Marvin Gaye and his Dad

Interview: Marvin Gaye sr., and Marvin Gaye

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Author David Richardson (3 months)
His father never wanted him to play sports. It was a torturing ritual. He
had to be home by 3pm after school everyday or face dire consequences. It
was fucked up though. It's a shame what he had to go through and masking
this with "memories" made his depression a lot worse. RIP.

Author soul2soul504 (7 days)
My God mental illness is real, I never knew Marvin Gaye father was a cross
dresser and preacher, until I saw this video. Smh

Author OldskolFan (1 month)
Who will play the father in the movie? How about Katt Williams?

Author M. HONEY (1 month)
A lot of babies were made because of his songs.....

Author La Tonya McDowell (4 days)
i never knew his father was gay, or ...??? i never knew, my parents didn't
mention that, but they did say that his father was very jealous, but now
that i'm grown i can see more than jealousy...

Author Abel Yinkwana (22 days)
that's what happen if you disobey your way to this earth our parents. had
he listened even today he would be still living, so his way to this earth
took him, sadly for us we have our differences but let us live for the Lord

Author Valerie McLain (4 months)
His dad looks a little queer!!

Author Shy (1 month)
Father was a cross dresser .. Marvin Gaye was so soft spoking and seemed
so sensitive. All he wanted was a father's love. No matter how old we are
we all want our parents love.. Unfortunately his dad couldn't give it to

Author moksy (2 months)
he looks like a gay ol kunt!! the father that is....fuckn cross dressing
hypocrite, preach the word by day and wear his wifes stockings by
night...hes an ugly lookn kunt...marvin was handsome

Author Robert Smith (2 months)
Marvin's father was jealous, simple as that. But Marvin handled it with
class up til the end...he'll always be a hero to me for that alone.

Author Floyd Pinkmann (2 months)
Poor Marvin this is heartbreaking, he has such sad eyes. You can see he
really loves his father

Author Wahnfried Duke (3 months)
Well he succeded in spite of the old man. Just think about how many people
never get it together because of their parents.

Author Thomas Leone (4 months)
Then the dad shoots him later, X_x fucker dad! 

Author Nini X (5 months)
Marvin Gaye was sexy as fuck!!!

Author MARYETTA SHABAZZ (7 months)
the dang thang. And did Marvin and many others give me courage to live mine
by my choices and respecting G-D's RULES. LOVE YOU SO MR. MARVIN GAYE

Author Gerald Collins (5 months)
you knuckleheads missed the point, he tried out for the Detroit Lions and
played college ball at E. Michigan, i'm impressed. stop the hate

Author knice1895 (7 months)
Marvin was ashamed of his cross dressing abusive father.

Author MoeSoNatural (8 months)
his father does look a lil fruit cakey... Ive never seen him as a younger
cat... but wow LOL

Author Cheryl Waldon (2 months)
that wig though

Author gfine2000 (7 months)
What a tragedy! Marvin was so tormented. His father didn't help, in fact
I think his father contributed to Marvin's torment and confusion about
life. How can you constantly preach about God yet cross dress like and
woman and do homosexual things. His father was very unstable.

Author TheIndigenous1 (10 months)
Marvin you still with us homie!!

Author Tanya (7 months)
Whats with the wig and all, he was obviously gay, and probably didnt think
anyone knew.

Author Tyisha Hudson (7 months)
His father talked real sweetylike wow he looked he could've been Prince

Author SouthSideLady Wright (10 months)
mmmm MarvinGaye so sexy in this video. His daddy creepy looking though ..

Author Oncomin Traffik (11 months)
That smile though.

Author Tanya (7 months)
I believe that his father was a DL man. Married to a woman, playing
preacher but probably messing with men. His father was abusive and
unfortunately Marvin could not move past that pain and move on with his
life. He like many was tortured by the past and his childhood, and
sometimes the result is death when you can't move on!

Author avoice77 (1 year)
Marvin was a marvelous talent who as an adult should not have felt the need
for approval from or connection with his *demented and pathetic* so-called
father who battered Marvin ruthlessly as a child (physically and
emotionally), causing him to be insecure as an adult.

Marvin Sr. was a cross dressing, self righteous, resentful, and abusive
*coward*. Any man who identifies with being in woman's clothes is a
homosexual at heart, even if they don't sleep with other men. And the
*sick* shame of him to be in self-righteous Bible toting denial, while
persecuting Marvin Jr. for singing sexual music.

Once Marvin Jr. grew up he should have broken all ties with his father who
was obviously jealous of him. Marvin's mother supported him and loved
him. If his father did not show love for him all through childhood he
should have responded likewise. This way the fight with his father and the
shooting would have never occurred.

