8-9-2013 A NASA whistleblower has come forward to reveal that the real reason behind the closing of over 20 US Embassies this past week, is due to a collection of nearly 20 asteroids currently heading for earth. The sudden emergence of FEMA attempting to by up food supplies also rings alarm bells throughout the world community.


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Author joanne nilsson (7 hours)
That "asteroid" was hit twice before landing. I say hit cos if it broke up
their would of been 3tails. This asteroid thing is going to be a cover up
for something else that of course we will not be told fully about.
Depopulation IS on the agenda, too many articles have been done for ALL of
them to be lies or set ups.

Author DL_000 (19 hours)
give me a break. A second sun???? The nearest star is still light years
away. Eventually the Milky Way will indeed cross with Andromona but were
talking millions and millions of years.

Author Steve Sawyer (1 day)
The two most important things to know about all this: 1) People are always
predicting bad shit will happen, and that particular shit never does
happen. 2) The only bad shit that actually does happen is the shit no one
saw coming.

Author PvtMadnage (1 day)
Real and straight

Author Richard Kovacs (4 days)
The biggest countrys have missile-defence-systems for millions of dollar to
watch and detecting other countrys missiles but they can not see a astroid
at this size. This makes me sick to my stumac. The world is suffering but
still the leaders are putting money on oil, wepons and other self
destructive things that going to be our own downfall. Keep up the good

Author bones22j (7 days)
Let's get there already.

Author Chris Collins (11 days)
Your more likely to hear about a wardrobe malfunction from Madonna before
you hear about the next earth bound asteroid. The elite don't want you to

Author historynonexistent (14 days)
fools..these ideas aren't flawed just because it hasn't happened yet.. just
wait. no one can predict exactly when a natural disaster will happen, but
we can be sure that eventually it will happen, and clearly we are not ready
for global catastrophe.. obviously the elite will be, however. wake up

Author Wilbert Mallol (24 days)
It took two years to produce this effect on the super-holograph; Now, the
extra-terrestrials are armed with lethal weapons and will use deadly force
on the military! This is why the D.U.M.B. where built because father is on
his way and the coward military is planning to hide under the rocks. Boo
woo. You can not stop SATAN from getting to your where ever you hide..

Author Trace Wikes (24 days)
Ugh I can't make out the guys name. Patty Berson ? oooh got it. It
USArmy Natl. Guard 26th Divarty HHQ, Rehoboth, MA USArmy Reserve 117th/
P.S.C. 94th ARCOM New England Institute of Technology Hall Institute Of
Technology AIT Fort Bliss, USArmy

She has also worked for :
NASA, POLARIS, Lockheed Martin, spent 7 years in Military Missile
Communications and she also once worked for the national guard. Citrix
Migration Tech at Pacific Crossing Computer Deployment Tech at The Computer
Merchant Computer Road Tech at Sullivan & Cogliano Electro-mechanical
Assembly, Systems Assembly at New England Engineers & Dsgnr Installation
Team Leader at ATSI Communications Computer Tech at PC HELP SERVICES INC.

Author BC M (26 days)
Time is of the essence, we are out of time to prepare for this, but let me
waste some time babbling about nonsense. 

Author Brion Swanson (1 month)
Obama never threatened to close down the government, dumbass. As always, it
was the republicans.

Author shaarrky1 (1 month)
Yawn Next Please, I'm still here since 1970, still waiting, these are so
funny I only come to these sites because they cheer me up. 

Author fragtime2k9 (1 month)
hm k.... 

Author TrenchBoyGang TBGSHIT (1 month)
There's a bunch of propaganda on YouTube smh

Author Don Quarnstrom (29 days)
Idiot...billions are still here.

Author badwolf66 (1 month)
Are we dead yet?

Author Sfight23InsaneGaming (1 month)

Author Arthur Dale (1 month)
Bible punchers again :-(

Author Paul Ryan (1 month)
Revelation 8 ; 8 And the second angel sounded, and as it were a great
mountain burning with fire was cast into the sea: and the third part of the
sea became blood;
9 And the third part of the creatures which were in the sea, and had life,
died; and the third part of the ships were destroyed.10 And the third angel
sounded, and there fell a great star from heaven, burning as it were a
lamp, and it fell upon the third part of the rivers, and upon the fountains
of waters; Better believe these prophecies will happen in the very near
future, bible says so. 

