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Author Reeko Future (1 month)
a true inspiration

Author Bramari SwagKilla Bieber-Horan (7 months)
This video really touched my heart and opened my eyes more. I'm sitting
here crying and all. Mariah , I just wanna say that you are so strong and
you've just inspired me so much. You are a true Angel and gift from God.
Thank you for sharing with me your life story but most importantly, thank
you for surviving. You changed my life. And when I DO pursue my dreams and
at awards u will be most defiantly be one of the ppl I thank. I love you so
much , thank you💚

Author Heaven Griffin (7 months)
your Inspiring And AMAZING ! This So Just Touched My Heart And Thank You So

Author LivinLovelyTina (7 months)
God bless you! Thank you for sharing your story. Amazing and awesome
message !

Author Naomi Aggun (8 months)
You are so inspiring. This made me cry, not just because of your story..
But you are a gorgeous and lovely person, inside and outside, and you have
this positive energy that makes me want to enjoy life. I hope you read this
because you need to know how blessed you are to be who you are today with
that gorgeous voice and personality. I love everything about you. XO from
The Netherlands:)

Author Bramari SwagKilla Bieber-Horan (7 months)
God put u in his world for a purpose , and no cancer is gonna take you

Author marquez brown (8 months)
Quez from vine i never would have known. your story has empowered me ! Im
sitting here in my bed crying because i realize that sometimes i do take
life for granted but you absolutely right you have to live your life like
its your last day on earth. I will always love you thank you for sharing
your story. 

Author DanielRivasMusic (8 months)
I'm watching this, and I'm thinking-"I am so blessed to know this
incredibly strong, beautifully gifted and wonderfully kind young lady!".
You're amazing, and I'm touched that you shared your story. I'm so grateful
we're singing buddies on Vine, and I always look forward to them daily!
Thank you again for sharing and being so honest. Your pal from
Houston-Daniel Rivas

Author xMookie1x (11 months)
Wow baby girl! U made me tear up! I've been wondering what type of cancer
you've overcome by seeing ur vines, and this right here, is definition of
being strong. You go girl. God did it for u! He's the light through the
tunnel and he pushed u through that dark tunnel in ur life and I'm glad
that you've been blessed to tell ppl your story. Much love baby girl and
stay strong, forever and always. God loves u and he lives IN you. Muah!
Besos xoxo

Author KaylaVlogs (11 months)
I have leukemia also and its been one of my toughest challenges in my life
The worst pain iv had were leg pains. i couldn't walk for like a month.
Still got two more years but i know ill get through it and oh yeah the pegs
hurt so much! 

Author Jihad Powell (4 years)
motivational . bless u ma

Author Hunterhunkapoo28 (2 years)
You are such an amazing and beautiful person! God bless:)

Author Suzanne Whitted (2 years)
my nephew, Taylor Davis is going through the process of it now. He is now
on the Methotrexate , I will be back to visit him today, he is sleeping a
lot now. thanks for your real uncut story. Unrehearsed and Real is always
the best.

Author 2412raj (3 years)
I think that you are a very brave gurl and keep it up . GOD BLESS....

Author Xocheerkrazii143 (4 years)
thank you so much for sharing...i'm so glad i ran across this video.
definitely life changing! you're very gifted and blessed. thank you again!

Author Kayla E (4 years)
You are truly a strong person! Thank you for sharing your story.. this
video has really touched me and brought tears to my eyes.. I am so happy
your getting better. this experience has really seem to make you a humble
person ... My Aunt has terminal cancer its really taking over her body (
blood, bones, liver, and brain) and the doctors have only given here 3-6
months to live. Again, thanks for sharing your story ! When you said
university hospital.. is that the one in philly?

Author Dora Johnson (1 year)
Wonderful message u are living testimony thank u Jesus u made it luv u ;))

Author NoBS RepReviews (1 year)

Author beliber4life1 (3 years)
my sister has the exact same type of cancer as you do. she just went into
maintence a week ago. it is hard even for a sister watching a person go
through it i can only imagine what it feels like to go through it. i made
sure i spent every last minute with my sister because i didnt know if she
would wake up the next day

Author BraindeadPotato (2 years)
Uhm... how about getting help?

