American Bulldog Attacks A Man!

Hehehe, Made you look...!

First of all, dont try this at home...!
I made the video to illustrate that you can play ruff wit' your dog, eventhough it is a Bulldog - or as some would call it, a fighting insane ticking bomb dog....

I'm just confirming with this video, that American Bulldogs are just as loving as any other dog...

Ps. American Bulldog, its the only REAL dog on the planet ;o)

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Author illogik1 (5 years)
awesome dog! i have a 12 week old female standard mostly scott but man is
she a handful gotta love em....I saw the previous question about your bully
...johnson or scott? the infamous question! lol..I would say scott honestly
the johnsons have a much smaller muzzle smush face kind of like your olde

Author ketya4u (4 years)
Awesome dog.... good work...

Author carnypimp . (3 years)
@Propfrwrd Mine likes to vomit I will keep trieng. Thanks for the info.

Author joselimai (4 years)
@bradpietro Thanks... I'm sorry to hear that, its a tough time when the
"leave" you... How old did he get?

Author asdfcris (5 years)
Hi, I was thinking about adopting an American Bulldog and I've been doing a
lot of research on them and they seem like awesome dogs, but is there
anything I should know before I get one that I might not know?

Author joselimai (3 years)
@666drummaboy666 I am sorry to hear that, I hope you are ok...

Author bradpietro (4 years)
@joselimai He had just turned 5 last Dec :(

Author joselimai (4 years)
@666drummaboy666 Okay, I just wrote the part about the sausages, because
its a good way of telling if the dog is sick when it refuses to eat a
sausage :o) But if he is starting to eat now, and gaining a little muscle
weight, then its good... About the brindle color, it doesnt necessarily
mean that he has pit in him, put pure breeds always have a white end on the
tale, and they are mostly 70% white colored fur, with spots or shades of
other colors.

Author joselimai (3 years)
@blackbloodvomitorium Thanks mann, he was a great dog, he really was -
loved him with all my heart, but unfortunenately he died a year ago...

Author Marcia Renteria (2 years)
I got 2 American bulldogs puppies 4 months old .. the male it's really
Heavy they Like to chew a lot ! And eats Like 20 pounds of food a week !
But they are incredibles pups!

Author joselimai (5 years)
Hello... My dog i half Bully and half Standard, his fathers lines are from
Johnson... But the rest I dont know that much about... Hmmm.... I dont
really know actually... But Johnson dogs are famous for beeing strong
dogs... And personally I would rather have a healthy dog that lives to be 8
years, than a less healthy that lives to be 10 years - If you know what I

Author smoAmericanBulldogs (4 years)
I am so sorry to hear you lost him. I lost my favorite AB a year ago this
month and I still cry over her!!! We have a litter of puppies though and
one looks like her, and has the same maybe we will not
sell her, but keep her with us!

Author joselimai (4 years)
Thank you :o) And yes he did, I loved him too... Sadly he has passed away
3-4 month ago :o(

Author Nekooskater38 (1 year)

Author bradpietro (4 years)
Sorry to hear about your dog... My dog Tank passed a few weeks ago I miss
him American Bulldogs are such great dogs.

Author smoAmericanBulldogs (4 years)
Jose, we have had them for 15 years, and our dogs (we have five now and
puppies) have NEVER started a fight. However, they will finish one if
another dog starts it. They are wonderful dogs and we would never own
another breed. Glad to see others that are breed ambassadors out there!

Author sirhcskoorb (4 years)
AB are the biggest pussies in the world until somebody grabs their human ;)
At that point your only hope is to try to taste as badly as possible.

Author joselimai (4 years)
Was that ironic, or? :o) Thanks, unfortunately he is dead, but he was a
great dog...

Author john jones (4 years)
awesome dog!

Author joselimai (5 years)
You got me on that one.... I think he is a Johnson dog, because he is out
of Fat Boy from something special kennel....

Author Marcia Renteria (2 years)
Jajajaja check out the tail .. He it's so happy .. Yes this pup will kill
you with so much fun and love!

Author carnypimp . (3 years)
@Propfrwrd I feed my American Bulldog Diamond Naturals. Have you tried
Royal Canine for Bulldogs? Is it better.

Author ldraheim (3 years)
Pretty dog. But what's up with the one pants leg rolled up?

Author smoAmericanBulldogs (4 years)
I have owned ABs for FIFTEEN YEARS. They are wonderful dogs. They do NOT
have a bad reputation, YET. Responsible breeders breed for good temperament
and quality, not quantity. We have had four generations, and still have
three of them on site. They are all great with kids, people...not so much
with cats, but they are friends with my pot belly pig and do not bother my
chickens! Good luck with your girl!

