Pastor Tony Smith: Lost Books??? Apocrypha EXPOSED - Scripture Speaks

The Ancient HOLY Scripture speaks for itself...
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Author Louis Diaz (6 months)
I never heard of the book of Gad and the book of Nathan, Tony Smith sounds
like he is not a believer in the apocrypha. I have a a 1611 KJV 400th
Edition with the Apocrypha in it, Im far from a Catholic so dont think
because Im Mr Diaz well no wonder he has an Apocrypha, No! The Aprocrypha
was all ready in the bible and now this Pastor talks down on the word of
God, Fuck that nigga lol

Author lawrence olridge (1 year)
Man you are totally wrong in all u are saying when it comes to the missing
books silly ass preacher

Author jesussavior1364 (3 years)
@dogramite aporcrypha is used to do black magic

Author gtepp031387 (2 years)
@gtepp031387 *horible not hoorible...

Author Ha Mayim (3 years)
It was predominately the majority pagan Romans that chopped the Apocrypha
out & canonized as they chose accordingly to politics & their carnal
hearts..Where & when have Romans(gentiles) ever received a covenant within
their family tree to edit or ordain any Hebraic testimony? ..What gave them
authority to do that which no true "Hebrew" disciple,apostle & even
Christ.wouldn't do?. Are Romans over Christ?

Author bduhe219 (3 years)
i hope people understand literary license and that the books of the bible
and apocraphy are written by men of their time and are written through oral
history and first hand accounts of the followers of god. the books chosen
or not chosen were done so because their was doubt who wrote them, when
they were written and if they were believed first hand or passed down oal
histories that there was doubtful authorship. read and learn before you
preach lies.

Author gtepp031387 (2 years)
@GmsSouthLdn "Aprocypha was what the catholics removed from the scriptures"
These are your words....and if you are a Catholic then I rebuke you for
using such hoorible words or hurt and hate....this is no way for a Catholic
to behave.

Author Sum Sumthin Sumthin (1 year)
Pray that the Most High lead and guide this brother into all Truth as he
patiently dealt with us that discern the deceit. I understand where you're
coming from, trust me all these false doctrines of fallen host, gets
frustrating, but be patient you had to have read I II Book of Adam and
Eve..look how many times they were deceived by the "lawless" one Satan, At
one point Adam believed the Sun was the Most High because it was heating
his skin.

Author gtepp031387 (2 years)
@jesussavior1364 The Septuagint is the book the apostles used and quoted
from nearly 300 times...go find out what was in this book....It is also the
book the early Christians used and quoted from. Good enough for the
apostles good enough for me.

Author jesussavior1364 (3 years)
@dogramite the God i am? so now your saying the scholars that wrote the
book didnt write the book right. In the bible it clearly says the begin to
call god yah after recieved the laws. Nobody calls god ehyah accept in the
tanoch an it only occured one time. So i guess you decided to call god
another name thats not even in the bible. nowhere did the deciples call god
ehya and please dont say the bible is corupt because the strong corcordance
dosent agree with the inspired words of God

Author gtepp031387 (2 years)
@jesussavior1364 Intresting that the MT that the KJV quotes from only dates
to the 8th century, while they have full books of the Septuagint that date
to 2nd centry B.C....arguing corruption is against you....The early
Christians all also used the Septuagint...Clement, Polycarp, Ignatius...who
are called the apostolic fathers becaues they where ordained and taught
face to face by the apostles all used the Septuagint and Christianity
continued to use this version and still does.

Author GmsSouthLdn (2 years)
@gtepp031387 Did jesus rebuke people out of love did he call the pharisees
vipers, and snakes for no reason?that word was offensive in the ancient
days,Please stop acting effiminate u overlook everything christ says
willingly you dont use the bible to justify anything.

Author Nazir lee (2 years)
If its not consistent with what we have already no matter who wrote it my
brother or not if its not lining up with what we have already then we can
throw it in the trash. good video, peace.

Author Sum Sumthin Sumthin (1 year)
Trust me I know I don't pet snakes, play dat annunaki junk, or phoenician
false god worship or the masonic church, We are the elect who understand
these truths!!..pray he awakes from the strong delusion my brother and let
the Most High judge his hardened heart and reprobate's our duty to
pray this seed of Jacob awaken from his sleep and slumber.. love you
brother in the name of Yashaya "of these 3 the greatest is charity!"

Author GmsSouthLdn (2 years)
@gtepp031387 So u follow tradition!!What the tradition of
christmas,birthday,easter,the pharisees followed traditon, the church is
the people not the building!!

good good teaching! the point we already have the word to be saved, and
more important all the word of ELOHIM to save the world and anyone you
love. guard the law,protect the law, keep the law in the name of Yeshua, do
the same with the customs of Moses.

Author jesussavior1364 (3 years)
@jatamode king james is a fake book. You got to be very careful because
those books are using mythology of the angels that men today worship. That
book isnt supposed to be in the bible

Author GmsSouthLdn (2 years)
@gtepp031387 First of all im not catholic religion is a dogma and
indoctrination by esau aswell as,jehova witness,7day adventist,

Author Ha Mayim (3 years)
@jesussavior1364 I think you must have the Apocrypha confused with the
talmud/cabala which most of these ancient pagan Rome based western
religions today get there heathen practices & holidays... To be honest
majority these western Christian religions honor the fake Jews of
Rev.2:9&3:9...What gives a pagan man & government any right of edification
over anything dealing with the Most High?

Author gtepp031387 (2 years)
@GmsSouthLdn "the catholics removed from the scriptures".... Intresting
please list the books Catholics removed from the scriptures....this ought
to be good.

