*HAIRDRENALIN* HEY VAL... Where's My 3+ Inches In 7 Weeks?????

Potion Myths: 1. 6 inches in 4 weeks 2. Cayenne is not safe 3. Potion makes your hair fall out 4. You HAVE to feel a tingle for it to work 5. Potion should go on your hair 6. Potion = Drama 7. Prices have gone up... AGAIN!

Potion Truths: 1. Grow hair 3x faster (than YOUR normal rate) 2. Homeopathy RAVES and PRAISES the use of cayenne pepper on the skin 3. Potion stops shedding - dead in its tracks (when used properly) 4. "Tingle smingle"... measure your growth with a tape measure, not a tingle 5. Potion is heavy & dense and it is HIGHLY recommended that you only use it (lightly) on your scalp 6. People = Drama so don't allow people to stop you from achieving the length you have always wanted 7. All prices NOW INCLUDE SHIPPING/TRACKING FEES... thats why it only "appears" to have gone up. In some cases, the price has been reduced by $2.00 a bottle


FYI - Check out the JULY customer appreciation sale. Get a bottle of Potion for 5 BUCKS :-)))

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Author Connie Payne (10 days)
New subscriber. Love your clarity. Love your spirit. Thanks!

Author nexxusish (1 month)
Hi Val, I want to know (1) should the castor oil be cold press ? and (2)
can I use Jamaican extra dark castor oil ?
(3) If You Make It Why Want You Say Where I Can Buy It, From You And HOW

Author nexxusish (1 month)
Hi Val, I want to know (1) should the castor oil be cold press ? and (2)
can I use Jamaican extra dark castor oil ?
(3) If You Make It Why Want You Say Where I Can Buy It, From You And HOW

Author OhValerieMonCherie (3 years)
@xkck123 Well said :-)))

Author smo0chi3 (3 years)
does the potion make you lose some of your curl pattern?

Author FayeHowardTV (3 years)
Hi there! I used potion for 2.5 weeks with GHE every now and then and
massages. I got an inch of growth in that period (I'm a fast grower
naturally) and it grew in REALLY thick. I'm grateful for that. I took great
care of my but experienced a LOT of shedding. What would you suggest?

Author Tatum Porsha (3 years)
Valerie, I'm ordering my two bottles before the sale ends today, Thanking
you in advance! Can't wait to see the results :)

Author MizzDee30 (3 years)
hey val i am glad u made potion. i have seen results since i have been
using potion and i hope u got it patent so know one takes it from u by the
thing u r saying in your video that people say they invented it. GOD bless
you and continue u to strive in healthy hair grow. and just know people r
mad cause u thought of it first.

Author benita pickens (3 years)
can you use the potion on relaxed hair?

Author Shani J (3 years)
I can't wait to try it! Mine is on the way! How long does the shipping
take? I didn't see that when I ordered.

Author LuvBoss1 (3 years)
@xkck123 How much MSM do you take. I think i currently take 2000 mg and was
wondering if that was enough.

Author TheJPLGoodReport (3 years)
Many people may be allergic to sulfer. There are many people who cannot use
sulfer. If they are having adverse reactions then they must be sulfer
sensitive. HANDS DOWN: Just follow your receipe or purchase Potion from
your company. I don't understand why that is so hard to understand. Thank
you for your Potion!

Author OhValerieMonCherie (3 years)
@Lik3Cinnamon That was just an example. Normally I do grow around 1/4
inches per month and I did achieve 3 inches in 7 weeks. The example of 1
inches per month was merely that... an example. Some people will get 1 inch
some may get 2+ in one month or more it is all on an individual basis.
Bottom line: Potion aids in expediting your growth.

Author Kamari Christopher Watson (3 years)
@OhValerieMonCherie Thanks Val

Author ThreeSixteen (3 years)
Going on the example you used, if your hair grows 1/4 of an inch per month
and you claim that with Potion you can grow up to an inch per month, how
did you manage to grow 3 inches in 7 weeks? I'm confused.

Author OhValerieMonCherie (3 years)
@kikicouture10 Awww... YOUR HAIR IS FABULOUS!!!!! No, I mean.... it is a
head of mane that many women are striving to achieve. I see the difference
and I think 99% of people see the difference as well. I am learning to take
the bad with the good because the bad is NEVER going to go away. However I
am sure that as in my case, the good far out numbers the bad! Keep your
focus on why these HHJ were started... to ENCOURAGE :-)))

Author OhValerieMonCherie (3 years)
@CrayonBoxShorty Well... maybe people just aren't fully informed. Thats why
I encourage everyone to be self-informative. **NOW ENROLLING** Google
University. Earn your degree in ANYTHING with a simple search! LOL... thats
a stretch but one can learn a lot from Google!

Author OhValerieMonCherie (3 years)
@myzleelee Well, actually she honestly thought it would be okay because she
said we put it on our skin anyway. BTW I know she doesn't mind me
referencing her actions because I asked her permission first (without using
her name of coarse... lol).

Author TheIntrovert83 (3 years)
People need to be patient and use protective styles & like you said, use
your product faithfully. Come on get it together people! lol

Author LovinMeReally (3 years)
your earrings are so cute!

Author OhValerieMonCherie (3 years)
@jadadavis93 Yes true but this video was kinda by request so I think this
will be the last one on the subject :-))

Author OhValerieMonCherie (3 years)
@AnnNoire YES ORGANIC... lol.... and I will scream if from the mountain
tops! When someone makes their own Potion from scratch and selects all of
their own organic ingredients then they are 100% assured that their product
is organic :-)))

Author Ann Noire (3 years)
True, fragrances can cause irritation. Careful with the "organic" claims,
unless they are certified if you're taking on the food labeling claims. All
natural does not equal organic.

