How to dupe on 317 RSPS [Torva pkz / Erased Pkz Source]

This is my guide on how to dupe Please thumbs up and sub to me also comment on if this works

WebClients Only -
easy way to double log - use google chrome and safari or two diffrent browsers it works with google chrome and safari easily

Link to dupe without fight pits:
Please say Ipodtouchsyndicate sent you :)

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Author CraKs TheX (3 months)
i found a better one , and more easy , just go into my videos and check it
out :}

Author viona gamer (8 months)

Author Whorror (3 years)
@MooodHaax lololol

Author Whorror (2 years)

Author Whorror (2 years)

Author Freshman7337 (2 years)
Thanks so much for adding Zarpor onto here ((: If anybody dupes on Zarpor,
make sure to tell Lotus that I Venge U said to go fuck himself (: Yall have
fun on there, fuck the economy up (:

Author 2specedbrapting (2 years)
is there a way without using duel arena? because they have seen this and
disabled staking

Author TheRussell747 (3 years)
@TheRussell747 cause the first server is down...

Author FearTheSpiritz (3 years)
any one got any servers to try this on? :o

Author White Moose (1 year)
Does this still work @IpodTouchSyndicate?

Author Whorror (2 years)
@oblivian448 there is a way to do it at duel arena and just the duel arena
but i have yet to decide to release it

Author defencekingify (3 years)
you actually found a good working dupe and you're going to leak it so it
gets patched. i know you wanna be somewhat famouse and all, but leaking a
perfectly good dupe just makes you an asshole. kthxbai

Author Whorror (2 years)
@NIoTaLeNtZzx if ur a girl ok then ;)

Author GamingDiversion (1 year)
Hey did you make a video on how to do the duel arena cheat engine dupe for
prayers and such interface type dupe please make one like that.

Author OSRS Colin (3 years)

Author TheBugscape (2 years)
take this off now

Author Whorror (2 years)
@theiphonegenious Thanks! :) yeah utube songs are shit haha ;)

Author Engure123 (3 years)
wOW VERRY nice, thsi work WOOOT!

Author Whorror (1 year)
/watch?v=xbME-UbvCPU way to do it without fight pits, please say
Ipodtouchsyndicate sent you :P

Author xProjectKillx (2 years)
i fucking love you man :D

Author Whorror (3 years)
Guys im going to go on the first server in the description add me my name
will be tragic magic and if u see me online pm me saying hey ipod and then
we can dupe together =)

Author Whorror (3 years)
@WildyOwnsz try do it with your self

Author Whorror (2 years)
@berryboy2006 thanks ;)

Author Andy idk (3 years)
@IpodTouchSyndicate cant when u use webby, u cant open more than 1 or ur
screen will turn white , im bout to go on erazed pkz and try to find
someone hopfully i do a lot are snitches

Author Whorror (2 years)
@123skatemania haha if i were u i wouldnt say anything like im not because
people will catch you =P then everyone will be do doing it

Author TheBugscape (2 years)
@NIoTaLeNtZzx its based arround fight pits/duel arena.if your server doent
have one of them,your fucked

Author EpicBlunT (2 years)

Author slowmoshot97 (2 years)
the rsps i want to dupe on cant trade same account with ip and cant stake
items makes me mad

Author zekage2 (2 years)
guys how do i dupe on zarpor?? u cant double log on zarpor plz reply thx

Author albertoNvirus (2 years)
Yes it works

Author moparpictz (2 years)
@IpodTouchSyndicate forgotten paradise Erazed/ Torva PI Based

Author Whorror (1 year)

Author Whorror (2 years)
Nope :S once they disable duel arena it can't be done, sorry.

Author azzzanadra (1 year)
That is only a lie

Author Andy idk (3 years)
will it work if i do this on a webclient?

Author Borris Johnson (2 years)
nice intro

Author Whorror (2 years)
That Sucks :S, Try finding someone on the server that you trust to dupe
with ;)

Author albertoNvirus (2 years)

Author Jacob Short (2 years)
@IpodTouchSyndicate 'ey, thanks! Amazing, I would have never even tried
:P....Thanks bro!

Author Whorror (1 year)
Sorry I havent played anything related to runescape for awhile, just look
for servers that are 317 that have updated graphics and the new items

Author Whorror (3 years)
@alektheboss yes add me tragic magic and pm me, u cant log into 2 accounts
on one of them.. so lets do it on that one

Author Whorror (2 years)
@oblivian448 huh?

Author Whorror (2 years)
@zekage2 no sorry im bored of rsps

Author Whorror (2 years)
@moparpictz what server did u try

Author damskeminecraft (1 year)
Try to do it on hades5. :-)

Author Whorror (2 years)
@PownedBizzach its a utube song i think its called wake me up or something

Author u mad bro (2 years)
works on firepk

Author zekage2 (2 years)
@IpodTouchSyndicate wanna dupe with me?

Author TheRealOipjjo (2 years)

Author ChocolateRunescape (3 years)
idiots if he didnt leak no1 would kno about ti stop bitching about it being
fixed if u would have never knoin it

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