Tutorial PSP: How to Download, Install, and Use Nesterj (NES Emulator) 1.11 For Custom Firmware

Nesterj is the one and only, best NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) Emulator for the PSP. This Version has no bugs and works on Custom Firmwares ranging from 3.XX - 6.XX Kernel Custom Firmwares. I have personally Placed a couple of Roms within the ROMS folder inside the Nesterj folder, so the Emulator is ready to go as soon as you install, to add more roms, read the rest of the description. :)

To Download Nesterj:

To add new roms just download them, extract them (if they are .zip or .rar files) and place them within the Roms folder within the Nesterj folder.

To Download ROMS/Games:

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Author Clarensee (1 month)
Problem is games run so slow it's unplayable. And this video shows it.

Author fq ur couch (3 months)
Why can't I get this to work I installed it correctly and put the file in
the proper folders it says data is corrupted and I followed instructions
exactly I have the snes 1.53 that works on computer but corrupted on psp i
also download the snes9x xtyl and another one too all say corrupted data
wtf!!!please help this noob gaming gods!:-[ 

Author fq ur couch (3 months)
I have 6.60 Lme psp 3001 

Author fq ur couch (3 months)
I have 6.60 Lme psp 3001 

Author fq ur couch (3 months)
Why can't I get this to work I installed it correctly and put the file in
the proper folders it says data is corrupted and I followed instructions
exactly I have the snes 1.53 that works on computer but corrupted on psp i
also download the snes9x xtyl and another one too all say corrupted data
wtf!!!please help this noob gaming gods!:-[ 

Author Davin Harris (10 months) dosnt exist anymore and all the downlaods are
broken... How can i get this i only found one webstie that worked and that
look sketchy

Author hlums (8 months)
thanks bro, its great, yeah my psp rocks

Author tjroxxy (2 years)
very nice totally works thanks a lot

Author Lyn Clenista (3 years)
I put the nester j in PSP>GAMES and it ran properly but it doesn't show up
games. :3 what should I do????????

Author mjatu5698 (3 years)
this works for 6.39 pro b7. thanks mate

Author TheFugiapple12 (3 years)
Thanks! it runs great on 6.20 PRO-B6

Author verdolagadenyc137 (3 years)
thank you thank you!!!! simple video and it does work, you guys probably
arent doing it right... plus it was harder for me cause i have a mac

Author MONYARM1 (3 years)

Author Mono Brito (2 years)
what is cfw???

Author IMmephiles (2 years)
@CpTexasNinja how?

Author MDoTzGz (2 years)
@blendon8 Download it from your psp Browser,

Author prokillersniper (2 years)
can you show an ps1 emulator ? i being trying to get one but apparently i
can't find one can you help plz

Author Dustin Lindemann (2 years)
Roms wont work for me either need help please

Author jimmybadboy123 (3 years)
@KatzInABowl because you you need a psp 2000 or 1000 not 3000 oky

Author lilnigy3000 (2 years)
goto on psp top gray part > hb-apps look for it has a 2 part

Author vince mauer (3 years)
whats your theme?

Author bass637 (2 years)
@prokillersniper you don't need an emulator for it, you just need a program
to convert a rom to a pbp file, there's one floating around out there i'm
sure, no to sure how it works though, hope i helped at least somewhat

Author bass637 (2 years)
hmmm odd, i don't have a ps1 emulator on mine, i just convert them and they
work >.<

Author Sherwin Sarmiento (2 years)
for those that cant play using this emulator try this one it worked for me.
im on the psp1001 6.60me

Author Vlad Bejan (3 years)
corupted data

Author Pikachu With a Moustache (3 years)
soooooo..... no leda or anything

Author oshapley (3 years)
@theyepicgamer you have to get CFW DUUUUUHHHH

Author sephiroth3461 (1 year)
Dude mega upload doesn't fucking work anymore

Author natejames11 (3 years)
working but when i start a gam it doesnt le t me mover or anything

Author Chase Fury (3 years)
@theyepicgamer custom firmware

Author bass637 (2 years)
well i don't often herp but when i herp i derp lol.

Author DJ LUIS (1 year)
thank you thank youuuuu

Author b Anivia (2 years)
If you want a changed link, just go to my site, i also have made a similar
video, with an updated link !

Author Yuji Evangelista (2 years)
Corrupted Data :o

Author lonniemoe (3 years)
i di everything in the video and try to play but it just says the game is
corrupted...i have 6.39 version exactly what do i have to do so i can
sucessfully install and play?

Author remainingnameless (2 years)
Link no good now. Thanks SOPA!

Author darkangel271074 (2 years)
@MrTomb789 Its Basshunter

Author Jeremy Smith (1 year)
I couldn't get it on the psp but i did get it on my computer

Author dpt56 (1 year)
when i open the psp folder all that comes up is system and save data.
Please help me!!!

Author wittynameguy (2 years)
I saw ur description on getting ROMs/games, any easy way to navigate cause
none of the list of games are in alphabet, and i cant find the ones i want.

Author Shikhar208 (2 years)
thanks yarrrr.......

Author insanemurder312 (3 years)
does it work for pspgo?

Author benpreston123 (2 years)
Megaupload is closed how is another way we can get the file?

Author SJchayenneSM (1 year)
great tutorial dude, but megaupload doesnt work..

Author CpTexasNinja (2 years)
@IMmephiles well i was really thinking, instead of pressing O, i pressed
X,i found out that O is forward and X is back, so find the folder u put ur
roms in with O

Author pannawat temshok (2 years)
thank for tutorial , very appreciated.

Author Yesiamtaco01 (2 years)

Author UZAIR UL HAQ (3 years)
@1leerick can u please place link of firmware link...

Author kangaroo69ful (2 years)
haha right download From MEGA UPLOAD :P

Author TheClassicGamingDude (2 years)
wow ur a ahole...

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