Author Dane Paul (4 years)
I have an American Bulldog and she is the smartest and easiest dog to train
I have ever owned. Although they can be aggressive (not vicous) and
protective, it is entirely up to the owner to train them. Most aggressive
behavior comes from lack of exercise and discipline. Continue to spread the

Author elwoodthebulldogman (2 years)
The bulldog I got as a rescue played rough with his young owner before he
went away to collge. He misses it because I just can't do it with him. This
is him in this silly video response

Author TRAT420 (5 years)
I bought my ab at 6 weeks. He is very healthy and very happy. Ive never had
any health problems whatsoever. He is 9 months old and weighs about 110 lbs.

Author joselimai (5 years)
But normally the price is 2.000 USD..

Author joselimai (5 years)
Thank you very much :o) I've just been showin him respect and love, and
he's been givin me nothing but the same in return... Do you have a vid of
your AB?

Author jennibell3 (5 years)
What a cute AB! You can tell he has a nice disposition. I have a girl
standard AB now about 1 year and I love her to death. This is the best
breed IMHO. Great guard dog but still sweet with the family and I can trust
her with my kids. I don't think you can beat them! To the person who is
thinking about getting one, they are great dogs but definitely need a
dominant owner. Thanks for posting the video!

Author ya hussain (3 years)
thats not the most DANGERest dog

Author Propfrwrd (3 years)
@carnypimp If he's puking, there's a really good chance he's allergic to
the food (could also be a parasite, gastro-intestinal issues, etc., etc.).
Might want to take him to a vet as well, but I would recommend the raw, as
it costs about the same as good commercial food. Good luck.

Author blackbloodvomitorium (3 years)
@joselimai aww man sorry to hear. My dogs like having a child, Ill be
devastated when he dies. Hope you get another if you havent already as he
seemed a happy dog.

Author ShannonCat (4 years)
LMAO..I have a 115 lb white ABD who is just a big luv..super friendly and
he smiles and wags his whole body when he meets people. I've gotten dirty
looks at the dog park and at the beach because of my evil attack dog. Yeah,
he couldl whack you to death with his tail or drown you with slobber I

Author joselimai (5 years)
I dont have any puppys at the moment...

Author LaDonna Priddy (2 years)
everytime i see an american buudog, it reminds me of chance from homewward
bound, the and pitbulls r such beautiful loving spoiled dogs :) lol

Author cardnell55 (5 years)
hello joselimai, is that dog a standard, scott, or johnson?? And which
bloodline has the highest life expectancy? (please write back)

Author cervantes773 (3 years)
Hahah never mess with an American bulldog!!! My American bulldog is one
crazy ass beast!!!!

Author Kr0tt (3 years)
@666drummaboy666 The perfect dog dot com

Author jeanny jeannys (2 years)
lol, great video!

Author carnypimp . (3 years)
American Bulldogs are the best Bulldogs of all Bulldog breeds!

Author imaraider43 (5 years)
Out of curiosity is that a scott or johnson AB

Author linzy2252 (3 years)
He reminds me of my American Bulldog. He is gorgeous! I am so sorry to hear
you lost him. :(

Author chihuahuabulldog (3 years)
I rescued an American Bulldog, colored much like this one, only brindle and
white. She was every bit as viscous as yours! LOL She was the sweetest and
most loving dog. She was so much fun to play with, except when we played
"soccer" with the ball (a small basketball), she ALWAYS kept it away from
me! I certainly love that big ole flop-eared baby!

Author morgzy08 (5 years)
hi i just bout ab he only 6weeks old and i love him so much hes a tiger
brindle and i cant wait for him 2 grow so i can take him for a walk and ur
dog is awsome

Author Stian Bare (4 years)
Norsk?? nice one!!!:)

Author 111baba11 (5 years)
Nice Dog - Funny too. How old? How many pounds?

Author joselimai (5 years)
*Hmmm... Johnsons also have the short stop on the nose, thats what makes
them the "ultimate" Bully type... Mine was a cross type, half bully half
standard, that is why he has the long stop and muscular body :o) But I
gotta say, its a shame how some bulldogs look like pigs, and its a shame
that the once so great english bulldog, is now nothing but a piece of fat
sleepin on the floor...

Author andykelly12345 (5 years)
haha gud vid,says alot,nice bull aswell!!

Author Shawn Wallace (1 year)
love this vid! american bulldogs are nothing like the shit ppl try to
crossbread and get there "pitbulls" love the dog dude..:)

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