Naa 22 Magnum Ballistic Test

just doing a another naa 22 magnum with homemade ballistic gel (special thanks to mikedurland and jaceymg42 for their help)

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Author ely1camb (1 year)
WOw :) I would love to have one of these 22magnums place between my wallet
john wayne style

Author kingd3001 (2 years)
maybe so

Author BFR User Videos (2 years)
He said it was a full metal jacket round. There would be minimal
deformation. If it was a hollow point or a jacketed soft point that would
be different.

Author Doods Dayto (1 year)
thanks for this Vid, informative.

Author kingd3001 (3 years)
@harpoclarx thank you for watching and subbing

Author kingd3001 (2 years)
already did

Author VonSpyder (2 years)
Great vid. Alot of people underestimate the killing potential of any .22
caliber. whether it be shorts or mags. Its actually a very nasty round to
get shot with.

Author GoldVillage (2 years)
so this revolver can actually kill you? i didnt believe that

Author KirkDickinson (1 year)
Man, I hope there wasn't a kid in that playpen.

Author Green Power Farm (3 years)
@kingd3001 Thanks for replying so fast...I seen one brand new at a gun show
for $200

Author oneeyedpatriot (2 years)
Love it! I just got this gun but haven't shot it yet. The only difference
is that mine has a longer barrel and a folding handle with a pocket clip. I
just subscribed and would appreciated the same as I am fairly new to You
Tube. Keep the great videos coming!

Author Green Power Farm (3 years)
great video!! how much does a gun like that cost?...I want one!!..I have
some stuff I would trade it for???What do you want for it?

Author kingd3001 (3 years)
@london1817 no problem

Author kree (2 years)
I jus bought this exact gun the other day! Thanks for the vid!!!

Author lonliestdayofmylyfe (3 years)
How did you go about making the "Ballistics Gel" I'm curious as to how it's

Author Shantra Mulani (2 years)
make sure it's CCI cause i wouldn't trust the other brands

Author lonliestdayofmylyfe (3 years)
@kingd3001 Alright then, thanks!

Author kingd3001 (3 years)
@reysaint1 there are other video's here on youtube were testing on the new
hornday cd .22mag is done from what i have seen i'm not to impress

Author kingd3001 (3 years)
@tnafguy once i get some extra cash to blow i will invest in a chronograph

Author XXX (2 years)
Wouldn't there be less penetration then? With these little calibers I
believe penetration is preferred over expansion since these smaller
calibers don't have the kind of energy larger bullets do to expand to
larger projectiles.

Author kingd3001 (2 years)
@lutman59 first off it's my video i can say what ever comes to mind second
what's does it matter how I greet my views

Author kingd3001 (2 years)

Author TheRadace (2 years)
there would probably be deformation if it was out of a rifle because of the
great velocity difference. comming out of that 1 inch barrel it probably
wasnt traveling very fast.

Author Jsmooth7444 (2 years)
Thank you for testing this! We need more ballistic testing on these little
NAA's. Do you have a .22 short NAA you can do ballistic gel testing with by
any chance?

Author kingd3001 (2 years)
@chgofirefighter the thing is with such a short barrel the jhp ammo may not
reach each velocity to expand probably which why I would recommend fmj ammo

Author kingd3001 (3 years)
@london1817 sorry i have already sold this pistol i think it can be found
at most gun shop's for right around 250-300 dollars you never you might get
likely and found one used for cheap

Author BobPDXz (1 year)
Just picked one up. Good video.

Author thebeans380 (3 years)
Yes I like this one also.. thanks..

Author kingd3001 (3 years)
@PRSpl4yer well you to take into affect that this is just gel not the human
body which is constructed of bones, tissue, blood, etc....

Author Raven69Medic (1 year)
Everyone underestimates the power and cavitation of the .22 MAG. This round
WILL give an attacker a BAD DAY!

Author iloveyoutheletterU (1 year)
a .22 will bounce around your ribcage for a while saying "hello" to your
heart and kidneys

Author kingd3001 (2 years)
sorry to take so long to reply not yes it does help with accuracy

Author neonshoji (3 years)
Great video, yet again. I'm really digging your channel.

Author GunsNpolitics (2 years)
I have the same flashlight and pistol. I love them both. Nice video.

Author mememojo (2 years)
we are fragile things.

Author killerbydayornight (2 years)
i was wondering if a cci maxi mag hollow point would exspand and what
differance in penatration would occur,

Author kingd3001 (3 years)
@lonliestdayofmylyfe sorry for the slow reply there are video here on
youtube on how to make it

Author kree (2 years)
I jus bought that gun 2 days ago..GREAT VIDEO MAN..i appreciate it, thanks!

Author slateblk1 (1 year)
Nice. I shot one of these w/a 3"barrel the other day at a neighbor's house.
I'm thinking of one of these w/t 1" barrel for CC on my bicycle. The
penetration is impressive. The more I see 22 mags the more I like 'em.
Thanks for posting.

Author FilAirsofter89 (3 years)
hey kingd3001,why did you use a hollow point on your DE...your wasting it
you should just use FMJ?whats your opinion?

Author ThrowingSpoon (1 year)
I have that same flashlight!

Author bhubejr (2 years)
i was wondering if the grip on that pistol helps your accuracy compared to
the stock grip. Thanks

Author T Tribble (2 years)
Ever shot a jackrabbit with a 22wmag? It's a mess; much more dramatic than
anything a 22LR will do.

Author kingd3001 (2 years)
thanks this is buddy land

Author hopecamel (3 years)
in conclusion stay out of the way of a .22 i wish people gave it the credit
it deserves

Author MDPrepper (3 years)
I like the little mini-revolvers. I've got an NAA but just the 22lr not the
magnum. Nice vid. . .makes me want to try out the 22lr in a ballistic test.

Author Jake Thomas (1 year)
Love the nebo redline x)

Author moonshinegrrl (2 years)
Do you have a video of the NAA in 22lr by any chance? If not can you do
one? Thanks

Author kingd3001 (3 years)
@MDPrepper these are cool little BUG guns and great for deep holdout as

Author Delticola (2 years)
If FMJ goes 14 inches, I would say that JHP would expand within the first
few inches! Transferring even more energy to the mass shot! Yeah a 1 inch
barrel will reduce some of the velocity potential but not enough. I'm am
very impressed with this little back yard experiment and think even more
highly of my NAA 22mags

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