Its a Miracle Virgin Mary Statue Comes Alive Mother Mary Under Water

Thousands of people have come to see the statue of the Virgin Mary in Bohol, Philippines. This is a miracle and its under water! Mother Mary Is Alive!
The statue was placed here to stop dynamite fishing on the reef in Bohol. It worked! The locals know the statue is there and no longer fish with dynamite since the statue was placed there.
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Author Steve Coan (4 months)
please dont steal...or re upload this video!

Ephesians 4:28
Verse Concepts

He who steals must steal no longer; but rather he must labor, performing
with his own hands what is good, so that he will have something to share
with one who has need. This video was recorded by please dont
attempt to copy this video...i will file copywriter infringments with

Author Steve Coan (5 months)
this is real!!!! Check it out if you dare!!! Like, look and share the
entire video then comment and share your thoughts!!! Thanks for watching
and this is A MIRACLE!!!!

Author Steve Coan (6 months)
some people here dont realize The statue was placed here to stop dynamite
fishing on the reef in Bohol. It worked! The locals know the statue is
there and no longer fish with dynamite since the statue was placed there.

Author John Riley (2 months)
Stupid Catholics Idol worshippers

Author PeaceFree15 (13 days)
Catholicism is the great whore in the Book of Revelation. Catholic Church
have deceived Europe and the rest of the world for centuries. It perverted
Christianity from within the church first by adding Mary and then the
rituals, both forbidden in the Bible. Later it paved ways to the rise of
Communism and also modern feminism. 

Author max salinas (1 month)
This is not from the Lord read your bibles! Don't you see the devil will
use anything to take jesus glory.. God is 1 and he is a jealous God

Author PeaceFree15 (8 days)
God judges the sinners and idolaters. Idolatry to Mary is Sin.

The person who does not place his or her faith in Jesus Christ will
receive the wages of sin, which is death.

Author wayne DIOR (1 month)
Deep throut Mary

Author Jim Robertson (2 days)
Roman catholic idolatry at its best! When are you people going to learn
the bible for a change and not the false gospel of the catechism?

Author Loserteacher (13 days)
Reading thr comments and im scared now

Author killbotone (4 months)
Mary was white?????

Author timm2020 (29 days)
It never came alive.
What in the world some people will try.
Also where does the Bible say worship Mary?
Jesus is the only one we are to follow and worship.

Author rongarcia556 (1 month)
andy furlong, The Blessed Mary has the power from Heaven to do Apparitions
and Miracles. Like at "the Miracle of our Lady of Fatima" on May-13, 1917
in Portugal, Spain. The BVM said "Jesus wants to make known" to the 3
shepherd children. Where the BVM performed the "Miracle of the sun" But now
the BVM is under attack by the very Christians, who are supposed to Love
her and be devoted to her. She is Jesus mother. What outrage in Heaven,
Where Jesus and Mary watch over us from Heaven and what do they see and
hear? That at youtube the BVM is being called "a false God" or "a lie from
satan" or "Mary is not salvation" All are Lies and false accusations from
Christians. marcus gomez & ghoulplus are both guilty of these false
doctrines. When I attack these false doctrines, you become an obstacle to
my efforts? By becoming my obstacle, you help those attacking the BVM. For
Shame? We are searching for Heaven, What will be your reward in Heaven for
this? What if there is no reward for this? andy?

Author Marcus Gomez (6 months)

Author PeaceFree15 (5 days)
Catholics are like Buddhists. They add more and more deities into their

Author rongarcia556 (1 month)
Andy fartlong? It is you, who is on Crack. Have you even read, what
ghoulplus has said about the Blessed Mary? "a Lie disguised as satan" Then
You stupidly attack me for responding to him. But I don't see you
responding to ghoulplus? So why don't you give me a break and shut up, you
retired shut in. Next time you respond to ghoulplus? Dufus

Author The Human Crayon (2 months)
So... where's the 'coming to live' part?

Author Lushikatomimokiari XLI (6 months)
As if it's any wonder why you pinoy assclowns are asking yourselves why you
have 25-30 freaking typhoons a year and that's not counting the mudslides,
the sinkholes, the earthquakes, the petty killings and the fact that you
reproduce like rabbits and live in such poverty that you can't properly
feed the children... Just continue to sin and worship idols. You deserve
every misery you get... May Christ have mercy on your pathetic country...

Author Jocelyn Poesnecker (4 months)
it did not come to life. this is lying and is evil. GOD Blessed us.
jocelyn sophia poesnecker

Author Beaglebark413 (4 months)
Ah yes! bask in the beauty of her frightening, empty, and soulless eyes.
Truly a miracle of beauty.

