Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam Travel Video Guide I think the first thing that you notice about Ho Chi Minh City is the traffic, elbow to elbow, a constant drone of motorcycle motors and horns. In Saigon, I interviewed video artist, Tran Dan, asking him where he finds inspiration in such a bustling city.

Hồ Chí Minh (Sài Gòn), Hướng dẫn Du lịch Việt Nam Video

Tôi nghĩ rằng điều đầu tiên mà bạn thông báo về thành phố Hồ Chí Minh là giao thông, khuỷu tay đến khuỷu tay, một máy bay không người lái liên tục của động cơ xe gắn máy và sừng. Tại Sài Gòn, tôi phỏng vấn nghệ sĩ video, Trần Dan, yêu cầu ông, nơi ông tìm thấy cảm hứng trong một thành phố nhộn nhịp như vậy.

Translation - Vu Khac Hao
Music - *Discovery Sound loops
*Original composition by David Nicholson
*Le Tuan Hung and Dang Kim Hien

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Author (8 months)
#vietnam #travelvideo Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam Travel Video Guide

Author aznlalaland (3 years)
English translation please.

Author Kratina1000 (2 years)
Saigon on-call worldwide - I can't go as a government for now.

Author fezban555 (4 years)
I miss Viet-Nam so much!!! Very nice vidéo, I really enjoy it!

Author Đặng Đình Toàn (4 years)
I am living and working Ho Chi Minh City. I love people that live in HCMC
(Saigon), I love HCMC

Author Jeff M (3 years)
The artist guy, or subject of your focus, looks very gay. Is he?

Author Joshua Johnson (4 years)
this vid brings me back! My time in HCMC, teaching English and making
friends, was one of the high points in my life . Thanks for another
excellent video Mark.

Author aznlalaland (3 years)
@overlander Thank you.

Author JeromeLeong (3 years)
WOOWW!! That is a lot of bike @_@

Author Khone Sinh (2 years)
this look like not take in 2011??? it maybe taken in 2007?

Author LetticiaMellosz (3 years)
1997, uma garota chamada Lauren estava caminhando em uma floresta, e
de repente desapareceu, ninguém nunca encontrou-a até 2000, quando uma
outra menina chamada Maria encontrou o corpo e marcas em seu peito,
disseram: Não era bonita o suficiente "e, agora, você leu isso, ela
aparecerá em seu espelho dizendo que você não é bonito o suficiente e
matá-lo!(pela forma como o menina chamada Mary morreu pouco depois)
Para se salvar colar este para 5 outros vídeos é verdad

Author lacviet (3 years)
make that 8 million people now and growing more everyday!!

Author F. Powell (4 years)
In america,our fat asses would bike crash every five minutes.Thanx for

Author OS253 (4 years)
@ariespow: Looking at this video. Most people are using motorbikes and
cars. A decade ago, everyone was riding bicycles to work and school. Now,
they're becoming more dependent on foreign oil like the Americans. It's a
shame. Everyone is too lazy to ride their bicylces. So they're getting
fatter. I'm from Laos and I see this crap all the time.

Author FunnDash (3 years)
I really miss this place..

Author visualguerillaFILMs (3 years)
Really great video about Vietnam :) thanks for sharing!

Author Hoangan Nguyen (2 years)
wellcome to ho chi minh city , viet nam 2012

Author FuzzyScotsman (3 years)
Im heading off to Ho Chi Minh City on the begining of May, my first
vacation in nearly a decade. Im going through youtube trying to assimilate
as much as i can so i dont look like an idiot westerner lol. Learning a
little vietnamese so at least i can say thank you and order things and make
my way around the city. Cant wait to head over there, thanks for putting me
in the mood :)

Author (4 years)
@joshywashington thanks Josh, love what you are doing with matadortv.
Really nice to just browse it every now and then, and see what people are

Author loi nguyen (2 years)
i love you vietnam

Author Nguyễn Ngọc Mai (1 year)
great vid and ur voice very great

Author currentGypsy (4 years)
This is so awesome! Thank you so much <3

Author naciholidays (2 years)
2004 and 2012 .Vietnam now is very different from the past!

Author Nguyen Quang (3 years)
IN 2003---2007

Author mishu akter (1 year)
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address at I have found some incredibly inexpensive
deluxe hotels as well as flights. This could allow you to save cash on your
next vacation as well.

Author Tianna Cao (3 years)
I Like it there But TOO HOT!!!!!!!

Author 1tigerblood (3 years)
Saigon HMC must be a beautyful city

Author Tran Hien (3 years)
Video art is still too strange in Vietnam. But I think it's cool

Author 098mobsterful (3 years)
What a cleaver bike riders,this is interesting mark

Author Nguyen Pham (2 years)
@nhigin I know how you feel, I visited vietnam in 2010 but I'm anxious to
go again in october. you just feel at home when you're there

Author meherun nesa (1 year)
Hey, have you heard about "Travelsewhere" (google it)? I have found some
amazingly affordable deluxe hotels and even plane tickets. This could allow
you to save cash on your next vacation too.

Author (3 years)
@extravoltage1 does it matter? I really don't know......or care

Author gangvn123 (3 years)
this video is old, back in 1990s

Author oni yewbeam (3 years)
@extravoltage1 i'm sure that he is gay

Author Nguyễn Ngọc Mai (1 year)
it looks like u came from UK RIGHT ?

Author NomadicSamuel (3 years)
You really captured the essence of this city! When others, who haven´t been
asked to me to describe the place, I told them it was a sea of bikes & even
better was what Mom coined as Scooterville. I really love the capture you
did from the bike giving a very unique & interesting perspective of the
traffic. I actually made a small 5 part series myself (although massively
inferior) on the traffic in Saigon.

Author 히 니 (2 years)
i miss my home . . . :( i haven't been to vietnam ever since 2007 :( this
made me homesick.

Author Dan Traveling (4 years)
Nice Mark, what an awesome place

Author (2 years)
a it ok?

Author saigondj (4 years)
@joshywashington i've visited VN 3 times, and those were the 3 highest
points in my life. I plan to return one day to VN permanently and only go
to the US for vacations

Author asianventure (3 years)
chaos traffic but funny

Author mamaisonsaigon (3 years)
Greetings from Ma Maison Boutique Hotel, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Author cutenhuluvyou (3 years)
hey i am vietnamese but i live in Texas thumbs up please

Author FunnDash (3 years)
@gangvn123 Mine 2. dx

Author ibelieveintomorrow (3 years)
@fezban555 I'm so happy when foreign like Vietnam (^.^)

Author lahu vewa (3 years)
wow no helmet and very open

Author Megan Phox (2 years)
Hello! Who helps you with translation?

Author PrasaaraNa (3 years)
nice job, maybe someday my videos will be as good as yours

Author (4 years)
@dmccoig thanks Dan. I wanted to add a bit of voiceover that sounded like
song lyrics, pointless and inane. pop song simplicity - 'what the city
don't know, the city ain't missing'

Author De los Santos Thanya (3 years)
oohh :O !! :O .. .. very interesting .... bikes are widely used ... In my
country we use more trucks, but it would be a good idea to use them to
transport more rapidly = DD

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