Its a Miracle Virgin Mary Statue Comes Alive Mother Mary Under Water

Thousands of people have come to see the statue of the Virgin Mary in Bohol, Philippines. This is a miracle and its under water! Mother Mary Is Alive!
The statue was placed here to stop dynamite fishing on the reef in Bohol. It worked! The locals know the statue is there and no longer fish with dynamite since the statue was placed there.
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Author Steve Coan (7 months)
some people here dont realize The statue was placed here to stop dynamite
fishing on the reef in Bohol. It worked! The locals know the statue is
there and no longer fish with dynamite since the statue was placed there.

Author Steve Coan (7 months)
this is real!!!! Check it out if you dare!!! Like, look and share the
entire video then comment and share your thoughts!!! Thanks for watching
and this is A MIRACLE!!!!

Author Immortalsouls (2 months)
Catholics honor Mary, not worship her. She is the mother of all since Jesus
gave her as a mother to everyone since He is the Son of man. So honoring
her is only right since by her own freewill Mary chose to giving birth to
Jesus Christ so that we can be redeemed by Christ is what Catholics intend.

The Bible teaches:

a. GOD called Mary Blessed, and He venerated her.
b. GOD needed her to bear His Divine Son.
c. GOD chose Mary above all women.
d. Mary gave birth to the divine 'Incarnate Word'.
e. Jesus Christ honors His very own mother.
f. Jesus Christ will defend His mother as any good son would.
Doesn't that make Mary special?
Does not this make her worthy of our honor?
Can we do less than what GOD Himself did?
Does any man or woman have the right, or the authority, to say we should
not honor Mary?
Ask the person who tells you otherwise to show in Scripture where it says
not to honor her. Jesus Christ was the only person in history who was able
to choose His own mother. Why did He choose Mary? Because she is special,
that's why.

Author max salinas (3 months)
This is not from the Lord read your bibles! Don't you see the devil will
use anything to take jesus glory.. God is 1 and he is a jealous God

Author iNunky (1 month)
I don't undestand, christians saying "DONT WORSHIP A PERSON! MARY IS A
PERSON!", but.... Isn't Jesus a person?

Author TheMusicboy316 (17 days)
Catholics seem to assume everything supernatural to be heavenly. "Oh look,
that char is moving by itself, it must be Mary" "Hey, I can hear voices in
my head and see visions, must be from heaven"

Author MsCynthiaX (1 month)
While islam destroys the world and ISIS is busy hacking people's heads off,
the fundies choose to attack the Catholic church. @ U fundies--U R really a
bunch of SICKOS

Author Andrew J (29 days)
Graven image worship at it's finest.

Considering the great number of terminally ill children in the world as
well as other great need, this is the best 'miracle' that Mary comes up

Demons do lying signs and wonders.

Author jamjr1972 (18 days)
Deuteronomy 4:15-16King James Version (KJV)

15 Take ye therefore good heed unto yourselves; for ye saw no manner of
similitude on the day that the Lord spake unto you in Horeb out of the
midst of the fire:

16 Lest ye corrupt yourselves, and make you a graven image, the similitude
of any figure, the likeness of male or female,

Author Marcus Gomez (8 months)

Author rongarcia556 (3 months)
andy furlong, The Blessed Mary has the power from Heaven to do Apparitions
and Miracles. Like at "the Miracle of our Lady of Fatima" on May-13, 1917
in Portugal, Spain. The BVM said "Jesus wants to make known" to the 3
shepherd children. Where the BVM performed the "Miracle of the sun" But now
the BVM is under attack by the very Christians, who are supposed to Love
her and be devoted to her. She is Jesus mother. What outrage in Heaven,
Where Jesus and Mary watch over us from Heaven and what do they see and
hear? That at youtube the BVM is being called "a false God" or "a lie from
satan" or "Mary is not salvation" All are Lies and false accusations from
Christians. marcus gomez & ghoulplus are both guilty of these false
doctrines. When I attack these false doctrines, you become an obstacle to
my efforts? By becoming my obstacle, you help those attacking the BVM. For
Shame? We are searching for Heaven, What will be your reward in Heaven for
this? What if there is no reward for this? andy?

Author Francisco Neto (5 days)
If I was swimming and saw this huge statue underwater, I'd poop.. Anyways,
it's crazy that people put a statue of Mary underwater and it's crazy how
people thing that these statues really mean something. Like if it breaks,
people will go crazy. People want to keep it nice and clean, I mean, it's
just statues. They don't mean anything. They are just statues. People carry
around with these statues by having like 3 or 4 people on each side
holding iit as if it was a king or a queen of some kind... All I see is
statues.. People see something else.

Author Daniel Wright (5 days)
God is a jealous God, do not worship a statute, this is statue worship and
also very wrong, it should be destroyed.

