How & Where to catch/get - Lapras in Pokemon Black 2 & Pokemon White 2

Location - Village Bridge
Method - Surf - Special
Rarity - 5%
Can you get this before Elite 4 - Yes

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Views: 46,682
Added: 1 year
Runtime: 2:56
Comments: 194

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Author KM54321 (8 months)
I keep running in to damn basculins

Author Angela Gold (16 days)
Doesn't the poke'ball right before the name 'lapras' Mean that you already
'Have' one? So you must like, have one already.... Neat..

Author Guillermo Quezada (6 months)
Used a master ball on it no biggy it took only 3 days to find one .

Author Hiệp Khánh (1 month)
Oh my god, finally I got a Lapras

Author The Dooms (1 month)
Day 1: So excited to catch Lapras!
Day 2: Still no sight of it...
Day 3: Rage Quit!

Author Pheonixmaster1 (1 year)
You should always use Net Ball or Quick Ball :P

Author ysak ordonez (1 year)
What is your designer pokemon called?!!??!?

Author MsKillerMinty (1 year)
Once... I tried to find it ..... after two hours I stopped....

Author RexKanaka112 (1 year)
@aurelio lewis

Author Ricky Kirkpatrick (1 year)
I only find marilld

Author Anurag Shukla (1 year)
somthing is wrong!! i m only getting the marills!~!!!! not even basculin or
azumarill 15 tries only marill wtf

Author HyperAerodactyl (1 year)
*Looks at your Action Replay* I'll kick your Lapras.

Author Pheonixmaster1 (1 year)
np ;D

Author Pheonixmaster1 (1 year)

Author topbowgunner (1 year)
i got a lapras it was on last trun got him with net ball

Author Pheonixmaster1 (1 year)
no Smeargle

Author Hyun Yong Seung (1 year)
T.T The first pokemon I found in that area was a female lapras which I was
aiming for, but it used perish song and killed itself before I could set it
up for capture...

Author Chad Taylor (1 year)
Can you get it in both areas

Author ClawUniverse (1 year)
i can't seem to find one :( plz reply. Should i put on a max repel and then
look for the rippling bubbles???

Author dynamicfires1337leet (1 year)
my lapras is lvl 88 >:-D just telling dont want to get into an argument

Author Pheonixmaster1 (1 year)
np :D

Author ganjatoker898 (1 year)
i still havent found lapras ive been looking for like 2 hours fuckk

Author Bob Froritos (1 year)
:D I got lapras on my 3rd try. And it was male.

Author Pheonixmaster1 (1 year)
yeah i exactly :D

Author jerry durkin (1 year)
thx so much love laparas\

Author Kirigaya Kazuto (1 year)
so many basculin e.e

Author Pheonixmaster1 (1 year)
np ;D

Author Jessica Clifford (1 year)
Lapras is one of my favorite pokemon :)

Author Rack (1 year)
me to, just got it yesterday, and i love it!

Author vhfan3584 (1 year)
I hate Basculin anyway, people on Pokemon EAT them for petes sake!!

Author Altair382001 (1 year)
Lapras...did u just say lapras? LAPRAAAAS LAPRAAAAS!!

Author MultiSporeCREATOR (1 year)
After 2 hours of max repels and *blop*s I found a Lapras Level 31 Female.

Author Pheonixmaster1 (1 year)

Author Mighty Anus (1 year)
After fourty five minutes of searching, and 30 super repels, I found a
lapras... but then i killed it. ...

Author FelipeMudin (1 year)
Do you want a trade? Which pokemon you offer? I evolved my Lapras to lv 50

Author Jessica Clifford (1 year)
A dark spot appears Me-Yay! Its a lvl 40 azumarill Me-Whoa...

Author Pheonixmaster1 (1 year)
No problem :D

Author Pheonixmaster1 (1 year)

Author brandonksmith99 (1 year)
what % rate does it have to appear

Author Victor Bisuña (11 months)
What's the use of the perish song anyway

Author Pheonixmaster1 (1 year)
Before 7th gym :)

Author Jessica Clifford (1 year)
Holy Crap! Found one within 20 mins!

Author TheMusicofSmash (1 year)
how far into game to get lapras team wise ? before what badge

Author aurelio lewis (1 year)
okay thanks

Author Mark (1 year)
and today by me (the nederlands)

Author Pheonixmaster1 (1 year)

Author HyperAerodactyl (1 year)
Lapras's rarity is 5% your problem happens to everyone

Author kenny Junior (1 year)
i just fucking caught lapras no worries

Author Pheonixmaster1 (1 year)
np :D

Author NintendoBlurb (1 year)
I have a Question. Does it have to be on one of those little circle thingys
are can you encounter it just plain old surfing. Ive been trying for 3
hours so far and have yet to get even see one

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