Cry Plays: Amnesia: Cry Oni

Made by Vyzor:

So Cry Oni. Yeah! This is quite interesting. Ao Oni, taken into Amnesia, given a make-over in terms of enemy look and well, there you have it!

I really hope Vyzor continues working on this. If you guys like his work, please tell him! I'm sure it'd give him a good motivation boost, yeah? Yeah!

Good job, chief!

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Author SebbySabi Caro (5 months)
6:31 Best singing ever. I swear. Love it. 

Author Chick EgginSon (4 months)
Cry by himself: Hmm... alright then... hm...

Author VergilthePoet (7 months)
I subscribed after seeing this XD
On another note, Cry sounds a little drunk XD

Author Laura Black (4 days)

Author Jeff Kill (7 days)

Author Fionna T.V (11 days)

Author Meulin Cherry (1 month)
evil laugh 3:37 ehe.....

Author Alexandria DeLoach (3 months)
Cry's singing made my stomach hurt! XD

Author lillyfroo (1 month)
It's a giant... purple... Cry..... BEST. GAME. EVER.

Author Ahalaya (3 months)
I think everyone's day was better after this one...


Author Jen Death (5 months)
I love this episode

Author Emo Bunny (4 months)

This is frigging awesome
PS Cry has an amazing singing voice.

@ 6:31

Author scmeagol (4 months)
I'ts nice to see Cry so happy :D It's great when people express their
appreciation cause he deserves some flattering every once in a while

Author Rosie Solorio (4 months)
This. Made. My. Day.

Author Jax The Weirdo (8 months)
Now that I know the whole lyrics to his song, I sing along with him. lol.
heh heh heh.

Author nekoalysssama (7 months)

Author blueberrykill (1 month)
I love it that he doesn't realize that the credit song was his Cry Files
until it's too late and then there's the: *"NO! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!"* And
the laughter after... He's like, "oh, I know this song!" and then..
... Huh.....
Happy birthday, Cry. 

Author Nyuuuuuuuuuu (5 months)
That was awsome

Author TheUnfaithfulWanderer (6 months)
Cryception :O

Author Anni Mae (1 year)
This is the first video of Crys I ever saw. :3

Author Jax The Weirdo (8 months)
The ending was awesome. Made the whole game so much better. 

Author Ethan Trinh (4 months)
Its the original but better and in first person! And cry is playing it! Cry
--> (•-•)

Author crashomatic99 (5 months)
Cry:Its like a little candle.
Someone NEEDS to make that happen. Make a Cryaotic Candle. :D

Author TheMaskedNeko (7 months)
Duet with yourself XD haha

Author Notorious Maro (3 months)
What was that at one of the windows at 0:01 ?

Author rachel tatum (6 months)
lol u sound like a lil kid discovering the magic of rainbows or whatev.....

Author daneil franklin (5 months)
cry, being killed by cry, wile talking about cry.

Author Moraima Molina (1 day)
WTF W T M >3

Author Luke Tubbs (12 days)
cry, pewds, ctk, and cutiepie

Author Samara Pfleger (11 days)
3:38 that laugh 

Author Mary Ortiz (7 months)
*Saw cry doll* yay!!!!

Author Kowareteiru Kokoro (11 days)
hahahahahahaand never cease to amaze me! love you cry! stay awesome!

Author Ivy Vine (6 months)
I lost it completely ROFL

Author Hana Lawliet (4 months)
I LOVE THIS!!!!! (•-•) GO CRY!!!!

Author Susan Luna (1 month)
why is ur voice so fabulas

Author Tyler Ty (7 months)
I saw a bright purple Cry

Author Alissandra Kirkland (1 month)

Author Taylor Yamamoto (5 months)
xD dat ending! I luv how he joined in on the singing of himself! LOL!

Author Eric Shaffer (3 months)
Lol lol

Author Grim Reaper (4 months)
this golden

Author Tirikou1 (6 months)
This one really deserves my "like" :D

A french girl ^^

Author Sophie Caraballo (4 months)
LOLOLOL!!! Cry that's beautiful!!!!!

Author L00N101 (5 months)
Highlight of my day. XD

Author Mercedes Torres (23 days)

Author Dana Yeo (1 month)
I laughed for 10 minutes straight after that singing.
Holy shit man. That was amazing.

Author Hanna Tilton (4 months)
7:32 5 moment. in. internet. history. XD

Author Unoko Minimori (5 months)
best ..... ending ...... eva = w=

Author Smushy Blushy (7 months)

Author Cr8z4wolves (6 months)
Best outro ever!!! xDDD

Author Idiot'sInCosplay008 (8 months)
Amnesia and ao oni... you just made my day 

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