Author lola capola (7 months)
Jesus, repeat Jesus rebukes Mary worship (caps for emphasis only)

Luke 11:27,28

And it came to pass, as he spake these things, a certain woman of the
company lifted up her voice, and said unto him, BLESSED IS THE *WOMB* THAT

KEEP IT."***

Matthew 12:46-50

While he yet talked to the people, behold, HIS MOTHER and his brethren
stood without, desiring to speak with him.

Then one said unto him, Behold, THY MOTHER and thy brethren stand without,
desiring to speak with thee.

But he answered and said unto him that told him, WHO IS MY MOTHER? and who
are my brethren?

MY MOTHER and my brethren.

SAME IS my brother, and sister, and MOTHER."

That means obedience to the "FATHER" in HEAVEN......NOT the men in vatican
or behind the booths.

Author MegaTruthseeker777 (15 days)
It never ceases to amaze me how blind and deaf some people can be when it
comes to Catholicism. It shouldn't because the Satan does hate the Church
and does all he can to attack Her. Spewing lies, twisting truth, etc. I saw
a video that explained vividly how the evil one first blinds a person to
the Truth and then causes them to become deaf to Truth. This person is
usually weak and easily "turned". They need our prayers, of course, and
charity. They are traveling down the road to their own destruction and only
Gods' Tabernacle, Jesus, can save them.
The fruits of real Christianity are evident in this post as are the "lack
thereof" of those who profess a belief yet lack any substance.
If any one is going to attack our Faith, Catholicism, then they must first
be prepared to back up every point they make and look at every point the
Catholic makes. Brushing off what Catholic's believe and postulating what
is untrue just because someone else told you what "was" and "is" in the
Catholic religion is tantamount to exercising gross ignorance and
disrespect for ones fellow man.
Open your eyes and ears before you judge us Catholic's and our Church. Do
your own research and then comment.

Author Immortalsouls (15 days)
Catholics honor Mary, not worship her. She is the mother of all since Jesus
gave her as a mother to everyone since He is the Son of man. So honoring
her is only right since by her own freewill Mary chose to giving birth to
Jesus Christ so that we can be redeemed by Christ is what Catholics intend.

The Bible teaches:

a. GOD called Mary Blessed, and He venerated her.
b. GOD needed her to bear His Divine Son.
c. GOD chose Mary above all women.
d. Mary gave birth to the divine 'Incarnate Word'.
e. Jesus Christ honors His very own mother.
f. Jesus Christ will defend His mother as any good son would.
Doesn't that make Mary special?
Does not this make her worthy of our honor?
Can we do less than what GOD Himself did?
Does any man or woman have the right, or the authority, to say we should
not honor Mary?
Ask the person who tells you otherwise to show in Scripture where it says
not to honor her. Jesus Christ was the only person in history who was able
to choose His own mother. Why did He choose Mary? Because she is special,
that's why.

Author MsCynthiaX (21 day)
All the prots who come here claiming 2 love JESUS have such disdain 4 the
one who brings JESUS 2 them to save their sorry souls even though their
BIBLE says that All generations would call Mary Blessed Luke 1:48. Hmmm
That means they R not doing what the BIBLE says we should do......

Author Kristine Häfliger (21 day)
Hallo ! a hand made statue ,its not a miracle .

Author Jim Robertson (2 days)
There is nothing Godly about kissing a statue that can neither hear nor
walk or talk. Maybe the demons will bring it to life for you. It would
give me infinite pleasure to break it up with a hammer.

Author hallan caicedo (27 days)
She was breathing

Author arif rifi (1 month)
i thought she will sing a song under water like who let the dogs inn

Author Kathryn Nabola (4 months)
Mother Mary Statue found in Indian Ocean

Author Chris Anamelechi Anamelechi (1 month)
Don't waste your time watching this video because it shows ignorance on the
side of the people who take time to go under the water to kiss a man made
statue that has no resemblance of God or His very nature. Some of these
Catholics should understand that the glory of God is beyond apparitions and
images. God is a spirit and those that worship Him must worship Him in
truth and in spirit. He is Omnipresent and Omnipotent.

