8-9-2013 A NASA whistleblower has come forward to reveal that the real reason behind the closing of over 20 US Embassies this past week, is due to a collection of nearly 20 asteroids currently heading for earth. The sudden emergence of FEMA attempting to by up food supplies also rings alarm bells throughout the world community.


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Author Tommy Toy (1 month)
Anytime I hear UFO and Alien pundits mention GOD and ALIENS in the same
sentence, I lose all interest. Hard to take religious zealots seriously.
They use these doom and gloom stores as a way to recruit religious
believers. They tell us the end is soming and we should prepare ourselves
by serving GOD. Pleeeezzz!! !!@@!!

Author slippybits (7 days)
HEY I AM NOT DEAD YET! WTF is goin on ya lying bastard!

Author ProjectsBlack (3 months)
Most of these idiots probably believe in Big Foot.

Author Brian Gilman (4 days)
Ignoring for a moment that its currently Jan. 2015, no, a sargeant does not
have access to "every sattelite we have".
(missed that the first time around.)

Author Frei Denker (2 days)
I hope the thinks fall down to earth - human not deserve to stay at earth

Author denis pucheu (10 days)
This is all true except for the part of the second sun. Illuminati is going
to create pole shift with nuclear warheads. There is a cure for this but
Christians are too stubborn and lazy to think about it. Turn off the TV and
all other noisemakers and start reading Emerald and Sumerian Tablets

Author ohdingobongo (1 day)
This is more about the evil ones at the top of governments around the world
who are all in the same club and all worship the dark priest, wanting to
wipe out billions of people to make the remaining more manageable.

There are three main ways they seems to favour. Third world war involving
the Muslim world, where by they sweep in after the event with their
solution of a faceless one world government and one world army in a post
democratic era, so this could 'never happen again', the police state would
be in place and we would be enslaved as per their plans.

The second is multiple asteroids wiping out major cities and their
populations, and who is to say the blinding lights are asteroids as they
destroy and kill, they could so easily be nuclear weapons. The same unholy
one world government would ensue.

Third and their final gambit will be war with alien civilisations, the
biggest lie and false flag war of all.

Those who study E.T. know there's reversed engineered craft sitting at
Dreamland (S4) and have been flown on a regular basis by human pilots.
There is of course the real thing, but most researchers believe they are
not part of any of man's inhumanity to man, in fact the opposite seems to
be the case, where they have disabled Earth's nuclear weapons in the past.
But man appears to be fully capable of making it appear to be an alien
attack, a false flag operation, not least with realistic hologram
technologies and other technologies from alien contact, not having
been shared with the rest of the world but weaponised to be used against us.

None of this may be true, but things are definitely being put in place in
all the western countries worldwide to combat political unrest and
campaigns against the governments of the world yet to come.

Time to dump those endless sports programs, the zoo TV and the journo's
obsessions with so-called celebs, get off your ass and find out through
your own research who exactly runs this planet, who the secret government
with no borders is, the part the secret societies are playing and their
involvement with the dark side. Recognize the controlled mainstream media
matrix for what it really is...

Author The Druidess Of Midian (5 months)
Urgh, this is yet another fearmongering, religion fuelled, load of
NONSENSE!!!! Man made deity based beliefs have no place in our modern
society, especially when coupled with fear based propaganda! What a load of
drivel, seriously! This video is a total waste of time!

Author ed nja (4 days)
I see there's no shortage of the wicked making comments on this video. The
wicked are those who refuse to accept and receive the gift of salvation.

Author Beyond the Obvious (7 months)
The Mayan calender Stopped at 2012 because the world as we know it is
ending right in front of our eyes. Most people are so caught up thinking it
will be like some movie. It's a carefully paced sequence of events that
will lead to the big climax. Then everything will start over. We just got
out of the dark ages now we are into the light ages. Which means
destruction must occur kinda like the stars purging the poisons of the dark
ages to start fresh and new. Balance, light and dark. It just keep going
back and forth(Light/dark) through thousands and thousands of years.
Remember this is all paced and the heavens do not work on our time.
Everything will happen at the right time. Nobody knows when but it is
sooner than we think. Take care be safe guys.

