STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN Solo ( Guitar Lesson 1 of 3 ) by BobbyCrispy

The greatest rock guitar solo of all time! Stairway to Heaven solo by Led Zeppelin. Guitar lesson with easy to follow step by step method with tabs in the video.
Part 2 of 3
Part 3 of 3

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Author BobbyCrispy (1 month)
My guitar lesson website, 450 videos with tabs:

Author Corey Coleman (14 days)
You messed up alot. 

Author gasbike100mpg (1 month)
Thanks for posting this and taking the time to do this.

Author Great Vocal Majority (2 months)
Bobby, thanks for all you do. This is great. I appreciate the effort you
put into these videos and they are way clearer to me than others I have
seen. I wish I could tell you exactly why yours seem to be better than the
others I've seen. Not sure. I am just better able to follow your playing
with the tabs. Please ignore the negativity. We need you out here, dude!
Rock on!

Author Henry_The_Nerd! (5 months)
out of time when you play the solo from the beginning, either that or its
my speakers.

Author Mark Davis (3 months)
BOBBOY BOBBOY BOY,You are not bad player but PLEASE learn some personality
You sound like a BORIng nomad in your lessons.

Author arthur8557 (3 months)
I bet all you negative posters aren't even slightly competent guitarist.
Bobby post these videos, for free, for guitarist to get a better knowledge
of how to play a song.
As for his version being "wrong", "off time" etc. Have any of you ever
heard Jimmy Page play this live? Lord have mercy did Page suck all 3 times
I saw Zep play.

Author Gogelmogels lv (3 months)
hey, sorry, but you can´t teach something if you can´t play it properly by
your own. it was totally out of rhythm..

Author Shutup & Play - Guitar Tutorials (8 months)
This is the deal, BC is a good guy, trying to help people with their guitar
playing. Keep up the good work bud!

Author supremepuffy (7 months)
Thanks BC for these great lessons. Despite what some may think executing
this solo as fluidly as Page takes quite a bit of work, and I have rarely
seen anyone play it at Page's level. 

Author unknownhoser (3 months)
To many critics, Bobby is a good teacher regardless what anyone says, he
takes the time to teach, what u do with his lessons is up to you. Great job
Bobby, keep it up, you have many fans that appreciate your work.... the
hell with the critics

Author Tony Axeaddict (4 months)
Hey Bob,I should monetize my cover of this which is the tightest I've seen
on the tube,but super thanks for the great,and extremely accurate Rainsong
lesson! Also glad to add to your monetary views I'll click on ad so your
get paid.These women on here can suck but if their foxy in P.W. America!
1million pw views !LOL! Spark a Krypty,Crispy!

Author weir cali (6 months)
So stop whining and don't try to "teach" something you have yet to learn

Author weir cali (6 months)
Regarding your plea for a cessation to the negative comments: You are
SILLY. You can't post a video that claims to teach the viewer how to play
a solo, and then say that you are showing how YOU play the solo, not how
the solo is played on the recording. That is like posting a video about
how to make cookies but then making a ham sandwich. If you cannot play it,
how do you have the balls to try to teach it?

Author 08scorchio (8 months)
Ok before anyone points it out i've already found Bobby's version of the
rain song!!

Author 1BalBal1 (8 months)
I appreciate your effort but your rhythm is non existent. you play bad.
that said people can use this in order to get a grip of what the solo is
about, but if they're completely new at this, they might copy your errors
and play very badly.

Author 08scorchio (8 months)
Hey Bobby, great content as usual, keep it up mate. Can you show how to
play the rain song?? In my opinion Easily one of Zep's Best!!

Author Meagan Ellis (2 years)
it's pretty good you should've done a full speed after as well to show how
it sounds after you got it like this though so helpful

Author Darkshero136 (2 years)
@ChaoticBrew I totally agree, thanks Bobby XD

Author thomas wingerath (2 years)
Very nice job Bob, can somewone give me a amp setting for Marshall MG 50 FX
for this solo?. Thank you and best regards from germany

Author hyperblizzard08 (1 year)
The guitar doesn't sound tuned or that could be you're not bending clean
enough. But thanks for the lesson...I was stuck on the bendy lick part....

Author Italiangamer (1 year)
what do you expect? You want to freaking jimmy page and nail the solo
exactly how it is played?

Author GDFang (2 years)
No sense of spelling at all...

Author Project fryday (2 years)
טםו דובל

Author Dunstance Luwat (11 months)

Author Jhonny Kshir (1 year)
No sense of originality at all

Author Mindy Suzanne (1 year)
It is a guitar lesson, not a performance. Don't be a hater.

Author Carl Beckmann (1 year)
im glad that we have lessons

Author kitarra13 (1 year)
Sorry, I meant Tom.....

Author cody thomas (1 year)
I don't get it he doesn't tell me how high to bend up he just says to bend
the string up wtf.

Author Bawa Bhai (2 years)
ur video is gr8 it will be asa hint to me for this solo people should not
compare u with jimmy page coz there is only one jimmy page in this whole

Author Avto Kochiashvili (2 years)
no offence, but u are so out of rhythm ....

Author guitar1104 (2 years)
no rhythm bro

Author Dwight Straehl (1 year)
I thank you for sharing your talent!

Author eko1624 (2 years)
the lesson is terrible

Author menjysmith1 (2 years)
i cant believe i am playing stairway to heaven right now!

Author GamesofBossness (1 year)
I have the white version of that guitar

Author Marko Kobali (1 year)
poor jimmy page

Author xxlinexmodxx (2 years)
thanks for making the vid but it was a bit hard to hear you clearly

Author y00no (1 year)
You know what would be cool, Bobby, and it would put you on top of this
whole business. It's if as you do the slow, "second fret, third string,
bla, bla" instead if you could just have a little highlight on the number
on the tabs that moves along with your play. I don't know how to do it
right now, but it seems like it could be done. Your videos would be better
than the new style of no narration and better than this monotonous drone
(sorry). You would be king of the world!

Author Alejandro García (1 year)
Come on, it's constructive criticism, just because they point out something
bad about the lesson they don't automatically become haters

Author gre rayson (1 year)
here is a good general rule, don't something is off unless you can do it

Author Chris Yi (2 years)
No sense of copying at all...

Author Luciano4774 (2 years)
Are you serious?

Author Anna Malakian (2 years)
MOTHER OF GOD! You're too fuckin good... I'll hang myself in my own
guitarstrings now... :D

Author GUMBY1942 (1 year)
got nothing but respect for this man you takes the time to teach this
lessons, fuck all the bad critics and the negative assholes who give this
man nothing but BS on some of the comments on here.

Author chrisplays (1 year)
Lmao... what rhythm are these people looking for? He is giving everyone the
notes for the solo, YOU go figure out the rhythm yourself. How far do i
bend the notes? Really? There is an answer in music theory, but bend it
until it sounds the way it should.

Author T J (1 year)
you are a turd.

Author solijoli123 (1 year)
Man that was just bad sorry

Author MrLankenStein (2 years)
The tabs were accurate,

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