Author GmsSouthLdn (2 years)
@jesussavior1364 lost lost lost

Author Sum Sumthin Sumthin (1 year)
This man is my former mirror The Most High was patient with me thru my
ignorance. Love covers a multitude of sins He corrects those He loves and I
know for a fact the Most High loves me (US!)..He began showing me Zeus is
NOT that Hallowed Name to be redeemed, the jesuit order, club of rome, or
false jews etc.never was his remnant and had sown tares with the
wheat(Bread of Life, The Word) I prayed Wisdom would show me the truth and
consume the lies, prayer was honoured..

Author Shane Nelson (2 years)
Jasher is going to tell a whole lot more than just the sun and moon stood
still. This pastor is being very bias.

Author jesussavior1364 (2 years)
@GmsSouthLdn Do you even know what your talking about? I pray the blood of
jesus over you to wash you clean and clean the negativity off your heart

Author jesussavior1364 (2 years)
@gtepp031387 that guy is striving for attention lol

Author tymer fallen (1 year)
Amen. Its one thing to clean up our Word because of the tainting and
tampering by the filty heathen but its another to use what THE LORD gave us
and Brother Smith is right where are the books of Gad? We know that there
are other books about us Israel take what he gave us pay attention listen
to the Word

Author Ha Mayim (3 years)
@jesussavior1364 The Father gave 1 name via scripture & the name is "I Am
That I Am (Ehyah Asher Ehyah in Hebrew).The names JEHOVA / YHWH etc.are
mere replacements via Jew-ish masorics during translations because they
felt the true name was far too sacred. When utilizing the concordance you
find prefix YAH or JAH#3050 means"the lord ,the sacred name of " & the
suffix "Hova"or"Havva"#1942 means "misfortune,calamity" JEHOVA /YHWH =god
of calamity & misfortune. Please Study what you worship.

Author jesussavior1364 (2 years)
@gtepp031387 i hear but that book could be corupt threw time

Author gtepp031387 (2 years)
@jesussavior1364 I am sry for the manner in which gmssouthldn speaks it is
not befitting a Christian, and the Catholic church does not support this
type of speaking...I apologize for that.

Author Blackhebrew01 (1 year)
He just recently found out he is a Hebrew Israelite, the Apocrypha was in
the original 1611 King James Bible, he is not qualified to teach, with
heathens in his congregation.

Author GmsSouthLdn (2 years)
@jesussavior1364 You devil!!did not u say that nothing has been touched?Now
u want to say its corrupt fool your corrupted,Aprocypha was what the
catholics removed from the scriptures,Its a very reliable source it shows u
when the arawak indians,and next tribes went into captivity under assyrians.

Author bduhe219 (3 years)
you also must understand, people at the time re-wrote parts of different
books to condense them. they were also books written to have similar
stories. that does not make the peson who re-wrote the books were trying to
lie or deceive anyone. to try and make new readings of old readings does
not make them wrong.

Author melissa fredericks (1 year)
Horrible* Not Horible or hoorible.. Go back to school.

Author gtepp031387 (2 years)
@jesussavior1364 as well i make a correction to a comment I posted to you
earlier...I ment to say "the MT that the KJV TRANSLATES(not quotes) from
only dates to the 8th century"

Author gtepp031387 (2 years)
@GmsSouthLdn Secodly I am not bound by "sola scriptura" not do I believe in
it....I hold fast to the tradition that where handed down wether by word of
mouth OR epistle....I do not limit the working of the holy spirit to the
bible. The bible is the cannon of the church(meaning it is the prime
authority of the church) but it is not the only authority and saying that
it is, is unscriptural....The church of the living GOD is the pillar and
foundation of truth.

Author gtepp031387 (2 years)
@GmsSouthLdn 2) The church(the body of Chirst)is invisable this is
acceptable, but there is also the church(a physical structure)that is
visable as Jesus clearly shows when he says if one will not hear three
believers(this would constitute the invisable church) bring him to the
church(the visable structure).

Author jesussavior1364 (3 years)
@dogramite who is your most high again? The apocrapher and the book of
enoch are used by some black magicians to envolk those fallen angels that
are in those books. They can keep coming out with new book of the bible
every year, that dosnt mean it is God words. Theirs some truth to some of
them but its alot of deception in those books and also becarful what you
call pagan because the God of the bible is jehova,yahweh, jesus and the
holy spirit and in roman it say pay ties to the Cesar and God

Author Ha Mayim (3 years)
@jesussavior1364 For starters,the scroll were never written via scholars
but prophets moved via Ruach (Holy spirit)"2 Peter 1:21". 2nd point...There
were no letter"J's"even in existence until the 1600's.Have you ever asked
your preacher what the reason of translating the most important name in
existence? If your name is Jack & you move to the Middle East,would you
except them calling you Emau? How does any denounce concordance & possess 0
knowledge of the original language?

Author tymer fallen (1 year)
i Pray my parents come out of the church or take it as a joke and began to
seek and believe YAHS Truth

Author gtepp031387 (2 years)
@GmsSouthLdn 1)Yes i follow Tradition...cap T(that which is from GOD
father, son, or spirit)....I also find nothing wrong with tradition(lower
case t) as long as it does not contridict the Tradition of GOD, for
instance I wear Jeans and a t-shirt this is tradition that is fine.

Author GmsSouthLdn (2 years)
@gtepp031387 Are you dumb?Where in my comment did i quote that they removed
the books the,aprocypha was removed from the king james bible fact.I can
already tell your some simpleton.

Author TheWuTang36 (4 years)
Jude v 14 -15 Has to be referring to the book of Enoch because the old
testament in the King James version Bible never says anyting about Enoch
saying anything or prophesying.

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