Author Resty Baluyot (1 month)
Jesus is coming back. A soon as He finds Earth in His GPS (Galaxy Pointing

Author Eurisko Lontano (1 month)
"totally knowledgeable... " OOOOOOOOhhhh NOOOOOO Mr Bill!

Author Foo Fixers (2 days)
Nasty sound quality. Hard to listen to this. You should probably learn the
truth about some sound engineering and be kind to humanities hearing

Author David Kenmir (2 days)
April 2014 and we are all still here. Unless I am the only one left and
nobody told me.

Author macuss87 (1 day)
Ask any astronomer. If there was something as big as a sun and seven
planets comming into range of us EVERYONE would know about it for decades.
There is no possible way to hide something that enormous. It would be seen
by 100000 backyard astronomer decades ago. These scumbags in this video
are playing on ignorance. 

Author chuck cees (2 days)
If it happens it happens fuck all we can do about except Jesus in your
life's or burn in hell for eternity 

Author r7mart (2 days)
Bull crap. This person doesn't talk like the even finished high school. Get
a hobby.

Author free speech (5 days)
Besides, if this guy worked for NASA, no wonder were in trouble. This guy
escaped from the luny bin and isn't even smart enough to be a janitor.

Author Vernor G Smith (5 days)
The caves dugout that is on the video shown are underground distribution
centers. The 'rock' caves are in an underground limestone quarry. If these
'caves' are what you say, then this has been going on for a very long time.
ie. the limestone was and is being used to refurbish state and federal
buildings... including the Whitehouse in Washington, DC. BTW: the 'rays'
coming from the sun will be far more severe than you say. It will penetrate
into the rocks and mountains at a depth exceeding 2miles. There is no
hiding for the average earth inhabitant.

Author 007bennyblanco (6 days)

Author Kelsey Amell (10 days)
Once again.... an "imminent disaster" did not take place. After so many
times of shit like this being disproven, it blows my mind how people still
live their lives according to shit like this.

Author Salome de Beer (7 days)
Just shows us how little know..............

Author Morgan Kerr (15 days)
Oh fuck, I hope so, I'm so looking forward to the afterlife - just think -
no more government bullshit, taxes or O-Fuckin-Bama

Author Note Jet (15 days)
God people, don't believe every single thing you see. 

Author andrew pittman (12 days)
so this is niburu and what was the movie playing at 7:33

Author Londra Armstrong (16 days)
the bible was created n written by humans for its only sole purpose to
control people s mind ! people are soooo stuupppiddd !

Author Sam Field (17 days)
Sorry I don't know what you morons think but I'm a equal to any "god" you
worship. I have the capacity, like all humans, to be in a god like form. 

Author Sarah Taylor (13 days)
i know its true dont be scared trust in yourself and your intuition it will
save you and your soul the good in the universe will protect us

Author Barcelona Heart (13 days)
I am with Jeff LOL, we're still here.

Author wbramh (11 days)
I'm selling special tin foil hats for $100 apiece. They're guaranteed to
protect you from asteroids or your money back.

Author Dominic Lopez (23 days)
yeah because RT is a reliable news source? you're better off using
wikipedia for news. XO

Author Robert W (14 days)
is taking away our guns for the greater good then when ya pput it in this
perspective need an official effective hunting weapon though

Author Del Perry (1 month)
They couldn't even predict it coming into the atmosphere. Then she says
scientists say it was from a giant asteroid over 40,000 years old. 

Author Harvey Holloway (1 month)
It is amazing that those who sling this stuff never give us the
astronomical co-ordinates to look for ourselves. Anything that close would
be already visible to millions of amateur scopes and openly tearing our
solar system apart. If there is any truth provide us with the area of the
sky to look and do not give me the 2012 bull about it being behind the sun.
In BS scenarios it always is. If you are genuine bastions of truth post
it. Let us all look. Oh by the way I own three telescopes, and two pairs of
binoculars and am an amateur astronomer.

Author bkiism (17 days)
i stopped watching when i saw " god is in control of the universe"

Author Crowhillgal (1 month)
Hahaha! Still here! Doomsday bullshit!

Author Benjamin Vincent (23 days)
This is the most ridiculous thing I ever heard! When will you people stop
this insanity....Aughhhhhhhhhh

Author Cathy Jech (15 days)
ok its aprile 3rd da fuck dude this is a huge frickin lie

Author Sheikh Mahcoq (22 days)
We're all supposed to be dead aren't we?

Author Pat Mazeika (1 month)
whistleblower!! blowing whistles out her ass!! AGAIN!! no asteriod Again!! 

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