Author Peche Lele (1 day)
! have told many on ut, I had an NDE many yrs. ago. @ the time, I had 'no
religion' I didn't even know if there even was a "God", and religions come
at you like bullets- so many to choose from-each having 'the "correct"
answer'. I have never been more thankful for anything more than that came at a time I thought living was nothing to be happy
about...boy did 'they' have a lesson for me..I wish I could tell everything
they said. I know many here will say I'm nuts, or whatever, listen if you
like. It's alot like this video-some of you see nothing--and there is a
reason. Some of us see it-& there is a reason. They could have told me
30yrs. ago the answer was Mohammed, Buddha, Krishna or even Joseph Smith
(hahaha!). They answered many of the most pressing ?'s I had about
life-which were mostly about God! "Yes", they said, "there is God"-and
actually God is not upset by religion's who teach about kindness, respect
for other people, caring for others, etc.., but(here 'their' tone changed
dramatically and they were, let's just say emphatic-because they were
filled with love and devotion) "it was Jesus Christ who changed our
planet-EVERYTHING is because of Him, He had a mission of which He fulfilled
for God". They also explained the Bible was meant to be read "to the heart,
by the reader"--so it amazes me when people try to 'out quote', and 'out
knowledge' each other. They never intended that. I also came from that
experience a Catholic. I hope people will show Christ respect for the Woman
who He loved deeply-the event at the wedding of Cana was very significant.
He changed water at Her request, even though He was not yet to be revealed.
I won't quote scripture- to each their own, but a word of caution, be
respectful. Martin Luther was full of anger and began a religion based on
his interpretations, and that anger..The moment Christ opened the doors to
God for us, the evil one has tried to destroy 'the Bride'. Yes, there is
corruption,'it' has wished to line the 'caves of hell w/priests'-(@Garabandal
Holy Mother told us to begin to pray for the priesthood & the war w/in to
come)...Every religion has issues (wherever you have 2 people you have 2
different ideas..), oh, but the evil one wants this one. It is unlikely
when you have a picture of your child you treat that picture as your child,
but it certainly makes you think of the deep love you have for it. It is
condescending, self-righteous and disrespectful to call Catholics
idolaters, one 'worships' a saint, a statue or has EVER placed
Marian devotion above Her Son. We do as He requested, we "behold our
Mother"-His gift. You can disbelieve any miracles, it's a choice. Be
careful what you say, do, think and even write. We are accountable to it
all. If you wish to believe Mary was the Mother of God, but was not devoted
for the rest of her life to Her Son and had carnal relations-other
children-a house to run, go ahead!. But, no, because you think that and it
is 'obvious' to you well, so it is, but-no it is not 'obvious' to
me.Neither do I believe Christ had children w/Mary Magdalene-others say
that too is 'obvious'.. Yes, I believe Him completely when he told a man to
give all his money to charity, to leave his wife, children, his family-to
follow Him, and then He would be perfect..I don't think many can do
that--Martin Luther decided the 'wife and kid' part was ok to him-it was
just too tall an order, I suppose-he would ignore that one in his religion.
Boy, I do know, this is all a choice here. Be polite to each other. Merry
Christmas. Thank you my friend for posting, it was beautiful!!!!! (Sorry
for the long note, I won't answer anyone who is hateful or vulgar , thank
you and best of luck.)

Author Jackie C (24 days)
All you guys have nothing nice or food to say geez man! All you guys have
your own stuff u believe in but last I saw the title nore is this showing
anything u guys need to be talking bad about grow up and if u have nothing
nice to say keep it to yourself people these days .... 

Author Andrew J (16 days)
Gee- look at the great number of catholics here hoping to see the Mary
statue swim with the divers.

Oh- oh- there! There! Did ya see it??? Didn't she blink her eyes at 2:18?

Author killbotone (6 months)
Mary was white?????

Author BlueFlare (2 days)
...i didnt see it move

Author prince gerald (23 days)
The problem with this of course is that she went and drowned again LOL

Author MrGhostblood (13 days)
Mary is not to be worshipped at all. She was nothing more than a vessel for
God to make himself into flesh. It could have been betty or Sara or
whoever. I've never understood why people kiss the statues and knell before
her image. Really its blasphemous if you think about it. Its like
worshipping the actual material the bible is made from, in stead of the
words within it.

Author sheeshyall100 (1 month)
The Bible nowhere instructs believers in Christ to pray to anyone other
than God. The Bible nowhere encourages, or even mentions, believers asking
individuals in heaven for their prayers.

Author John McGreevy (26 days)
PG...born again, but no smarter. Superstition is superstition.

Author Isaiah Boyd (1 day)
Nothing came to life in the video, that comment was as fake as the statue

Author Xermephos (3 days)
There's nothing happening? The title says it comes alive but i don't see
any movement from the statue?

Author vincent frutis (1 month)
EYES.JESUS IS THE LORD.................................................

Author GoolePlus2001 (3 months)
This statue is NOT Mary! This is just an object, made of concrete OR
It is molded by a paid worker who sold it for money. It is sold in
religious stores.
It does not represent Jesus' mother. It has no power to save our souls.

