Cry Plays: Amnesia: Cry Oni

Made by Vyzor:

So Cry Oni. Yeah! This is quite interesting. Ao Oni, taken into Amnesia, given a make-over in terms of enemy look and well, there you have it!

I really hope Vyzor continues working on this. If you guys like his work, please tell him! I'm sure it'd give him a good motivation boost, yeah? Yeah!

Good job, chief!

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Author Laura Black (1 month)

Author VannerGypsyLover (3 days)
That ending tho! Roommate looking at me like "😰 hell wrong with you?"

Author Carlee Boulais (14 days)
Cry you crack me up XD

Author Dominique Asberry (15 days)
why is the quality only 240?

Author Michael Spooner (17 days)
u have the sining voice as a god dame angle oh and u were neaten XD XD

Author fullmoonwolf flame (21 day)
this is amazing

Author TheMoonshimmerz (24 days)
I love Cry's laugh xD

Author Emily Bright (24 days)
I have. Bad feeling about watching this.....

Author titanicdargon1912 (29 days)
love the laugh at 3:36

Author Wieke Wepepe (1 month)
...And this dude featuring with Boyinaband

Author Oh my GOSH (1 month)
the title means
cry monster

Author cherry misaki (1 month)
Up, down, up!

Cry sounded so adorable when he saw the pictures. 

Author Dusk Moon (1 month)
someone needs to make a cry candle

Author Puppylover (1 month)

Author Moraima Molina (1 month)
WTF W T M >3

Author daneil franklin (6 months)
cry, being killed by cry, wile talking about cry.

Author Apple Zap (1 month)
lol right when Cry started to sing with himself I synced up the
original video at the exact moment. It was glorious. 

Author Notorious Maro (4 months)
What was that at one of the windows at 0:01 ?

Author Jeff Kill (1 month)

Author Samara Pfleger (1 month)
3:38 that laugh 

Author Fionna T.V (1 month)

Author Kowareteiru Kokoro (1 month)
hahahahahahaand never cease to amaze me! love you cry! stay awesome!

Author fullmoonwolf flame (21 day)
cry is a amazing singer

Author Luke Tubbs (1 month)
cry, pewds, ctk, and cutiepie

Author Angel Ameri Jones (1 month)

Author Victoria Contreras (1 month)
I can't stop replaying the ending XD

Author Ghasp OfDeath (1 month)
cry needs to be an oni

Author Chelsea Randall (1 month)
God I wish I knew what he looked like his voice is orgasmic

Author Mercedes Torres (1 month)

Author Fieldmouse diesforMC (2 months)
that is scarier than the original ao oni

Author Bonnie Watanabe (2 months)
Cry's little sup guy thing is *so* cute!

Author TMNTMikeyLove (2 months)
Dat singing doe. XD

Author Damian Handy (2 months)
the first full cry vid I ever seen x)

Author Meulin Cherry (2 months)
evil laugh 3:37 ehe.....

Author NarNarChikki (2 months)
Hahaha, oh how embarrassing for you cry haha!! I just love that he joins
in, in the end XD bwahaha ♥

Author Chick EgginSon (5 months)
Cry by himself: Hmm... alright then... hm...

Author Kowareteiru Kokoro (1 month)
it's funny how he just laughs when the monster attack and scream or swear
like most people do haha!

Author Niko Artagnan (2 months)
Cry's laughter cures cancer.

Author yepitzmeBRI (2 months)
my life was just made, listening to cry singing, with himself at the end xD

Author Dana Yeo (2 months)
I laughed for 10 minutes straight after that singing.
Holy shit man. That was amazing.

Author Susan Luna (2 months)
why is ur voice so fabulas

Author blueberrykill (2 months)
I love it that he doesn't realize that the credit song was his Cry Files
until it's too late and then there's the: *"NO! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!"* And
the laughter after... He's like, "oh, I know this song!" and then..
... Huh.....
Happy birthday, Cry. 

Author DSonic Boom (2 months)
Cool! NEAT! XD

Author lillyfroo (2 months)
It's a giant... purple... Cry..... BEST. GAME. EVER.

Author stevie navarette (2 months)
Hahaha Cry starts singing with himself out of no where x3 

Author Angel PierceWithSirens (2 months)

Author Alissandra Kirkland (3 months)

Author MonkeyDLuffy840 (3 months)
The Sup Guy actually scared me a lot. 

Author crashomatic99 (6 months)
Cry:Its like a little candle.
Someone NEEDS to make that happen. Make a Cryaotic Candle. :D

Author Azusa Sanzenin (3 months)
I'm going to love my phone now! XD Oh how i love the rigtone for calls and
messages XD

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