Treating Beehives With Oxalic Acid Vapor

This is how I treat my beehives with Oxalic Acid vapor to kill Varroa and Trachea mites, I hope this is a help to anyone who wishes to try this method.

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Author Ben Little (2 years)
smoke rises , so does it actually circulate throughout the hive if you put
it on top? i have ordered an electric vaporizer but didn't get it yet, and
was wondering about introducing through the top, because i use all screened
bottom boards.

Author MySpiritlight (2 years)
@alastair1955 Thanks alastair, I appreciate your gracious response

Author Alastair Little (2 years)
Nice work. Simple to use and well explained.

Author onisuk (2 years)
You sound like Cleveland from family guy !!!!!! hahahaha

Author Exciteduser (2 years)

Author MySpiritlight (2 years)
@virginiawolf88 Thanks for the positive response, its very much appreciated.

Author MySpiritlight (2 years)
Ben, forgive me for not getting back to you in a timely manor, yes smoke
does rise however this is a vapor and it seems to work the same whether it
is applied through the top or the bottom of the hive, when applied through
the top as I demonstrated here I will shoot air into the 1/2 inch hole
after vaporization using a small plastic garden sprayer to help circulate
the vapors. I do not have screened bottom boards so I do not know how the
vapor is affected with these types of bottom boards.

Author MySpiritlight (2 years)
I would go with at least two, but I prefer doing three treatments starting
the first part of September, this way the hive will have a couple of
healthy brood cycles before winter gets here, this will make for stronger
winter bees. If you have not treated yet then the sooner the better, I wish
you the best.

Author MySpiritlight (2 years)
Thank you Exciteduser for your kind words.

Author Virginia Wolf (2 years)
Excellent Video!!!!!

Author Scott1844 (2 years)
Very useful video - thanks for taking time putting it together. If I
applied the oxalic acid in November when there was less brood would I need
one or two applications?

Author MySpiritlight (2 years)
Thank you Exciteduser, I am glad that you enjoyed it

Author clyde8drive (2 years)
Great tutorial, like that its inexpensive vs. the $150-200 they get for the
battery heated units. I can use this on my 3 hives for a minimal financial
outlay. Thanks for taking your gift and sharing with those who want to
learn. Where did you purchase the oxalic acid...are there better brands of

Author MySpiritlight (2 years)
clyde, thanks for the compliment, I am glad that you enjoyed it, You can
purchase Oxalic acid through ebay. 99.6 is the purist form that I am
familiar with. thanks again and take care.

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