Jake Bugg - Saffron [lyrics in description]



I don't mean to waste your time,
I hope you're doing fine,
Oh, I'm gone, Saffron

And I hope you like this song,
What have I done wrong,
Oh, I'm gone, Saffron

Something different about that girl,
So mean and out of this world,
I want her to be mine,
And I hope your doing fine, Saffron,

Her beauty is beyond belief,
And I know I'm beneath your league, Saffron

Something different about that girl,
So mean and out of this world,
I want her to be mine,
And I hope your doing fine, Saffron,

I don't mean to waste your time,
I hope your doing fine,
Oh, I'm gone, Saffron

P.S. I guessed all of these lyrics since I couldn't find a site with them on it. I'm pretty sure they're all correct but please don't comment telling me if they're not.

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Author Karl Reinhard Krierer (2 years)


Author FirstOfTheGreat2010 (2 years)
also, i got the first and second comment lol, woo

Author AmFCG1 (2 years)
Love it!!!! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!

Author Sophia Reinheimer (1 year)
do you know how to read? all i said that there is plenty of good music in
our generation, its just not on the radio. jake bugg isnt god, hes good,
but in my opinion there are plenty better artists. music is very
subjective. you dont have to be so pretentious

Author young lion (1 year)
So true Nathan Norton I could name 30. A good way to find them is to throw
away your T.V.

Author Hakuna Matata (2 years)
absolutely beautiful

Author Jessica Lamb (2 years)
He's so amazing, so glad i found his music! About time someone sung some
decenting songs. <3

Author Jared Hiatt (1 year)
you should also check out the tallest man on earth you'll love him too

Author Samchocolate11 (1 year)

Author MrTombi (1 year)
No. Oh my god so retarded i cant

Author SaffRoxanne16 (2 years)
Hahaa I got so excited when I found this boy wrote a song about a girl with
my name, he's so good!

Author KimFraustro (1 year)
This guy is going to rescue our generation

Author Mech1808 (1 year)
Did he sing this for Cara?

Author Joren B. (1 year)
what is wrong with this version?

Author Laurel W (2 years)
The way he says "girl" makes my heart melt...

Author avz1512 (1 year)
So amazing :)

Author deputyseal409 (1 year)
Heard his song on a commercial and I thought that was so cool. It was even
in America!

Author Helen Beach (2 years)
even if the lyric is "so mean and out of this world" i think it should be
"some feeling out of this world" but thats just my opinion ._.

Author tiranchula (1 year)
Kind of like this's good this young generation has a voice such
as his! You kiddos....nurture this kind of music, cause it is a dying

Author Lucy Parry (1 year)

Author young lion (1 year)
Great music but why does he sing in a retarded dutch / Paraguayan accent.
It sounds fucking ridicules.

Author bigalex52 (1 year)
beautifull song. the riff kinda reminds me of i'm no superman by lazlo bane

Author melvina pugh (1 year)
That would be a dream come true for me too. Good idea you have.

Author melvina pugh (1 year)
You've got that right . ONLY Real Music in this Generation!!!!!!!!!
Everyone knows it. Sophia is out numbered and will see our comments along
with thousands of others on every single video Jake does because it's true.
Guess everyone is stupid but one person.

Author Alex Zohios (1 year)
he is fucken sexy.nuff said.

Author stephen urquhart (1 year)
he shopuld do a version of knockin on heavens door

Author Jake Bugg101 (1 year)
Thank you very much for saving our generation with your amazing music you
are incredible xxxxxxxxxxx

Author jilly sedgwick (1 year)
This guy is awesome and his music reminds me off my dad who was a massive
donavon and bob Dylan fan he would off loved him

Author Nathan Norton (1 year)
Nah there a bunch of bands making good honest music you just have to look
for them.

Author aguycalledtom1 (2 years)
I think it says 'So unreal and out of this world'

Author Laura Fleischmann (1 year)
He's so cute and British! I miss the UK.

Author micromachine m (2 years)
this dude will be massive

Author 888Monad (2 years)
this is my favorite :)) thank you

Author chloe hutchinson x (1 year)

Author Luke S (1 year)
Lyrics look good to me. Nice work

Author toyaroxit (1 year)
beautiful in every sense of the word.

Author melvina pugh (1 year)
I've been around for a few generations and the reason you keep hearing
"REAL" music in our generation is because millions can see and hear the
difference and you will continue to those comments because the truth is
obvious. Why would you think thousands of people are stupid for saying the
truth about good talent. Afraid your out numbered.

Author aicha fma (2 years)
he is amazing

Author Britney Noah (1 year)

Author Diogo Fernandes (2 years)

Author Santiago Mendoza (1 year)
he just knows how to twist a song. OMG this boy got talent! Love his music.
Admire him a lot. He is just a safeguard God gave us for the thing music
has turn out nowadays. Somehow, a fix system named Jake Bugg. Cheers for
this boy!

Author Sophia Reinheimer (1 year)
the fuck you mean only "real" music in our generation. i hope you know that
there is other music than the stuff on the radio. i have recently found out
about jake but god, almost every video is with stupid ass comments like
that and they all seem to think that their music taste is better than other
people. like calm down

Author Greenehhhh (2 years)
Oh gosh.. Same!

Author Saffron Ewart (1 year)
when your name is Saffron, this song is 8296374598 times better.. I like to
think he wrote this song about me

Author Calum Gilligan (2 years)
Its actually 'So unreal and out of this world', its just the way he says it
makes it sounds like 'mean'..

Author Jazzy Jared (1 year)
Very true. Arctic Monkeys, Strokes, etc. Just know where to look, and don't
be so cynical about it. :D

Author FirstOfTheGreat2010 (2 years)
love jake bugg sooooo much, about the only real music in this generation. i
recently became obsessed with ben howard cause he too is very pure and real
but this... this is on a whole new level. love how hes like
country/blues/folk, absolutely stunning voice.

Author kerli1551 (2 years)
gosh, i'm so afraid of not getting a ticket for his concert ^^

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