Author remarkablethoughts (4 years)
I have so much respect for you God bless you

Author tashonnabrown (4 years)
I shared a tear :( I just want you 2 kno that i ask god everynight 2 help
you get better! I am so happy u made it threw all that!!

Author GLADYS LETIZIA (1 year)
Hey my name gladys. I'm a little older than u 24 I' cried looking at this
video. Because most video doesn't tell the real cut of how coping with
leukemia. I have it too. And I'm just starting :(

Author Pcsc1008 (2 years)
She did not rip my ear THANK GOD!

Author luekemiaawarness (2 years)
its also hard for family members, for example, my grandmother was diagnosed
with leukemia on June 8, 2012 and life just keeps getting harder and harder
then it accually is, if you want the details, its ok, just ask because
there is so much more to say that cant all be explained in one comment.

Author Pcsc1008 (2 years)
I totally agree with you about that life is not easy. I am treated like a
Chinese Cinderella. Today my mother ripped the earring out of my left ear.

Author Pcsc1008 (2 years)
Nobody listens to me anyway. Nobody likes me eccept of few select people.

Author Lillian Goh (4 years)
OMG this made me cry. You are in my prayers, your amazing.

Author Singermrose (2 years)
i will not come out of my character but after seeing this that is all you
got from it ? That is called ignorance ... but i wish the best for you and
hope karma doesnt bite you on the ass !!! and i speak english fine and
before you judge someone you should look at yourself , look how dumb you
just made yourself look ! ive made it farther in life then you ever will
... God Bless

Author 22craftgurl (3 years)
I had the same thing when i was little this is my 7th year in remission so
i can totally relate to u

Author Singermrose (3 years)
@KlassicMaster thank you <3

Author Mike Kalombo (3 years)
Im glad you telling your story. People need to hear this. You have a God
given talent

Author MrQJDub (3 years)
I can relate to you so much. I know what you went through, I've been there.
God Bless you. Thank you for choosing my video as your response.

Author Singermrose (2 years)
you shouldnt have to deal with that honey.. there is always a way around
situations like those ... i just hope that your better now ...

Author Shaina Collins (1 year)
Aww this made me cry. Your a beautiful and strong individual and I love you
so much! (:

Author HelloSlimKitty (2 years)
God Bless You! I don't even know you and I have so much love for you!!

Author Singermrose (2 years)
Really ? ignorance ....

Author Princezz Samantha (1 year)
Thank you so much for making this video. Your story has truly inspired me
to enjoy life and not worry about the little things. Watching this made me
cry but i'm so happy you beat cancer and shared your story with us. God
bless :)<3

Author bigbaby2786 (2 years)
You are so brave & god bless you...3

Author Emily Lewis (2 years)

Author s37d (1 year)
thanks for this vid, im currently having some serious symptoms and am in
the process of testing for cancer

Author sharinda1 (3 years)
this touching you should become a motivational speaker and reach out to the
yoith they would probably listen God bless u and i am happy i can become ur
friend cuz we just meet yesterday

Author luekemiaawarness (2 years)
but all stories are equally important to my grandmothers

Author Pcsc1008 (2 years)
I mean I am bullied all the time

Author quantumzgotmm (1 year)
I love you so much! You are an inspiration to say the least.. God Bless
you! You are beautiful and sexy! You've given me new hope

Author princessvanessa56 (4 years)
There are always going to be things in life to knock you down or make you
fall, if you fall just know that it's not that you fell but that you got
back up. Don't ever give up on yourself let them haters do that, you just
believe that whatever comes upon you it's not to much for you to bear
though times may be hard. You have a gift that many people would love to
have and you have a story that your kind enough to share so don't hold back
so us what you got.... And thanks for sharing your story I

Author Kylah Broughton (4 years)
love you Mariah, anytime you can give me a call, I've always been here for
you even though I didn't get to visit you as much as I wanted to.

Author Higueyana1130 (3 years)
Sweety God bless u... Hold on to him he's real and he will help u. Dios te
bendiga mucho.

Author margie sanchez (1 year)
im so proud of u girl ur beautiful and thaks for the video..

Author 08ksm08 (4 years)

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