How to DROP TUNE a Floyd Rose Trem System


If you're looking to Drop Tune - make sure to watch
'How to Tune your Floyd Rose' FIRST!!!

The sequece in which you tune your strings is the same for Standard & Drop Tuning. It's important that you understand how to do this properly, otherwise you'll be pulling your hair out!

Here is HOW TO TUNE your FLOYD ROSE guitar :

Then, watch :
How to DROP TUNE your Floyd Rose: (this video)

Rock ON!

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Author Tom Phillips (22 days)
Bro ur a douche. I followed al of this is messed my floyd up badly!!! I had
to end up wasting an hour returning it bk to hoe it was and oh yh easiest
way tgat took me 10 mins unlock locking nut de tune tighteen bk up wow
simple aa that!!!!!!!!!

Author someguy827 (1 month)
Ehh...I personally really wouldn't recommend this method unless you
actually know what you're doing. You can completely screw up your Floyd if
you do this wrong. I've been playing since I was 12 and at this point I
don't see any shame in taking your guitar to a tech to get proper strings
for really drop tuning put on your guitar, and having them do this for your
Floyd. I do this because they also can make sure that the attenuation of
your strings is proper. If too close to the neck, as you know, it'll buzz
like shit and de-tune, even with the locking tuners in place.

Author 2goXD (5 months)
Mister !
How do you mean ''allways tune it up, not down'' ?
If i have for example the standard tuning (E-6, A-5, D-4, G-3, B-2, E-1) -
with 6 being thickest string.... and now i want to drop them to D,G,C,F,A,D
Do i start with the 1st or the 6 th string... or maby mixed (1,3,2,4,5,6) ?
Thank you for making this video, it helped me a lot !

Author Cole444Train (4 months)
this is SO WRONG. do NOT follow this tutorial it will fuck up your floyd.
the most important part is that the bridge is parallel with the body, and
this "method" will make it horribly uneven.

Author GaryBloodyOak (1 day)
This is only for floating bridge Floyds, though. Any Floyd Rose (or other
tremolo) with a fixed bridge doesn't need the springs adjusted to achieve
an even bridge unless you go up in string gauges or tunings enough to pull
it off the body or block.

If you can't pull your bar up to raise the pitch, don't worry about that
part at all. Just unlock the neck and drop it with the tuners.

Author Alffi91 (12 days)
I Have Ibanez rg350 and it has edge III tall, does this video works my

Author likaner1 (19 days)
How much money would this have originally cost?

Author ferna2294 (1 month)
I don´t get it. What is the difference between this method and only using
the tuners?

I´ve got a strat and maybe there is something special with the floyds but I
don´t understand why are you going through this mess to drop tune.

Author Jacko (4 months)
So helpful, got my Syn gates special tuned up straight after watching this.

Author miles janes (6 months)
so i have to use an alan key everytime i wanna go into drop d

well getting a different guitar now

Author AmazingChris!! (8 months)
serious question: what happens if you drop tune like a regular guitar. and
is there a way to do something to the guitar that will let you tune like a
regular guitar?

Author Sevensky Gaming (5 months)
I'm done doing everything but whenever I tune the guitar in the back part
and then finishing it in the fine tuners, I just never tunes up. Whenever I
try to tune some strings, the other strings will become lower for some
reason. Fuck this is frustrating. 

Author Alexander Landreth (3 months)
I have a PRS SE Torero and for some reason it has 5 springs in the back.
I'm not a guitarist by any means, I just have this to demo work at home. I
had it intonated at GC from standard to Drop B and put some massive strings
on it lol. Unfortunately, I fucking hate it now and would like to put it
back up to Drop C without paying a tech to do it. Should I pop out a few of
the springs and try again? I have new strings that are thinner also, should
I just restring the whole thing and start over?

Any ideas would be great haha. I have no clue which direction to take this
thing and I'd prefer not to jack up this nice guitar.

Author MetallicA MegadetH (4 months)
Tone King, I have a quick question. before you locked down the locking nut,
did you tune the guitar to "whole-step down" or "drop-C".

Author Joseph Inthalangsy (4 months)
Can someone help me on tuning UP from eb to standard on a non floating
guitar? How am i supposed to adjust the springs? Does it change the truss
rod and action?

Author John Negri (4 months)
Tuning the low and high E with the screws and then using the Fine tuners
was a great help. I have always had to go back-and-forth and for some
reason never thought of that. I usually have ended up blocking them off?
but you can teach an old dog new tricks. The sound quality of your Videos
has gone from respectable to absolutely AMAZING! All of your hard work is
very much acknowledged and appreciated

Author peter2fles (15 days)
I never ever seen a floyd rose tuned and I never done one either but I did
follow this guide and I got it to tune to D standard. but to tune from the
back to get it in drop c made the springs in the back look horribly wrong
and instead of taking the risk of fucking it up cause I dont really know
what i was doing I stopped and left it in d standard. other than that this
guide worked for the most part. THe floyd is level too which really excited
me since this was the first time i ve tried to do this :)

Author Brandon Scales (7 months)
wow, dunno why but since i did the body tuning thing my divebombs sound
soooo much clearer, thanks a bunch for the video it really helped!

Author Seropetos917 (4 months)
I just bought that guitar yesterday

Author Andrafouskas (4 months)
how many cards do you put? One is not enough?

