldwide calamity how will bringing home a
few embassy workers change things? What IS wrong with people that they
can't read the news? NASA has identified 95% of all asteroid 1k or over
and puts our chance at a collision as zero for the next hundred years. A 1
KM asteroid would block the sun and exhaust food supplies for 95% of
humanity. We'd emerge as a nation of Mormons and preppers. 

Author brownhard (3 months)
oh wow, as soon as you said god is in control and not man, i stopped
watching, thats a complete load of bullshit

Author chuck jones (2 months)
rather than worrying about the end of the world and everyone dying..
why not help out with the ones that are still alive and need you most.
help feed the dying in Africa, help your elderly neighbor. do a good deed.

id rather die being happy than living in fear watching this shit.

Author Moody Blue (7 months)
This is pure fear mongering. The source is NASA? Least reliable source.
(See their fraud exposed during ISON perihelion). The title of the video
shouts out BILLIONS WILL DIE. The date shown is 8/9/13. Well it is now Dec
5, 2013 and all that shouting about urgency and impending doom has not
materialized. Use discernment people. Much Love to all ♥

Author Senor Bellzim (6 months)
Why would they spend so much money on a freaking shelter.. when they could
develop a weapon to destroy them...? And why would they want to save the
government if everyone else is going to die... There would be no point of
government with no people!

Author Anna PeppyJC (7 months)

Author rossdaboss1959 (7 months)
Acts 2;38 is still God's plan of salvation. One way for all people. God is
not the author of confusion.

Author Sfight23InsaneGaming (4 months)

Author Andrei-Paul Manolache (1 month)
All I have to say is.. Hit USA and miss the rest of the world :D

Author spartz117 (7 months)
21st december 2012, expected doomsday, 1999, expected doomsday, ect..
Stop making prophecies, it's good to be prepared, but millions of asteroids
have passed this earth, only a few hit, stop acting like this is a doomsday
clock. Many meteors have hit, many cause more damage, many have panicked,
too many have set it on the revelations prophecy. Just wait until the next
asteroid comes by, and the same will happen. It's like the Christmas
takeover ads, too much are about cliche families, and many have passed by
not bought. It'll fade away until the next one.

Author Baronstone (3 months)
Hmmm, when exactly are these billions of people supposed to die?

Author darren s (6 months)
I want to know why this asteroid didn't wipe out all Russia? it was ment to
be the size of a house?

Author Jack Wade (3 months)
wow this is extremely interesting, Ever wonder how google earth can be so
clear but we have never seen a clear photo of the moon? Even though we have
sent satellites to the outer reaches of our solar system. can land a rover
on mars, can see the crab nebula better than the moon? because my friends
we have been here and done this before, built up a civilization and it was
lost, and done it again and it was lost.
I'll tell you one thing, I have no intention of being a soul stuck on this
planet with a million politicians claiming they are GODs with the

Author Andrew Savage (5 months)
It is actually easier to have a totalitarian government with larger
populations. No one is trying to exterminate 6.5 billion people, but the
natural order of the solar system. The Georgia Guide Stones are a brilliant

Author BC M (4 months)
Time is of the essence, we are out of time to prepare for this, but let me
waste some time babbling about nonsense. 

Author Wilbert Mallol (4 months)
It took two years to produce this effect on the super-holograph; Now, the
extra-terrestrials are armed with lethal weapons and will use deadly force
on the military! This is why the D.U.M.B. where built because father is on
his way and the coward military is planning to hide under the rocks. Boo
woo. You can not stop SATAN from getting to your where ever you hide..

Author Gary Mcatear (7 months)
The Earth's magnetic field will always be there so long as the Earth has a
moulton core, the magnetic field does not disappear, it merely shifts to
its new position and will still protect us from UV and all this stuff this
clip is trying to scare you with. Some people out there do like to scare
people so do not be scared. Btw it is now 14th December and still nothing

Author Chris McKay (5 months)
2/14/14. Still here!

