Laurel and Hardy Sing The Fresh Fish Blues

Please sign our petition at: - CLIP DESCRIPTION: Video created by Ross Owen - Follow me on twitter at: - Vocals by Oliver Hardy, Harmonica by Åke Berntsson, Guitars and Bass guitar by Peter Lake Music.

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Author Robert Helhowski (24 days)

Author Andrew Frazer (8 months)
Seriously well done.

Author igor lagler (2 years)
Ha Ha very nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author MetalMutant (4 months)
Now available on iTunes :)

Author anifou1 (4 months)

Author Paul Meakins (1 year)
*The Fresh Fish Blues*

*Laurel and Hardy*

This is real Blues ! ... ((°J°)) ......... 

Author mesu carza (3 years)
auahahaau grandeee

Author michealealn123 (3 years)
great hahaha

Author Chris O'Brien (3 years)
Oh, Ross...thank you so much. Everything old is new again!!

Author edlichanimation (5 years)
haha great fun with the boys :) wonderfull clip :)

Author elkriverharmonicas (4 years)
This is awesome!

Author artrock101 (4 years)

Author Mark W. Mullins (4 years)
These two comedian artists are still hillarious after many many years, Glad
that you put this online, to a song that matches their talent. I guess you
could say that they can come the nighest of getting NOTHING done of any two
persons you could name, but thats what makes their comedy so special, and
great. Once again, Thanks for the post

Author verityg1990 (3 years)
absolutely excellent. Partly with the help of the amazing voice of Oliver
Hardy, and just plain comedy genius of Stan Laurel :)

Author Bagpipe13 (4 years)
yeah baby.

Author SonofSkaro (5 years)
One of the best video's on YouTube!

Author ShawDAMAN (4 years)
HA! I always loved this scene from the beginning of "towed in a hole." :D
Putting the backing track behind was a stroke of genius. Well done =D

Author johnnyjolijt (5 years)

Author Anthony Vickers (4 years)
brill tho our well done...loved it ...well worth a few views jus for scenes
n timing...lip sync

Author mattlehec (4 years)
awesome i love it!!!!!!!!!!!

Author BearStar1 (5 years)
The Original " Blues Brothers " of the 30's

Author SHANTYBOATS (3 years)
Hi...This is one GREAT Blues song! Is "Fresh Fish Blues" the actual name of
the of the song? I've searched the Internet for it without any luck. Can
you please tell me where you got it? I would just love to have that song.
Thanks for posting this great vid. SHANTYBOATS

Author MajorStress (3 years)
What a mash !! Love it, absolutely love it !!!

Author dahoser44 (4 years)
ROTF... Made my day10**** Floyd Thank you Wolfgang for sharing this my

Author Ron van Hoof (2 years)
Heel leuk!

Author Christer Andersson (5 years)
He he Great!

Author Granulated (4 years)

Author oldrockfan19 (5 years)
I also heard this on FDU today. Thank you Keith Mulhare and the rest of the
Across the Tracks crew!

Author Robert Tolhurst (3 years)
Is anyone else waiting for Stan on the horn section? (the rag and bone man
just went past which made me think of this).

Author SebastianTBurn (6 years)
This is one of the very best things on Youtube! Excellent!

Author pulsar46 (2 years)

Author zrxal (5 years)
brilliant well done Al

Author muzik masta (4 years)
this is class!

Author kryse1000 (2 years)
big thanks ;) brilliant

Author Dobrita Almasi (5 years)
Oh ...this is wonderful....Thanks so much to shared,my friend!!!

Author allshookup77 (6 years)
Excellent production! Hilarious... I enjoyed it very much... FrAnK (5*****)

Author mr.big (5 years)
more proof, they were YEARS ahead of their time!

Author GRANT EDWARDS (3 years)
absolutley brilliant, who could not like this

Author Jimmy Cross (5 years)
Thats just made my birthday complete bro :-) quality

Author Allen Deraney (5 years)
I knew he was an excellent singer, but I never dreamed Ollie could wail dem
blues so well. Great harp solos too! lol Can't wait to show this to the
rest of The Sons of the Desert. Voodoo - Flying Deuces of Northern New
Jersey - Oasis #8

Author verityg1990 (4 years)
really clever and funny as well! Love Ollie's face at 0:21

Author daveboy44 (3 years)
Absolutely brilliant!

Author lindapaintergirl (3 years)
Love this!!!! Thank you so much!

Author gary woof (2 years)

Author WSenator1 (4 years)
Very creative! I enjoyed it. Thanx!

Author ryan brown (3 years)
now this is exactly the kind of thing autotune SHOULD be used for.

Author borinotambe (2 years)
Very nice :-)

Author vanwijkmarnix (5 years)

Author roadsweeper69 (3 years)
These fellas live on

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