Author Mary Freeman (7 months)
!!?? WHAT !!??

this video is an absolute embarrassment and an insult to Jesus.

what the hell were they expecting from a plaster statue. IT DID NOT COME

Author Saved3John16 (1 month)
Demon worship at it's finest...smh

Its a Miracle Virgin Mary Statue Comes Alive Mother Mary Under Water

Author Nancy Williams (3 months)
This is evil. We do not bow or worship anything put God that is a
abomination. That is one reason why the Catholic Church is evil. Read your
Ten Commandments people and not the Catholic version it was changed from
the real. Study it and you might understand Mary has no power on Jesus.

Author douglas conrad (4 months)
very nice statue but i didn,t see any life.?

Author 7000ironman (8 months)
check this

you people better get a grip on what you're worshiping! that catholic
religion has you people fooled to no end!! God said you shall know then by
the fruits they bear!
1) bow to the pope, kiss his ring-God said bow to NO man
2) catholic church changed the sabbath from saturday to sunday-GOD said
remember the sabbath and keep it holy!
3) catholic church changed the beginning of the new year from spring (the
beginning of life) to the dead of winter!
4) forbidden to marry when some of the the disciples of JESUS was married
and catholic priest are going around raping young boys!
5) calling the pope FATHER OR HOLY FATHER when GOD himself tells you not to
call anyone that (save your actually talking to your real father and not in
a biblical sense! there is only 1 true FATHER and thats GOD!
6) bowing down to statues of mary and Jesus when God tells you plain as day
DO NOT BOW OR WORSHIP GRAVEN IMAGES!! yet you do it anyway!
7) there are no ghost of people because the dead is sleep (wake up,
lazarus) and does not know what the living is doing. if there was ghost
then there would be no need to blow the trumpet to wake the dead up!
GOD Has a true church and satan has a true church...guess which one your

Author flyingscience (5 months)
God made aqua versions of Jesus and Mary to preach to all the remnant
population of Atlantis's Hydro sapiens AKA mermen and Merwomen .

Author Shanan Ilen (6 months)
+Rashmi Pereira bettr u watch this :D
+Dinara jayawaradane +Sachin Paththapperuma +Andrew Fernando
+Nikki Mercer 

Author Brian V (1 month)
Satan masquerades as an angel of light, do not be deceived. All Glory and
Power to Yeshua Messiah, the Son of the Most High God. Statues, idols, and
false images are not of the Lord. Do not be deceived by the Vatican and
Rome. Revelation 17

Author Marion Peretti (1 month)
It comes alive my a$$, catholics do even lie to give more credit to this
Typical demon worship at its best.

Author rongarcia556 (2 months)
Marcus Gomez, Como Loco? Are you making a comparison between yourself a
as Holy men? How many Priest call Good People, who Pray to the Blessed Mary
"idolaters" like you do? Are you stupid enough to believe only the Catholic
church molests their young? OK Gomez from the "Adam's Family" Get
Professional help Mijo

Author JesusisKing777777777 (4 months)

Author GoolePlus2001 (2 months)
This statue is NOT Mary! This is just an object, made of concrete OR
It is molded by a paid worker who sold it for money. It is sold in
religious stores.
It does not represent Jesus' mother. It has no power to save our souls.

Author Harry Brown (2 months)
1615-25; < Latin venerātus, past participle of venerārī to solicit the
goodwill of (a god), worship, revere, verbal derivative of vener-, stem of
venus, presumably in its original sense “desire”; see Venus )
synonyms: revere, regard highly, reverence, worship, hallow, hold sacred,
exalt, vaunt, adore, honor, respect, esteem.
To Venerate, Adore, or worship is the same difference 

Author Mikey DOS (2 months)
How is this a miracle?

Author Peter Travere (2 months)
if jesus is the son of God and Joseph is the husband of Mary - Mary must
have had two husbands? Also if Mary was a virgin, was she legally married?

Author Odin Borson (2 months)
continue to worship her and see where u end up! foools

Author Idalia Torres (2 months)
God is a jealous God and Mary is not the one he is jealous about read your
bibles people he does not share his glory with know one not even Mary that
means when you worship and ask her for help instead of the holy ghost whom
he sent for that purpose laugh it up now when you are thrown into hell for
idol worship you can't say you where not told and Mary is not my mother we
where created way before Mary was on the earth and I know adam and eve had
something to do with the earth being filled and another thing she is not a
virgin any longer she had a husband or don't you people read your bibles
that it says in Mat 1:25 And knew her not till she had brought forth her
firstborn son: and he called his name JESUS. that means what it says

Author Chris Palmer (2 months)
In what way did the statue "come alive"?

Author CaptainAthiest (3 months)
Wait a minute! Ain't she 12? Ain't that pedophilia?

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