How to DROP TUNE a Floyd Rose Trem System


If you're looking to Drop Tune - make sure to watch
'How to Tune your Floyd Rose' FIRST!!!

The sequece in which you tune your strings is the same for Standard & Drop Tuning. It's important that you understand how to do this properly, otherwise you'll be pulling your hair out!

Here is HOW TO TUNE your FLOYD ROSE guitar :

Then, watch :
How to DROP TUNE your Floyd Rose: (this video)

Rock ON!

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How to Tune a Floyd Rose Guitar
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Views: 16211
my cousins gay and didnt know how to tune his knew guitar so i made this video


Author B Scales Guitar (2 days)
wow, dunno why but since i did the body tuning thing my divebombs sound
soooo much clearer, thanks a bunch for the video it really helped!

Author AmazingChris!! (1 month)
serious question: what happens if you drop tune like a regular guitar. and
is there a way to do something to the guitar that will let you tune like a
regular guitar?

Author georgenaruto1 (1 month)
ty tk very helpful video 

Author WhiteMagic (3 months)
Will a chromatic headstock tuner work for this?

Author Jacob Stout (1 month)
2:55.. It's called a tremolo arm. the Floyd Rose is the actual tremolo

Author Jacob Stout (1 month)
nice Dean ML

Author darksporewillkill (2 months)
I want that fucking lamp.

Author Jay Mac (2 months)
omg it's a pain to drop tune this >_<

Author Jared Remillard (21 day)
Thank you very much, been wanting to play a lot in drop c with my schector
hellraiser but never could because of the floyd rose.

Author Sean Lim (23 days)
I've put the stack on cards but the bridge still won't keep straight. Does
turning the strings on the back help to "retune" the strings back to the
original tuning and straighten the bridge out?

Author Steve XanikaC (24 days)
omg it is fucking impossible to turn those screws on the back.

Author gunblazingmutant (1 month)
No matter what I do I can NOT get this freaking thing in tune and it's flat
out pissing me off. >.> I'll tune in the exact order that he says, and it
detunes the previous strings by two or three whole notes. I'm trying to
tune to drop C. I'll put my low E in C and the go to high E and b and tune
them to A and D and so on and so forth and my low E is all the way down to
A# or B. >.> I don't want to sell this guitar but it's pissing me off to
where I want to.

Author Sergiu Fratila (4 months)
MAN THANKS YOU MADE MY DAY WITH THIS.. now i think i'll play all day long

Author rich looper jr (2 months)
Hey how's it going I just bought a LTD 350FR And I'm wanting to change the
gauge of my strings to Dunlop heavy core 12's and tune down a whole step
Please advise
Rich Looper

Author Tim D. (5 months)
It's not flush with the body and therefore wrong, sorry mate.

Author Seth Mayo (2 months)
My Floyd is completely fucked up now...thanks man 

Author 408nSkate (4 months)
dude i tried doing this and then again and then another time and every time
i get to the back tuninig part it fucks my guitar up.. im just trying to
drop my floyd to drop D and Now my bridge isnt flush anymore and sticks up
a bunch and i cant get it back to normal and yeah now im EXTREMELY
frustrated and I cant play until i go get it looked at and hopefuly fixed
but i def think you are doing a great job but unfrotunately this tutorial
kind of fucked me on playing tonight and Now im too stressed to want to
keep trying to fix it and im just gonna stop before i chuck this jackson
threw my window

Author RightChange1 (1 month)
I have a JS1200 and a JS1000 - Both are pains in the ass to drop tune -
it's not worth the trouble. I have a Les Paul Custom and it take about10

Author yousef griffin (4 months)
Totally worked thanks

Author FarbE2Gaming (1 month)
How do you "streatch the strings" without bending them into an angle!

Author tkeza10 (4 months)
What if i'm at a gig a i'm playing in a standard e tuning,but i need to
tune quickly to drop d for the next song?is there a fast way to do that?

