Browser Game "Dino Storm" - T-Rex fight

Dino Storm is a great new free browser game with cowboys, dinos and laserguns.

Join me and my T-Rex at

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Author jesús antonio (2 months)
chodo que america

Author Goldenhammerfist22 (9 months)
I Think There Are In The Forests

Author Axeller4993 AE (1 year)
a quest

Author davizao game´s pereira (11 months)
quem mais nao aguenta jogar dino storm passa a conta

Author 344wwefan (1 year)
vool cool wie am anfang die 3 t-rex sich verteilen

Author DerppyGuy Boonchan (1 year)
Dude Does Everyone has the same code in dis game

Author DinoFanTimm (1 year)
Cooooooool Game!

Author Andrius Šiurkus (1 year)
the first that gonna ride t-rex will get my subscribe

Author totrice (1 year)
go try it out

Author Rafaela Beatriz (10 months)
Queria tanto te o t-rex nivel10 ou nivel 20

Author Joshua Brisson (1 year)
Where are the t-rexes in goldfieds?

Author meaipe123 (10 months)
queria um trex

Author lptlp (1 year)
I just played that game; It's a mixture between Dinotopia and Rango,

Author amada ansman (1 year)

Author rafael souza silva (11 months)
eu tenho carno lv 10 queria um t rex lv 10

Author Matheus Dourado (3 months)
e em qual lugar

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