Avatar vs Ozai

Avatar vs Ozai ultima batalla aang vs el señor del fuego ozai

Avatar vs Ozai last battle aand vs ozai
Para ver el ultimo capitulo entero y en español latino haz click en los siguientes enlaces:


To see the last episode complete follow the next link:

ATENCION:Solo en español latino
Only in Spanish language

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Runtime: 7:06
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yays linkin park-in the end linkin park-numb


Author Dillon Fields (1 year)
It's Korra not Cora you moron.

Author AangTheArtist (1 year) AVATAR RAPPIN

Author TheAssassin646 (1 year)
you've been on like every avatar related video lol.Btw nice amvs.

Author mundopivotwebs (1 year)
Dont know what is copyright????

Author Gilberto luiz da silva (1 year)
what is the name of all music???

Author kingdubby27 (1 year)
That's right, ozai just got raped by the avatar state!

Author K9R00Z (1 year)
guess you didn't look at the likes part

Author TheDUDERulez1 (1 year)
Why can't I just find the fucking fight withou some stupid music? I'm
serious; I'm getting really pissed off! I just want to listen to Mark
fucking Hamill deliver his lines. No money to buy DVDs and Netflix doesn't
own it anymore!

Author xXrAambOo7xX (1 year)

Author Sonia Black (1 year)
why don't you fuck yourself? you clearly don't know real music when you
hear it.

Author Linn8966 (1 year)
Yes, viacom allows some clips but not all. For example aang vs firelord, it
isn't on youtube and it never will be ....

Author Hipi Juárez (1 year)
Linkin park!!!! What i've done e In the end!!! Genial!!!

Author ♥AngelOfMoon06♥ (1 year)
My fav. Person from this show is kartara

Author ramiro balao (1 year)
que es lo que aparece en el minuto 6:10

Author Stefan Rosso (1 year)
The second one is called "In The End" from Linkin Park as well

Author pasindu silva (1 year)
anyone like use fire like these doing kasina meditation it's called thejo
kasina it's mean fire kasina...

Author Linn8966 (1 year)
,What I've done, and then ,In the end,

Author Poseidon Games (1 year)
Wow increíble le agarro la chiva al viejo

Author yilmer toro (11 months)
estado avatar es lo mejor

Author massup24 (1 year)
and second song Linkin Park - In the End

Author Blanca Luz Guido Rivera (1 year)
muy buena serie saludos a todos xb

Author Klet Strike (1 year)
Linkin Park - what i've done

Author R3AP3R115 (1 year)
Funny how angg knows 4 elements and ozi was kickin his ass with 1,i would
have liked angg to beat ozi without it,all that training for wat,just go
avatar state

Author Edilson Leme Carrille (1 year)
oi eu gostei muito do clipe mais preferia em portugues mais ta otimo do
mesmo geito

Author eduardo romero (1 year)
como se llama la cansion xD

Author TheGolermo (1 year)
At first I was amazed with the amount of dislikes, but then I heard the

Author Raimonda Jankauskienė (1 year)
I love this cartoon :-) 3

Author Linn8966 (1 year)
Are you retarded ? -.-

Author ikervicencio1 (1 year)
, mñn tlf Kohl al

Author massup24 (1 year)
Linkin Park - What I've done

Author Sageen Al Hob (1 year)
بليز ممكن تردد القناه بتاع الافاتار ولكم الشكر

Author Breezy Thomas (1 year)
What's the name of the 2nd song

Author Fatal Shoth (1 year)
es mi serie preferida es la mejor

Author daniel knight (1 year)
honestly no one cares what you think. if you dont like the music then dont
look for an amv or fucking turn off the sound,

Author SilentxKillerx5 . (1 year)
Omg can i find one that does not have fucking music? Shit

Author Shayanrozikamrans (1 year)
Amon can kick everyone's ass in the original series! Except Aang....

Author Linn8966 (1 year)
This is better than avatar music xP

Author TheGreatDecius (1 year)
Linkin park IS stupid, sorry. Frustrated trying to find the actual clip of

Author Linn8966 (1 year)
You can watch it on .watchcartoononline . om just type on google avatar
watchcartoononline :P

Author NOVA19981 (1 year)
How can dos be uploaded at 1970

Author Epidemic Pain (1 year)
Ya I really wish people would put up annoying uncreative amv's(if you can
even call it that,I rather just call it trash) or at least put amv on the

Author Florian Kremer (1 year)
What's song 1

Author ☢The Saint Seagull Milker☢ (1 year)
The legend of korra is still good however its just different in other ways

Author Nicholas Bachman (1 year)
Awesome video!

Author sebastian cajsinasco (1 year)
aguante el avatar

Author Amari Tate (1 year)
Thank you now whatz the names of these songs hmmmmmm....

Author Thiago Barduco (1 year)
não gostei amei

Author Linn8966 (1 year)
Ehm, yes ...

Author Amari Tate (1 year)
Thank u bro

Author Delta15038 (1 year)
No. Avatar was meant for its own music, not this garbage.

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