Author ReeceLiamAllsop (5 months)
I just did this to my ibby great video

Author SamoRobboX77 (2 months)
thanks for this vid, my band plays in drop C and i wanted to use my ibanez
but didn't know how to drop tune this helped a lot :D 

Author Seth Mayo (2 months)
This guy is not very good at explaining things...

Author Austin Epley (3 months)
does the bridge have to be level with the body after you drop tune it?

Author Tyreek Murillo (12 days)
Why do all that when u can get an evh d tuna

Author Yard Sale Dale (5 months)
Floyd Rose system is great, if you're going to buy one type of strings and
use 1 tuning, If not, invest in getting threaded coils installed and allen
head screws for the bridge spring adjustment.

Author AgentFour (4 months)
A D-tuna works too.

Author Joseph Domenic (6 months)

Author spyranteros (1 year)
For tuning stability, I brought my guitar to a setist dude who did it for
me :P

Author sava jeremic (11 months)
I tuned it to a C# standard tuning. Now i want to bring it back to standard
E,do i do the same when tuning it back to E?

Author Farah Lee (9 months)
What if i just wana do drop d? Would i still need to adjust all the strings
or could i just adjust the low E?

Author Alexander Johansen (8 months)
Yep did that and it seems to work just fine! :)

Author RecievingAshes (1 year)
Man, this is the best tutorial vid iv`e seen ! Thank u very much! i finally
managed to tune down my razorback to drop A! Hail the Tone King !! I also
subscribed !

Author Richard Spillers (8 months)
ernie ball cobalt 10/54

Author MetalStorm834 (8 months)
If I have 11-54 gauge strings is it okay for me to tune up to standard or
do I have to get different strings before I can tune up?

Author Mir Ubaid (1 year)
Floyd Rose means "Screws tight, Screws lose, Screws, Screws, Screws".
Basically you just screw your life with a Floyd Rose when it comes to
dropped and raised tunings :(

Author MegaBarger (11 months)
Is it ok if you dont tune from the back of the guitar? seems like more work
that goes into doing this, I just tune to whatever tuning i want and then
mess with the claw screws and continue to go back and forth until the
bridge is level, when its level I tune it once more and then lock down the
nut then use my fine tuners to tune it into perfect pitch. Is this an
alternate way of doing this or just the wrong way?

Author AxeRaptor (10 months)
Dammit 9 mins to retune a floyd..... guess i'll stick with fixed bridges.
Less hassle, more playing!

Author Isiah Drew (1 year)
Because it's a floating bridge. Tuning it like a regular guitar would case
the bridge to not work properly because every time you tune one string the
tension from that one stirng changes causing the whole bridge to move.
Therefore, it's easier to tune the way he showed it.

Author kjrody21 (9 months)
its ok i fixed the problem. It turns out you can keep in the middle spring
with the right string gauge. I dont blame you for thinking that you cant do
melodies in drop tuning because obviously you dont listen to any Melodic
Death Metal or Melodic Metalcore

Author jorge calzada (1 year)
He call the tremolo bar "the floyd" wtfk

Author dlouievel (1 year)
Hey just did this and its flush, I have no problems doing dives, but when I
pull on the whammy bar it seems a little tight, and I don't want to pull
too hard cause Idwanna break the string (dont want to chance it) any help
on looseing it? or is it just new strings? (B.C. Rich Warbeast T)

Author miatuneaphish (9 months)
Or get a detuner for it...

Author Fumfig (8 months)
As do Insomnium and several other similar Artists, I never stated it is a

Author ninjanaut1000 (1 year)

Author Crunchifyable2 (8 months)
You can, but its going to require a truss rod adjustment and the usual
adjustments if u have a floyd. That gauge is doable for standard (esp if
you have a strong or thick neck that can handle it without needing much
truss adjustment) but would be more comfortable in 1/2 step down.

Author weston guidero (1 year)
would this be the same if i wanted to tune down to C standard? 2 whole
steps down. and use a thicker string gauge? or would i have to do something
more to use thicker strings?

Author kjrody21 (7 months)
i put 74 guage strings and put it in drop E because why the fuck not :D

Author MIDEVILPOOP120 . (1 year)
Dime used 9's on Floods which is in C standard.

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