Minecraft Family II Ep. 21:

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Author xXTheKillerGamingGirlXx (1 day)
im not old im 10 CHRIS and everyone stop hurting angie's feelings on every
carlo not u

Author Daniel Sanguino (4 days)
OMG! Angie did distroy EVERTHING!

Author alyssa mckinnon (24 days)
OMG Angie you blow two chest up

Author Angel Alexander (4 months)
Been a subscriber and always be a subscriber! Oh yea

Author Emily Robinson (3 months)
omg you ur coling me old omg Im 7 stop stop. your coling your unrdt smel
sorry I sand so menw ur you going to the end?. but I,m not good at reding
or riting. how old ur you?i love your videos =D. good luke get to
subscriber I now its a lot but ill chri to do it and the user subs. have
fun playing and we will have fun watching :) =D.

Author Caresse Liow (3 months)
The title is like only Ep 21 : Then?

Author Amber Petty (3 months)
What the heak Angie

Author Maggie Meador (3 months)
Chris you are so awsome finding the end =)

Author catherine levine (4 months)
Omg i love all of u my aut and uncle aren't even close to as cool as urs
are im so jelly

Author Liza Mingoia (1 month)
Chris i found a cave home that had a lot of diamonds 64 packs of 64 and
hero brine was there

Author Isabell Diaz (4 months)
Danny and Angie sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G first comes love then comes
marriage then comes a baby sitting in a carriage

Then comes a cute nickname Dangie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Yivan Padsoyan (1 month)
how about you make double- doors

Author Mike V (1 month)
Tis de awesome balalalala 

Author Annmarie Wilson (2 months)

Author Atziry Flores (3 months)
I'm 10 u guys are the best 👍

Author Nancy peña (5 months)

Author Jasmine Reed (1 month)
nice theme song

Author Bria Shelby (28 days)

Author Mabel Madrid (1 month)
Why does carflo have big buttey

Author SuperDkid1 (2 months)
So you think your subs r old? I'm 12, SON!!!

Author Angelique Orr (4 months)
Carlos voice is sexy and soft

Author Rosa Razo (4 months)
She cool

Author KenziBwils (4 months)
Lol I'm not a senior im 12 

Author jake shroyer (1 month)
Angie hurt our feelings... Kill ...her!

Author ashley bryan (5 months)
After singing "Let's go mining" form the theme song,Chris said "Alright,
let's go mining." :D

Author Joanne Kathleen Sequitin (1 month)
Angie what have you Done!?

Author mihadden68 (2 months)
I had a dream before i watch this and ur whole world died when you try to
set fire works of

Author Darryl Semexant (2 months)
At 26:58 there was emerald

Author Anthony Garcia (3 months)
Issabel they are wife and husband sooo DONT DO THAT!!!!!!!!

Author crystal rucki (5 months)
Chris i am a big fan if I ever play mine craft I would know a lot from u
and ur friends please respond and if u don't I totally understand that u
don't have time 

Author mining like a boss XD (3 months)
I'm a subscriber and I'm not old at all. In fact I'm actually 11 years

Author Emily Robinson (3 months)
good luke

Author Isabell Diaz (4 months)
Let's go mining YAY! Say MEEP PLZ

Author Mike V (1 month)

Author Annmarie Wilson (2 months)
angie is awesome

Author SuperDkid1 (2 months)
It's NEITHER! It's called a BADÉ (pronounced budae) 

Author Rosa Razo (4 months)
She OS cool and she the best
And funny

Author Tairel Hayes (8 months)
I'm old for being 12 and I'm on life support

Author Fredric Abundis (7 months)
Really dude this is uh awesome I'm yout biggest fan

Author Anna Monahan (9 months)
well at least Angie didn't blow up the chest with all the diamonds and
emeralds, I checked when you looked in the other chests and they were fine

Author hilarykimmich (7 months)
I like you chis

Author izzyandchippy (9 months)
That was me that Chris said that I love Carlos voice I'm only 12

Author reymie monasterio (10 months)
I'm 9 not old

Author shaira morales (5 months)
Love the song so much

Author Nathan Karwick (8 months)

Author Hayley Rowe (11 months)
ummmmm for me to video was only 4:52?!

Author brookedouglas16 (9 months)
you guys make me laugh

Author Chase Johnson (9 months)
are danny and angie bf and gf?????/

Author Jennifer Shupe (11 months)
Chris you are the awesome-st person ever and the funniest!!!

Author Tegan CrowGhost (8 months)
me too -_-

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