Author Freedom-Truth-Justice-Democracy (6 months)
This is total B.S. for many reasons. My question as a physicist is... How
would a dual sun cause the poles to shift? I mean it would have to be very
close for years to do that. It takes our sun and the moon 25,000 years to
shift the Earth's poles 360 degrees. If a second sun comes around every
3000 years, then it has a very irregular orbit and therefore would only be
in the inner solar system for a few months, which is not enough time, even
if 10 times the size of the sun. But if it was this big, we would already
see it. In would basically have to come closer than the moon and just sit
there for years to do what this person is suggesting. In that case, its no
sun, its a space craft with evil intentions!

Author Elizabeth Gaspodnetich (7 months)
Well is Dec 8th and so far nothing. I have lived on this planet for over 50
years and I have only seen one sun. ONE SUN. So where has the other sun
been hiding for all these years? This whole thing is hog wash.

Author sedjetra (7 months)
That's misleading title, but whatever. Look here: NASA is quiet as hell
about comet ISON, I sense they know it all! They don't want "to cause
panic" so this means we are served, owned and ready for annihilation. I
have a lot of info about this comet. It is highly fragmented and is like a
shotgun shot being fired, we will be hit 100%, it could be a small meteor
shower or VERY HUGE CARPET BOMBING! Look 1347 - 666 years ago! (satanic
number) comet Negra, supposedly caused black death around europe and killed
200 million people, 1680 - 333 years ago Kirsch's comet, caused balck death
again, + earthquakes, hurricanes and turned rivers to blood. Nelson
Mandela's prisoner number 46664 and 16 december of 2013 is the real ending
date of mayan calendar, not 12.21.2012. Check it out, it was miscalculated
and we were fooled! Take care everyone!

Author Jamie Quirke (6 months)
Stopped watching after the mention of God 

Author Steve Sawyer (3 months)
The two most important things to know about all this: 1) People are always
predicting bad shit will happen, and that particular shit never does
happen. 2) The only bad shit that actually does happen is the shit no one
saw coming.

Author Wendy Gulley (7 months)
The meteor was blown up in mid-air by our galactic family because it was
heading for a nuclear plant. We are and always have been protected. If it
wasn't for our galactic family the governments would have destroyed this
planet years ago.

Author GrooveDoctor77 (7 months)
Pattie Brassard has been debunked as a man by his sister,he takes female
hormone shots , was a low level computer programmer , was kicked out of the
army under undesirable circumstances and sits at home doing this for
attention .......the world is full of disinformation. 

Author Dyvineent3llc (8 months)
This is for the intelligent atheist here's something more constructive for
you, so what you think??? Is this real??? What should we do??? 

Author powerkitemad (8 months)
HA HA HA HA HA This is the funniest CRAZY sh** I have ever heard (with the
exception of the bible)

Author Resty Baluyot (4 months)
Jesus is coming back. A soon as He finds Earth in His GPS (Galaxy Pointing

Author broandrew (8 months)
Since this video has a lot of bashing posts. I wanted to throw in "Be
ready" have your lamps filled, be as the 5 wise virgins. (Matt. 25) A
'rapture' of the children will happen and you will wish you were ready and
went to be with the Lord's Marriage Feast of the Lamb Wedding party, but
millions will miss the boat and the door will shut and many will be left
behind. Jesus is the only WAY out. Seek Him today, stay close to GOD's
heart inside of you. If you do not follow Jesus? then read about the
rapture event, click on the icon and learn about the vision I got about
this' rapture ' 32 years ago. NASA and the elite will not be able to bury
themselves deep enough.

Author Richard Engelbach (7 months)
If the asteroids were months apart, our planet will have moved safely out
of the way by then, following it's trajectory around the sun. Sounds like
conspiracy theory bullshit.

Author joe (8 months)
Can any body tell me why Jesus needs to travel in comet or space ship to
the planet?

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