Black Ops 2 Zombies - Tranzit Easter Eggs Step 12 | Nav Card (Very Important)

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Author Austin Castillo (4 months)
I got the nav card on multiplayer once... I have no freaking idea what I
need it for

Author Micheal Cain (23 days)
and that account doesnt want to connect to xbox live i have t oget new pass
jk it does i just play outside now

Author Patrick Flaherty (2 months)
Its in custom games on easy when the table parts dont spawn. It has to be
on original in custom games.

Author Micheal Cain (23 days)
the moon rock table and other tower of bauble parts show up on multiplayer
i have done the tower of bauble easter egg on multi player if you dont
believe me im PiosonousBoss97 on xbox live check my black ops 2 achievments

Author Patrick Flaherty (2 months)
Tranzit nav card fits in die rise nav card reader.

Author playthebeatz45 (6 months)
That is a good video but what in the hell do we use the nav card for

Author Connor Gallaher (5 months)
The navcard is in original

Author alec kefgen (1 year)
lol thats a notepad.

Author TheIceCreamGuy (1 year)
A free virus gimme gimme

Author eyeballk86 (1 year)
Gave me a boner

Author UZIUZI10000 (1 year)
it will show up if you are in a public match...

Author GelatinosoJoe (1 year)
it's Nuketown

Author S0IVI3B0DY (1 year)
group 935, it was the group richtofen was in

Author adamdabest (1 year)
It's the map Nuketown XD

Author kotara23 (1 year)
what this card do?

Author ThrillaSkill (1 year)

Author iKnowYouSeeMeLooking (1 year)
You Couldnt Find The Navcard Because You Were In A Custom Game Neither Do
Any Of The Parts Appear In Custom So You Need To Do This Properly Thumbs Up
So He Sees

Author pinklips718 (1 year)
Tryin to get it done need ppl so send me a message this is my gamer tag

Author DJDSDSTORT2 (1 year)
i also got it in multiplayer

Author sloshy130 (1 year)
same happened to me...

Author Droppedclover (1 year)
really man? i understand everything ay. u musnt be aussie

Author blake henderson (1 year)
hey when you go back into select map when you leave that lobby @1:19 how
come you have two places you can select is it nuketown zombies

Author rshit7 (1 year)
Wats the use of this mac card n meteor rocks

Author Lydon Young (1 year)

Author XDBoogsterDX (1 year)

Author Jesus Tafolla (1 year)
Fuck Xbox

Author ImAgEgAnGsTeR (1 year)
I got 4 playes and everyone had the navcard but the machine said wrong
navcard. Help!

Author Peter Curatolo (11 months)
It works on custom

Author rickX018 (1 year)
Thats Nuketown bro

Author CQBSLITHERS (1 year)
ummmm i just got the navcard in not kidding, its in the
back area where he said he couldnt find it

Author 64crynet (1 year)
nuketown zombies are in the season pass.

Author Skillet7890 (1 year)
That's the Nuketown zombies survival map.

Author 2impossible2beet5782 (1 year)
The moon rock was taken by ur friend

Author dtbjjrb (1 year)
It's Nuketown Zombies.

Author DAISYMAYK123 (1 year)
You have to have it on original difficulty in multiplayer to do the tower
of babble

Author jimmy snort (1 year)
no that's extra

Author Koby H (1 year)
dude u have to be in original mode NOT easy

Author Bugz Money (1 year)
its nuketown

Author Fox With A Monocle (1 year)
I ALWAYS get nav card idk why

Author Raz Garbo (1 year)
I done the navcard today with my friends, its a hell of a surprise what
happens. Im not going to spoil it !

Author piercedmarine14 (1 year)
When in town, lay prone in front of the bus and you should be able to
insert it under the bus when it starts moving

Author Brice Salyers (1 year)
its nuketown

Author Khalid Jewell (1 year)
thats so stupid you cant get it n a private match with your friends?

Author EtheonyGames (1 year)

Author the anonymous (1 year)

Author Lyndon Barnes (1 year)
it would not let me pick up the moon rock why not?

Author gucci123267 (1 year)
Chuck norris is gay

Author Garrus Vakarian (1 year)
Why chuck...why

Author hunterkuz (1 year)
What is the song at the beginning?

Author marios GR (1 year)
what happens when you put navcard in computer ?

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