Author zoreto climbus (27 days)
More fear mongering. If its going to happen, its going to happen. Not going
to live my life in fear. As if we all have access to an underground nuclear

Author Bill Williams (2 months)
This is a lot of bull. You can not believe everything you read,or hear. the
so called asteroid will be here to assist Gaia in her pole shift. It's
going to be rough but this is better than being eaten alive don't you
think. Who do you think is putting out all this crap. Consider the source
and then come back to me and I will explain everything.
I don't know how the aliens manage to get a hold on the Russian TV but
they have a bunch of goon s to do their bidding for them. Red flag event.
the astroid coming close to earth is being used to help change the pole
shift not destroy the earth.

Author Linda Chambré (5 days)
That asteroid was broken up by a ufo before it hit the ground, you can find
it here on Youtube. Otherwise it would have destroyed the whole area and
beyond. 11,500 tons of flying burning energy, figure it out. Just look up
Amazing UFO attacked the meteroite to defend ourselves, Russia, Feb 15,
2013 HD

Author Space Frog (1 month)
if you ignore the media and all what you learned about islam for just a
moment, and think of this.

We are told that his(gods) order have been given, and earths doom is on
it's way, you will find many of that which is said to us by the man
Mohammad which if i can get you to agree, is a visionary to say the least
even if you aren't a believer in his prophet hood. We are told that there
will be haraj, death without knowledge of why and it's every where each
with their own opinion as to why, and no true knowledge of why. We are told
that their young will be their adults. and so i see nothing more than
children in the bodies of adults walking earth and their young speak better
truths about morality than themselves. We are told that there will be a day
you wake up and find the sun shining not from it's original situation, and
so these asteroids are a sign to what will happen, we are told that there
will be people called the police with sticks that resembles the tail of a
cow, and look at their sticks. and they will be protecting the evil once
without knowing they are. and so we find them defending corporations
without knowing why, mindlessly defending the same people that oppress them
and make them do what they needn't be doing turning them into hateful
beings despised by many of their own people.

This is only for those willing to see, if you aren't and still wish to hid
your head be warned, you are leading yourself to fear and suffering. 

Author spanky stone (12 days)
this is a heaping steamy pile of bullroar

Author rei migule (16 days)
2015 nothing happend pls stop religion people your only embarassing

Author Terry Burnett (3 days)
Too late ..think of The chaos it would cause..if they told us now..and knew
it still had there years..ya dummies..they know what we would don't be stupid and ask why wouldn't they.tell,us..they see how
you dummies act on a black Friday..and you seriously think The people can
handle That??..get real people..

Author HeSavesMankind (1 month)
3,600 years orbit... he just referenced nibiru or planet x calling it our
second sun. planet x was mentioned in a popular science magazine and
another big news magazine back in the early 80's i believe. fact not

Author Wayne Nix (11 days)
They should be putting funding more into research in designing a weapon to
break them up before they reach stop wasting money fighting each over with
wars and start protecting the planet

Author Ray N (25 days)
President Obama did not threaten to shutdown the government. It's the
Republican who is hell bent on trying to push their agenda that they
willing to shut the government down rather than pay their bills. Use as
much stupid rhetoric as you can but people are not falling for it.
Republican are the two-face people. Try to deceive people just to win the

Author Coleman Adamson (27 days)
Your guest detracts from your credibility.

Author Riki Cooper (1 day)
2015 now. When are these asteroids sposed to hit

Author ell Hall (2 months)
If my time ok I going to be high like a kite dress up like I am really to
die but I am not give up I saved my self and other

Author Tyler Anselmo (1 month)
This woman is a LIAR!!! Ive heard her yapping about this for years..Though
she may be right about what shes saying she has no real idea of when it
will show up..Every couple months she says its going to pass then it doesnt
then a few months later she comes back out and says the same thing..

