Browser Game "Dino Storm" - T-Rex fight

Dino Storm is a great new free browser game with cowboys, dinos and laserguns.

Join me and my T-Rex at

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Author Matheus Dourado (6 months)
e em qual lugar

Author Goldenhammerfist22 (1 year)
I Think There Are In The Forests

Author Axeller4993 AE (1 year)
a quest

Author davizao game´s pereira (1 year)
quem mais nao aguenta jogar dino storm passa a conta

Author 344wwefan (1 year)
vool cool wie am anfang die 3 t-rex sich verteilen

Author DerppyGuy Boonchan (1 year)
Dude Does Everyone has the same code in dis game

Author Andrius Šiurkus (2 years)
the first that gonna ride t-rex will get my subscribe

Author totrice (2 years)
go try it out

Author Rafaela Beatriz (1 year)
Queria tanto te o t-rex nivel10 ou nivel 20

Author Joshua Brisson (1 year)
Where are the t-rexes in goldfieds?

Author meaipe123 (1 year)
queria um trex

Author lptlp (2 years)
I just played that game; It's a mixture between Dinotopia and Rango,

Author amada ansman (1 year)

Author rafael souza silva (1 year)
eu tenho carno lv 10 queria um t rex lv 10

Author jesús antonio (5 months)
chodo que america

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