Author gunblazingmutant (8 months)
No matter what I do I can NOT get this freaking thing in tune and it's flat
out pissing me off. >.> I'll tune in the exact order that he says, and it
detunes the previous strings by two or three whole notes. I'm trying to
tune to drop C. I'll put my low E in C and the go to high E and b and tune
them to A and D and so on and so forth and my low E is all the way down to
A# or B. >.> I don't want to sell this guitar but it's pissing me off to
where I want to.

Author gedeonandras (5 months)
The floyd rose is not the best for drop tune, just if you want to play in
that tune always. Anyway, you should buy a "normal"electric guitar. And you
can play in one tune with floyd rose and more with the other. 

Author Griffin S (5 months)
Question: There was no mention at the end of the video if one should put
the "middle-spring" that may have had to have been taken out from the back,
back into the guitar, or would this completely throw off the tuning, as one
may expect. a pre-emptive thanks to TK or anyone else who knows the

Author Roy Ulman (5 months)
If I wanna tune if back to E standard, should i do it the same (tighten the
screws, block the FR, tune, loosen the screws) or vice-versa? (loosen the
screws, block the FR, tune, tighten the screws)...

Author georgenaruto1 (8 months)
ty tk very helpful video 

Author glenn willett (6 months)
Hello, I don't suppose you could tell me exactly where you bought this
guitar? I know it's a dean ml but that a sick looking one.

Author Lpedraja2002 (6 months)
Huh... he never showed if the tremolo was parallel with the body. I
thought that was very important.

Author David Espinoza (6 months)
@Amazingchris all you need to do is tighten or loosen the springs in the

Author secre marquez (6 months)
i hope you can help me.. i just want a drop d tunning you know ebgdad i´ve
got an ibanez rg5ex1 with edge lll and i have no idea how to do that.. can
you or any body please help me... thanks for your atention jeje

Author Colby Clark (6 months)
hey tone king. I like all your amp demos and now your drop tune video.
just bought my first Floyd rose guitar a couple days ago and this video
helped a lot. thanks

Author N.C. Wrath (6 months)
I have never had to do any of this to tune a floyd rose guitar and I have
retuned a lot of them. please ppl don't tune the guitar with the back claw
and only adjust it when the bridge isn't straight and in my experience
don't take a spring off bad things happen when you do (like not staying in
tune when you use the trem) just level out the fine tuners, loosen the nut,
tune the damn thing like a regular guitar and the last thing you should do
is make sure the bridge is straight once the guitar is in tune (if it isn't
you will have tuning problems when using the trem) if everything is good
after that lock it down and use the fine tuners if you need to 

Author Bill Horbul (7 months)
Thanks man! I Have been playing for years, but never quite figured out how
to setup a Floyd rose. It worked great!

Author Jared Remillard (8 months)
Thank you very much, been wanting to play a lot in drop c with my schector
hellraiser but never could because of the floyd rose.

Author Sean Lim (8 months)
I've put the stack on cards but the bridge still won't keep straight. Does
turning the strings on the back help to "retune" the strings back to the
original tuning and straighten the bridge out?

Author WhiteMagic (10 months)
Will a chromatic headstock tuner work for this?

Author Steve XanikaC (8 months)
omg it is fucking impossible to turn those screws on the back.

Author FarbE2Gaming (8 months)
How do you "streatch the strings" without bending them into an angle!

Author RightChange1 (9 months)
I have a JS1200 and a JS1000 - Both are pains in the ass to drop tune -
it's not worth the trouble. I have a Les Paul Custom and it take about10

Author Seth Mayo (9 months)
My Floyd is completely fucked up now...thanks man 

Author Jay Mac (9 months)
omg it's a pain to drop tune this >_<

Author SamoRobboX77 (9 months)
thanks for this vid, my band plays in drop C and i wanted to use my ibanez
but didn't know how to drop tune this helped a lot :D 

Author darksporewillkill (10 months)
I want that fucking lamp.

Author rich looper jr (10 months)
Hey how's it going I just bought a LTD 350FR And I'm wanting to change the
gauge of my strings to Dunlop heavy core 12's and tune down a whole step
Please advise
Rich Looper

Author hen san (10 months)
i thought it was called a tremolo bar!

Author Seth Mayo (9 months)
This guy is not very good at explaining things...

Author Sergiu Fratila (11 months)
MAN THANKS YOU MADE MY DAY WITH THIS.. now i think i'll play all day long

Author yousef griffin (1 year)
Totally worked thanks

Author 408nSkate (1 year)
dude i tried doing this and then again and then another time and every time
i get to the back tuninig part it fucks my guitar up.. im just trying to
drop my floyd to drop D and Now my bridge isnt flush anymore and sticks up
a bunch and i cant get it back to normal and yeah now im EXTREMELY
frustrated and I cant play until i go get it looked at and hopefuly fixed
but i def think you are doing a great job but unfrotunately this tutorial
kind of fucked me on playing tonight and Now im too stressed to want to
keep trying to fix it and im just gonna stop before i chuck this jackson
threw my window

Author Tyreek Murillo (7 months)
Why do all that when u can get an evh d tuna

Author Tim D. (1 year)
It's not flush with the body and therefore wrong, sorry mate.

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