Author dong joon oh (1 month)
Eventually this solar system has entered "Photon Ring of Alcyone /
Pleiades star system" early 2014, as lots of spiritual predictions
throughout the human hisory. It happen every 26000 years according to
Mayan Calender. Now electromagnetic field of the planet is beginning
to change rapidly as well as numerous ET's civilizations are watching
this great cosmic event, wanting to help us with all their heart.
Chinese ancient book of prophecy "Tui Bei Tu 推背图 " 추배도 predicted "The New
Spiritual Golden Age of Love and Peace will begin after Aliens visit us
from another planets." Vaya con dios......

Author farojak (26 days)
Here we are almost 2 years later....and still nothing....

You idiot self proclaimed prophets are wrong again...
There's a scripture that says to test these prophets (profits)....if they
are wrong " STONE THEM TO DEATH"...Either shut the fuck up about your doom
and gloom or line yourselves up to be annihilated as your fuck book
says....otherwise you are an abomination to your god....fuckwits...!!

Author DMMcGregor (1 day)
More fear-mongering, yay ! 

Author Scott Freeman (1 month)
Enough room for the eliete and government s?? Hell I'm running for office

Author byekim mikeyb (2 months)
At 10:50ish it's 500.000.000 per th Georgia guidstoens. Its people that
pass on bad information to others, that the others think incorrectly and
may make poor decisions. If you're going to state it, at least be accurate.

Author Daniel Bailey (10 days)
Its now 2015. 16 months after this Bullshit was posted. When is this supose
to happen???.

Author wutgodretodd (5 days)
I was interested til you brought up the god bullshit.

Author 4aSteadyStateEconomy (11 days)
This mass shower was going to happen when, exactly? How about focusing on
known threats like AGW.

Author johnny rebel (10 days)
My question is this,why is it on every youtube video there's some religious
zealot preaching that propaganda bullshit. 

Author D_Unknown (8 days)
No one knows the end of time. It's a puzzle with a missing piece! 

Author Enigma Seeker (27 days)

Author highwayhokie (11 days)
after reading these comments it is obvious that our world needs a good

Author BigJMC9 (10 days)
And this is why nasa make ever one worry this never happened

Author Mike* (7 months)
NOBODY really Knows when the Next Asteroid will Hit Earth.....Period.*

Author jimmyfly (1 month)
this was over a year'd that work out for you?

Author alejandro otero (1 month)
Great we are gonna die oh boy

Author Andrew Bryant pianotunerbristol (2 months)
Prison is the perfect place for these lying bastards

Author DragonAurora (1 month)
Lindsey is kinda hot...

Author 1996freddie (14 days)
as its now 2015 shouldn't the other 19 asteroids have arrived by now?

Author TOPROLLER101 (1 month)
we are all still here thank god for that..

Author ThinkSpore .com (9 days)
It's been 2 years. . Where is our update

Author True Grit (28 days)
A rock randomly lands on Earth, it could have hit anywhere, and no one is
killed. Yeah, to me, it does seem like the world is over populated. DAMN!

Author andythrust1 (1 month)
Nibiru.....Nibirwho? Well... we're all waiting.

Author Piotr Zalewski (1 month)

Author David Belovd (13 days)
High, Im Back LOL. my other comp got taken from me while this one was
being worked on 900 viruses combined with malware. WOW:) I know why kinda.
:) Hi I Love You all.:) even the evil, I Pray You Find God. Something big
is going to go down soon. Lots of different stuff.
Take Care and God Bless. Check out the D.u.m.b.s...! and the book or
Revalation. Im going to get a new mouse now. ttYUUULater.:) They will hide
in the mountains underground and cry to have the rocks fall upon them to
hide them from the one who sits on the Throne. MY LOVE...!!!

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