Cowboy Cumbia Sings "God On The Mountain" with Jimmy Swaggart

Javier Molina canta con Jimmy Swaggart

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Author Nelson Correa (14 days)
Great singer in the Lord

Author Debbie Cox (16 days)
Thank you Jesus

Author Norma Soto (24 days)
Love gospel music! ! Thanks! 

Author angie c (1 month)

Author Jose Villatoro (1 month)
este canto toca mi corazon y mi alma espero que suseda lo mismo con
usted facil la vida sin problemas verda escuchelo....

Author Truly Raymond (1 month)

Author MrGeorgiaman0012 (2 months)
Wonderful!!!!! Thank you Jesus. Love you!!!!!

Author Mabel Boston (5 months)
Cowboy Cumbia this is a very great song I love the language you sang it in
made it personal for the World to know God is not in one place.

Author Maria Munoz (2 months)

Author Ruth Jimenez (3 months)
Love this song

Author L.davidson Davidson (3 months)
God ez so gud"bless you"

Author linda thomas (3 months)
Beautiful music of worship. Thank you JSM and Xavior.

Author Jody Toney (3 months)

Author Wayne Foss (4 months)
"I know what it is, I've been there" one can minister to others like
someone who has been there...good job Jimmy!

Author C.T. Appleby (4 months)
Great singing, I felt the Holy Spirit thru that song.

Author Isaac Manulevu (4 months)
Oh Lord I can feel the presence of the Holy Spirit in this song that this
brother is singing. One day we will see Him face to face and we will
know that He is indeed the God of the Lows and the God of the Highs the God
of the Day and the God of the night. In our darkest moments He is
there...the fourth man in the fire...hallelujah!! 

Author ruth christina (4 months)
i luv this song,gives joy when facing trials.

Author nico breedveld (5 months)
Een schot in de roos. Ik zocht al jaren naar deze muziek op video en ben
blij dat
ik mag beleven dit nu te zien en horen. Dank voor deze site.

Author John Abraham (6 months)
beautiful song................

Author wolfie196 (1 month)
powerfull anointing,.

Author Steve Butts (5 months)
What an awesome voice. Great selection.

Steve at Country Roads (Music Reviews)

Author Ruth Jimenez (5 months)
Praise God beautiful

Author José Divino de Leiros (6 months)
Oh Glory.

Author kevin davis (6 months)
Gosh Look At Robin Heard. I Think That Is Martha Borg Next To Robin !!!

Author valencia hargrave (6 months)
HOW BEAUTIFUL!!! Please SBN, put this on CD/DVD for purchase

Author Muntari Mensah (6 months)

Author Jerry Blande (7 months)
Just beautiful.

Author Randi Grace (7 months)
San, Zeus is not a real god. God Jehovah is the real thing and He is the
God on the mountain and the God in the valley. 

Author San Mcnellis (7 months)
Didn't the Greeks call Zeus the god of the mountain?
Google.....jesuswordsonly.....and you will be blessed.

Author Paula Fish (7 months)
Absolutely moving!!!

Author margaret green (7 months)
Do you have him singing The Old Rugged Cross it was also with Jimmy
Swaggart? It's beautiful, hope you can get it to me.

Author Alet Langeveldt (8 months)
We serve a great God.AMEN!!!!

Author Billy Rinehart (8 months)

Author lordjesusforray (8 months)
great job on this song, would love to hear more like it, beautiful sprit
filled song.

Author Andrew atm (8 months)
Awesome!!!! Gbu

Author Allylover Dolce Previlon (9 months)
this song gives me strenght to fight in life

Author Trisha Thompson (9 months)
I first heard this song when I was young, and was going through a lot of
stuff. Hearing this song gave me comfort and hope :) I can still listen to
it over and over because i know it's so true and no matter how bad things
get or how alone I feel I'll have someone who will never leave my side 😇

Author emilio figueira (9 months)

Author Luis Melendez (9 months)

Author Amaro Gutierrez (9 months)
Very well said and sung. Enjoyed it very much God Bless

Author Wayne Foss (9 months)

Author SERGIO SANTIAGO CRUZ (10 months)
Música celestial. Tranquilidad para el alma. Enhorabuena.

Author Ruthann Jimenez (10 months)
Beautiful song brings happiness too my soul

Author welison eustaquio (1 year)

Author tzib878 (9 months)
Wow what a talent. Blessing

Author SufferinSprings (1 year)
You're getting warmer. Yes I am a former Bible addict. I have seen Swaggart
live and in person at his Family Worship Center back in the days when he
could fill up every seat and they had to bring in overflow seating. That
was a few months before it became known that he liked to visit prostitutes.

Author Grace Matthews (1 year)
Dear Lord, he forgave Jimmy Swaggart, When are the rest of you going to do
the same.? Leave past in the past. God is Good, God is a merciful God. For
those without sin cast the first stone!

Author Mayo MusicEntertainment (1 year)
God Bless You Javier Molina....Im From Laredo Texas Tambien But I Live In
Houston....i just got saved by jesus and its a good feeling.....i been
listening to you since the Cowboy Cumbia Days....and even do u went gospel
im still a fan...god bless you espero conocerte un dia....

Author barbie eades (11 months)
Beautiful voice...Love his spirit

Author barbie eades (11 months)
He is so special, smart God bless!!!!

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