Cubase 5 - Groove Agent ONE and Beat Designer

Groove Agent ONE pairs powerful drum sampling with detailed sound shaping — seamlessly integrated into Cubase 5. Not only does it boast sliced loop and MPC-import but rocks right out of the box with its own custom library of only the finest acoustic, urban, hip hop and dance drum kits! Working hand in hand with Groove Agent ONE is Beat Designer, a beat construction plug-in that allows you to get hands-on with beats for step programming and designing drum patterns in an easy yet powerful way.

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Author noel jayakumar (5 months)
Thank you so much

Author craig cotter (8 months)
more of a demo than a tutorial really. I've noticed that with a lot of
Steinberg's official 'tutorials'. Not bad but not great.

Author JOHN BEAN (8 months)
Can I use audio clips of kick drums, snares, cymbles and tom toms from
different cynths, dragging them to GrooveAgent to create a new drum set?

Author Terrance Walters (1 year)
how can i listen to my vocals with the effects already on it

Author squeedum (3 years)
how do i assign time signature to a beat made in Beat Designer? when i open
it, it automatically comes up in 4/4 time and i want to create one in 3/4

Author djraz22 (3 years)
helped me alot. cheers mate

Author DeckEnterainmentTV (3 years)
Can You Make A Video Showing How To Use Your Own Sounds In Beat Designer

Author Adam Bruner (2 years)
you could apply the bass note to Middle C of a MIDI track routed to an
empty HALION or even a GrooveONE. Just put the note on the bottom left pad
of group 5. Hard part is, then you need to tune and detune every successive
pad, but you'll be fine.

Author Terratownbrown (3 years)
Thanks mate helped me out

Author BigStacks18 (3 years)
can u make custom drum kits with groove agent one from sounds on your hdd?
and save em for use in any session?

Author Nick Curtis (2 years)
cool thank u! I really would like to know how to get just one drum sound
like a nice 808 bass to be played in every key with my keyboard instead of
just one tone throughout the loop im creating...?

Author David Remnant (3 years)
This was very useful. One problem I'm having... can anyone help: I can't
edit the in and out points (truncate) of the sample in Groove Agent as you
do in this tutorial. I don't have the blue dots you can see. I have Cubase
5. Is there a setting to enable this?

Author coreyfromtheband (3 years)
how can i upload my kick sound or snare sound instead of those it already

Author kristophize (2 years)
I have this weird problem that makes my beat designer sound like a piano.
Anyone else?

Author Moraveck10 (1 year)
nice demonstration. it would be nice if someone would post an instructional
video that shows how to get started not just what plugins do.

Author supermanno - (3 years)
How can I "convert" a loop into midi using Groove Agent 1 using the above

Author HOsein FAran (1 year)
fucking amazing!!!

Author leimaxleimax (3 years)
can´t understand him when the beat is playing!

Author AlSween (3 years)
i love using this thing but sucks that no instructions came with it.

Author JohnKino21 (2 years)
@DeckEnterainmentTV Open MediaBay in the top menu bar. Media > MediaBay.
Find the samples you want located on your computer. Then drag and drop the
samples onto any empty drum pad.

Author TEMAOHI2787 (2 years)
Thanx Greg!!!

Author Keith Greene (4 years)
I appreciate the tutorial. I've been using Hal for most of my beat
designing via my midi controller. I'm going to start using Groove Agent one
more, now that I have a better understanding of how it works.

Author grimeyraver (3 years)
hi, i hope you can help. im using groove agent one and im trying to edit
the 4th kick of my loop to reverse by going in the voice tab in groove
agent one. however if i write automation and edit it to do so, when i playu
it back it doesnt seem to remember what i asked it to do???

Author Francis Poirier (3 years)
cheers this is nice

Author CentralBassLand (1 year)
so greatfull for this video, helped alot thanks :)

Author shevin paul (2 years)
how do i make a beat and loop for about 3mnt or how long i wont ? thanks.

Author i8ababy (3 years)
Good tips, but it would nice if the voice level was higher so I don't have
to crank the volume to understand him.

Author TheLkonig (2 years)
i have cubase elements 6. is there any way to get beat designer? (i have
groove agent)

Author DJ_DMAN (1 year)
I have a question about using groove agent and beat designer. You know when
using the piano roll in fl studio, you can change the pitch (for any sound
or sample), how do you do this in cubase? I don't want my kick drum
constantly hitting the same note. Also in fl piano roll, you can move the
notes around easier.

Author piron416 (4 years)
do you know how insert the drum beat from loopmash into track?

Author wisecollector (3 years)
thats a very VERY CLEAR explanation... you are a MASTER at teaching. thank

Author Yassin Meziane (3 years)
@BigStacks18 you can... add your kit in the pool library and click on
project to of page and choose pool or shortcut key ctrl+p, in your pool
library click on import brows your samples and organise them by creating a
new folders for each kit you make up what ever way suits you and then
finally just drag a sample from your pool library and place it on one of
the groove agent pad.

Author goodvibrato (4 years)
wow had no idea it could do all this. Thanks for the vid.

Author Bryan Johnson (1 year)
you need to set up a loop point mate telling the sequencer to loop round 2
points. I think you drag out the blue marker.

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