Author OhValerieMonCherie (3 years)
@LovinMeReally Thank you :-)))

Author Xaviara Kendrix (3 years)
One more tip: The Greenhouse Effect for hair, mixed with potion is also a
great way to achieve growth....along with massaging before that method :)
Happy Hair growth peeps....(wanna know more about under youtube)

Author crissy pooh (3 years)
Can u take vitamins and potion?

Author OhValerieMonCherie (3 years)
@shaundaj77 Ships within 7 days :-)

Author blackhairplanet (3 years)
NIce vid...I am transitioning. I'd appreciate any feed back on my journey.

Author OhValerieMonCherie (3 years)
@Lik3Cinnamon It is best to keep all infused products away from light and
especially direct sun light. So you can keep it in the fridge (personally I
feel this is best) or if you have a dark bottle you can store it there as
well :-))

Author AFayeHoward (3 years)
Hey Valarie, me and FayeHowardTv are the same person. I just love tour
sweet spirit. Don't lose that for anyone. You're in my prayers! :")

Author OhValerieMonCherie (3 years)
@waltbaby08 No... you will just resume your normal growth rate after a
while :-)

Author kikicouture10 (3 years)
I think the challenge on hairlista kind of confused things about the growth
you will get from potion I know you said up to and that is the key word up
to 3x's faster. I always said the potion is not all about growth although
it is growth aid it definitely made my hair more softer, easier to manage,
it reduced my shedding and it makes my hair shiny.......I feel like lately
I have been getting attacked by non believers of the potion calling me a
liar bout my progress but I know my progress

Author Ashley Nicole (3 years)
lmao at pouring the victoria secret in the

Author myzleelee (3 years)
AWWWWW MANNNN NOT VICKI SECRETS?!?!?! o_O i cant imgine the BURN that came
along with that concoction..... vicki secrets tho????? alcohol +
cayenne.... oooooo laaawwwttt

Author OhValerieMonCherie (3 years)
@vonniedun That is GREAT news! wonderful, really wonderful :-))

Author Ess Dubb (3 years)
my 7 weeks are coming up and im so excited! i have a inch and a half,
almost 2. so i probably will have 2 or 2 1/2 inches when 7 weeks are up!
it's not 3+ inches but im still glad because its better then the normal
growth rate, and for that im glad i found Potion!

Author kikicouture10 (3 years)
people also need to know that they still need to take care of their hair
while using potion (I know you said it before) soon as they have some hair
issues they want to blame it on potion saying my hair is shedding know, my
edges are thinning but they didn't take into consideration that their hair
could be going through a resting stage and your hair will shed also if you
ask them how often do they moisturize their edges they probably don't.
People just want something to blame their laziness on

Author DyedNatural (3 years)
Yes my homemade potion is working greatly. Its no one's fault if they are
ignorant (no knowing) of what hair potion is and what it does. Valerie you
have plenty of informational videos on hair potion.

Author Kamari Christopher Watson (3 years)
I have a question. If I were to use the potion for a certain amount of
time, then stop using it all together, Will I see an increase in shedding?
Hairfinity is a growth aid as well and many say that once you start using
it, your hair begins to shed a lot. is this something I would have to worry
about with the potion?

Author hairnmakeuplvr (3 years)
@margo33 who said an inch in 1 week? and you can read the reviews of some
of the people who used it and have gotten results such as kikicouture or
however u spell her youtube name. she has gotten amazing results. i do
agree with the 1 ich in 1 week being absurd but no has claimed that.

Author margo33 (3 years)
Why would anyone believe they could grow an inch of hair in 1 week.There is
nothing in the world that could do that.Everybody's hair is not the same as
you said their own hair growth rate.Some people have selective hearing.They
are the first to jump on the bandwagon and yell the loudest when they do
not get the desired results that they thought they heard would occur.It
cracks me up when I see i used it for a month and I don't see any
results.Duh,,,In some cases 3 months are needed for results

Author TEA PRYER (2 years)
Thats why I ordered my potion from you instead of making it myself b/c I
saw one lady on YT add onion powder and garlic powder....UMMMM NO. I will
send my money to you.

Author vonniedun (3 years)
potion grew my edges back lovely. thanks val :)

Author OhValerieMonCherie (3 years)
@FayeHowardTV You may need to wash/co-wash more often as your hair is
rapidly growing. I get the "growing itch" something fierce and I know to
wash right away and SURE enough my hair is a bit longer after the scalp
cleansing :-)))

Author AveIvy (3 years)
In the seven weeks since I've used potion, I have no more dandruff.

Author Stilee24 (3 years)
Girl i just finished doing some research about your "potion" on
google......and i hear nothing but positive things. I ordered my potion
like 5 minutes ago, i'm so excited to try this, i feel like a kid on

Author Xaviara Kendrix (3 years)
Valarie...number one I love your videos!! :) Tip: For everyone out there
using potion (I made potion but I also have placed some other ingredients)
take vitamins with your potion if you wanna see more growth and when I say
vitamins...introduce MSM into your daily routine. MSM increases your "slow"
"resting" phase. I took Hair Finity Vitamins with it and I acheived 1 1/2
inches in 4 weeks..its all depends on how well you take care of your hair,
if you are practicing protective styles, etc.

Author OhValerieMonCherie (3 years)
@smo0chi3 No but it makes the hair super soft and shiny, which gives users
a healthier curl pattern :-)))

Author MRSFORD32312 (3 years)
Can it be any black tea??? Or does it have to be lipton black pearl tea????

Author cupcakebabe11 (3 years)
EXACTLY! thats all I have to say good video!

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