Author Tova Carr (9 months)
His father was bought him on earth with beautiful voice but took him out?
IT SO TRAGEDY Rest in peace.

Author BlessedTruley (9 months)
Hell I woulda took drugs if I had a dad like that!!

Author Stacy Williams (10 months)
and to think his father shot him for taking up for his mom.

Author Maurice Ryan (10 months)
R.I.P. Marvin. As of this year will mark 30 yrs on April 1st of your tragic
loss thanks to your fruitcake pop. 

Author Ktaressa (6 months)
Marvin was fine! His dad.... my take...was trapped in the closet.

Author Tony Knight (11 months)
Killing his own son, Judgment is all I can say. He sounded so phony in
this video. R.I.P Marvin Gaye

Author Khufu AmenRa (11 months)
Creepy is a good word for his father and to think he was a preacher too. A
gay pastor named Gaye who may have actually been proud but also clearly
jealous of his son's success ........

Author morris hawkins (11 months)
the irony....

Author (7 months)
Is his father wearing a wig? He comes across as being a little off. And
he use to beat the mother too, right? It was very sad news to find out he
shot & killed Marvin.

Author Laurence Adams (7 months)
I was born and raised in DC...and my family settled in DC, back in the
early 40s, in NorthWest, where Marvin's family lived for many, many years.
My grandmother cleaned the house of the white family that gave Mr Gaye Sr,
the money to start his own church on U St,back in the late 50s. And it was
no secret to ANYONE who knew Marvin's family, that his father would "cross
dress" and walk up and down, 14th St, where the male and female hookers
were known to stroll. In the early 70s, the male hookers and cross dressers
took their "business" down to Logan Circle and the area surrounding it,
about 15 minutes South of where the Gayes, lived/worked in the U St
corridor/Shaw section of NorthWest..but Mr Gaye, stayed up there on 14th
St, where he stood out. And the reason he stood out, was because he never
really wore makeup, to hide his face..but he would wear wigs and dresses
and heels. The shame of it all, was him preaching on Sunday in his church
on U St, where right around the corner, on 14th St, he would be out late at
night and sometimes during the day, "on the stroll". Sad to say, this
wasn't much of a secret in DC. When my grandmother would talk about Mr Gaye
Sr and his family, I always got the impression that he was mentally
disturbed. I do think he was gay, but that isn't a mental health
issue....but his behavoir was so eccentric and crazy, nobody had doubts
about his mental sickness.

Author GantzIsSloppy (7 months)
No wonder he changed his name from gay to gaye lol

Author cincausa (1 year)
ice ice baby

Author Tracey Slater (10 months)
Just check out Mavin's defensive body language. He hates the man.

Author Henry Funes (1 year)

Author Michael C. Ashford (1 year)
On this day in 1984, a father shot his son and the music died...........

Author emeraldeyes (1 year)
Marvin loved his Dad with all his heart - but hated him to his soul. A true
conflicted love for a parent. Marvin was charismatic, a real man and deeply
musically gifted - and his father was jealous of him! I know Marvin
wouldn't want us to say bad things about his Dad but he was a demented man
who beat his son unmercifully - and that makes this video hard to watch -
also knowing that Marvin is sitting next to the man who would take his
life. RIP and love MARVIN-after 29 years still grieving!

Author Dante d (1 year)
Such a tragedy.

Author Levette Ford (1 year)
He wasn't convicted for the crime?

Author sumerluv404 (1 year)
It seems like all Marvin ever wanted was to please his father. But . . .
you can't live someone else's dreams. Thank God Marvin's mother was there
to support his dream to be a singer - SINGER, that seems like such an
understatement for what he gave us. I can't even imagine this world without
ever having heard this awe inspiring voice.. My heart felt my world stand
still when I heard that you were gone. RIIP.

Author 50hellkat2 (1 year)
Respectfully get you totally. And Marvin was on the receiving end of abuse
no doubt about it, however I think that his dad had some serious mental
health issues and expressed love in pathologically sick ways. Sad, sad,
sad.....I watched a documentary and Marvin and his father were interviewed
and you could see that Marvin was watching what he said and trying not to
shine too much in front of his father.

Author BellaLeonessa7 (2 years)
I wasn't judging. I was making a point about the video and the life of
Marvin Jr.

Author Brilliant Thebe (1 year)
if you only knew what marvin was about to do before his father shot him you
wouldnt be yapping that shit of yourzz

Author TheHappyHookerTV (1 year)
His dad did not accept who he is (he was a clandestine cross dresser and
preacher to boot, which creates a contradiction there) and he tried to hold
Marvin Gaye back in many ways, for instance the football thing. With
"parents" like that, you got to break bread with them and keep your
distance for your own sake, safety and security AND peace of mind!

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