Cry Plays: Amnesia: Cry Oni

Made by Vyzor:

So Cry Oni. Yeah! This is quite interesting. Ao Oni, taken into Amnesia, given a make-over in terms of enemy look and well, there you have it!

I really hope Vyzor continues working on this. If you guys like his work, please tell him! I'm sure it'd give him a good motivation boost, yeah? Yeah!

Good job, chief!

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Author Laura Black (6 months)

Author blueberrykill (7 months)
I love it that he doesn't realize that the credit song was his Cry Files
until it's too late and then there's the: *"NO! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!"* And
the laughter after... He's like, "oh, I know this song!" and then..
... Huh.....
Happy birthday, Cry. 

Author Fionna T.V (6 months)

Author lillyfroo (7 months)
It's a giant... purple... Cry..... BEST. GAME. EVER.

Author Jeff Kill (6 months)

Author Chick EgginSon (10 months)
Cry by himself: Hmm... alright then... hm...

Author Alicia Hartley (26 days)
I want a Cry candle. And I want it now.

Author Hatsune Miku (2 months)
So many Crys!!!! XDDDD ((Also does anyone notice that the credits' letters
font is L's font from Death Note? :3))

Author Karen and Kelsey (17 days)
i died with laughter

Author Bibimbapski (17 days)
That is the cutest Cry Oni ever! I'll admit I jumped when it popped out of
nowhere but when I realized it was like a huge Cry mascot I thought it was
pretty fucking awesome. 

Author Namploy Phosungnoen (12 days)
I loved the cry pictures it really cry oni 

Author Bat Knight (1 month)
Lol when he went in the library I was like: "Cry! Cry! Find the key Cry!"

I watched Hetaoni so none of this came to a surprise for me

Author Mirashade (3 months)
I just realized how old this is WHAT THE HECK. Is this even before the
whole "sexy anime guy in a mask" personification became popular? All of the
fanart was supguy!

Author Shiro Neko (2 months)
BWAHAHAHA!!! *dies laughing* I can't I seriously can't~ this is too
funnyyy.. love that credit song cry~ kawaii desu! :3

Author GiaTheGenin (1 month)
Cry: Well my days better now!
Me: Me too now that I heard that song! :3
(replays credits)

Author Kaye Yeo (3 months)
This is too cute \(//∇//)\

Author Eferen Hernandez (14 days)
freakin hilarious

Author Cherry Lee (6 months)
Up, down, up!

Cry sounded so adorable when he saw the pictures. 

Author Jake Biehl (1 month)
7:32 he joins in with himself XD

Author Laurel Murphy (6 months)
that credit music made my stomach hurt from laughing XDD

Author Runner Rinse Berry (2 months)
I don't find Cry's voice attractive.
But I want him to read me stories while I got to bed. :(

Author Carlee Boulais (5 months)
Cry you crack me up XD

Author Dusk Moon (6 months)
someone needs to make a cry candle

Author VannerGypsyLover (5 months)
That ending tho! Roommate looking at me like "😰 hell wrong with you?"

Author daneil franklin (11 months)
cry, being killed by cry, wile talking about cry.

Author crashomatic99 (11 months)
Cry:Its like a little candle.
Someone NEEDS to make that happen. Make a Cryaotic Candle. :D

Author Tyler Snipes (4 months)
I loved that laugh 2:05 xD

Author CreepySilentOtaku (2 months)
I keep replaying the end xD

Author Lone Scholar (3 months)
:v This was amazing, I'm Crying because i can't stop laughing.

Author luvzdisturbed123 (2 months)
My day is now 500x better

Author Chelsea Randall (6 months)
God I wish I knew what he looked like his voice is orgasmic

Author TheMoonshimmerz (5 months)
I love Cry's laugh xD

Author Toxic Phoenix (2 months)
That was fantastic lmao

Author Alexandria DeLoach (7 months)
Cry's singing made my stomach hurt! XD

Author sashe grey (2 months)
he waddles! he just waddles!!?

Author jennifer cruz (3 months)
xDDD soo hilarious!! Added it to my favorites :3

Author Corin Kelley (4 months)
Lmao!!!!!! xD that outro tho ^u^ stunning!!!!! *dies on floor laughing* how
com i didn't c this sooner???

Author Nikole Destin (3 months)
Oh my God cry I love ur voice

Author Kylie Ash (4 months)
Cryception! Well Cry, how do you feel about running away from yourself? :)

Author Scarlett Acid (24 days)
1: Me Want Cry Candle DX 2: Love how he laughs when he pretty much commits

Author Ranay Angel (3 months)
that intro though XD

Author flufflepuff girl (28 days)

Author Lydia Harrington (1 month)
my power turned off a few seconds after the first jumpscare XD

Author sophia denise (4 months)
Cry you are monster doll.

Author Michael Spooner (5 months)
u have the sining voice as a god dame angle oh and u were neaten XD XD

Author TheMaidHatter (6 days)
lol This was genius

Author Emily Bright (5 months)
I have. Bad feeling about watching this.....

Author Meulin Cherry (7 months)
evil laugh 3:37 ehe.....

Author Wieke Wepepe (6 months)
...And this dude featuring with Boyinaband

Author Kowareteiru Kokoro (6 months)
it's funny how he just laughs when the monster attack and scream or swear
like most people do haha!

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