Author Xianghua Pampim (8 days)
7 minutes and 50 seconds check behind of statue there is small bubbles...
obviously submerged into the water is less than an hour.. 

Author Gina Marcelo (1 month)
better to study and read the bible about what's GOD saids. here is from

And God spake all these words saying, I am the Lord thy God,which have
brought thee out of the land of Egypt,out of the house of bondage."Thou
shalt have no other gods before me."
"Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of
anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that
is in the water under the earth;"
"Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the Lord
thy God am a jealous God,visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the
children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me; And
showing mercy unto thousands of them that love me,and keep my
commandments. EXODUS 20:1~6
I hope it's help you clear your mind that it's not from God. GOD BLESS
YOU! please don't feel bad to me. i just want to help you to open your

Author John McGreevy (24 days)
Andy Furlong...the same to you.

Author David Chia Heng (7 days)
This people should kiss her on the feet or her hands . Not on her face . 

Author Jon Slater (13 days)
human beings are strange and deluded creatures sometimes 

Author Jim Robertson (1 month)
Roman catholic idolatry at its best! When are you people going to learn
the bible for a change and not the false gospel of the catechism?

Author REEF WARRIOR (19 days)
hi steve coan! we visited this magnificient place last week. here's the
link of what Mama Mary has become a year after this vid was published.

Author timm2020 (2 months)
It never came alive.
What in the world some people will try.
Also where does the Bible say worship Mary?
Jesus is the only one we are to follow and worship.

Author Bohol Travel Tours Information (29 days)
I have seen this in Bohol. Its a Miracle that it did stop the dynamite
fishing there!

Author FirstName LastName (16 days)
So when does she move? I actually watched the whole video and saw no

Author Infumii Nations (23 days)
I dont believe any religion has it right.. or is even close if there is a

Author Jackie C (24 days)
Ps this is a Catholic's belief who is anyone to say it's the devil 

Author Lushikatomimokiari XLI (7 months)
As if it's any wonder why you pinoy assclowns are asking yourselves why you
have 25-30 freaking typhoons a year and that's not counting the mudslides,
the sinkholes, the earthquakes, the petty killings and the fact that you
reproduce like rabbits and live in such poverty that you can't properly
feed the children... Just continue to sin and worship idols. You deserve
every misery you get... May Christ have mercy on your pathetic country...

Author MegaTruthseeker777 (2 months)
It never ceases to amaze me how blind and deaf some people can be when it
comes to Catholicism. It shouldn't because the Satan does hate the Church
and does all he can to attack Her. Spewing lies, twisting truth, etc. I saw
a video that explained vividly how the evil one first blinds a person to
the Truth and then causes them to become deaf to Truth. This person is
usually weak and easily "turned". They need our prayers, of course, and
charity. They are traveling down the road to their own destruction and only
Gods' Tabernacle, Jesus, can save them.
The fruits of real Christianity are evident in this post as are the "lack
thereof" of those who profess a belief yet lack any substance.
If any one is going to attack our Faith, Catholicism, then they must first
be prepared to back up every point they make and look at every point the
Catholic makes. Brushing off what Catholic's believe and postulating what
is untrue just because someone else told you what "was" and "is" in the
Catholic religion is tantamount to exercising gross ignorance and
disrespect for ones fellow man.
Open your eyes and ears before you judge us Catholic's and our Church. Do
your own research and then comment.

Author Beaglebark413 (6 months)
Ah yes! bask in the beauty of her frightening, empty, and soulless eyes.
Truly a miracle of beauty.

Author rongarcia556 (2 months)
Andy fartlong? It is you, who is on Crack. Have you even read, what
ghoulplus has said about the Blessed Mary? "a Lie disguised as satan" Then
You stupidly attack me for responding to him. But I don't see you
responding to ghoulplus? So why don't you give me a break and shut up, you
retired shut in. Next time you respond to ghoulplus? Dufus

Author Rejected-From-Eve .Zero (17 days)
So where does it come to life?

Author Jaye Brown (1 month)
Sorry guy's but, am I missing something here?? In what way has this
"statue" come to life?? just looks exactly the same throughout the video,
just what it is a "Statue" with a load of freaksw kissing it??

Author Cila Dela Cruz (1 month)
CHURCH OF CHRIST"d Body of Christ"is a Radiant Church,Holy, Blameless,No
Wrinkless,d One True Church build by Christ which to be save on Judgment
day. Written in d Bible

Author SharonDuke1 (1 month)
A Chicken: Please remember that Mary was the Mother of Jesus. Please show
Her respect. I honor Jesus 1st and formost. She would not have it any other
way. She is pure love but gets nothing but constant attacks from so called
Christians. Keep badgering His Mother...If you can't find love towards His
innocent Mother then how can you love Him?

Author Niamh O'Rourke (1 day)
nothing happend

Author Loserteacher (2 months)
Reading thr comments and im scared now

Author Gregg Foster (20 days)
AMEN its a miracle Mother Mary prase the lord

Author Erika Gutierrez (23 days)
Scary!!! 😨 not a miracle from God 😤

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