2011 Best 33 Alternative Rock Bands

1. 30 Seconds to Mars
2. Rise against
3. Coldplay
4. Alkatrine Trio
5. Bon Jovi
6. Dishwalla
7. Fall Out Boy
8. Good Charlotte
9. Green Day
10. Linkin Park
11. Muse
12. Nickelback
13. Nirvana
14. Panic! At the Disco
15. Paramore
16. Puddle of Mudd
17. Radiohead
18. Red Hot Chili Peppers
19. Sugarcult
20. Simple Plan
21. Sum 41
22. The Fray
23. The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
24. Three Days Grace
25. Yellowcard
26. Staind
27. 3 Doors Down
28. Lifehouse
29. 12 stones
30. Matchbox Twenty
31. The Goo Goo Dolls
32. Seether
33. Vertical Horizon
34. Breaking Benjamin
35. Thirdeyeblind
30. Audioslave
31. Incubus
32. The Cranberries
33. Nada Surf

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Author RavenTHH ShadowWarrior (2 months)
Yeah, thats right! You better have Three Days Grace on here.

Author diegocool38 (6 months)
paramore isn t a good alternative rock band -.-

Author Aloui Mahmoud (9 months)
Linkin Park ♥

Author sam c (1 year)

Author Mad Fridge (1 year)
great stuff

Author barrios thegod (1 year)
how bout Anarbor

Author Михаил Архангел (1 year)
Cпасибо )

Author yessenia vazquez (1 year)

Author david mietus (1 year)
wheres twenty|one|pilots ? this isnt alternative without them.

Author DeathMetal313 (1 year)
Hmm for a second im like wtf no Three Days Grace but once i found it im
like oh nvm :)

Author 182blackdevil (1 year)
On dirait mon ipod tout sa ! il manque juste deux trois groupe comme Jimmy
eat world, Tacking back sunday et Blink 182. Yellowcard :D

Author Rayne Faya (1 year)
WOOOOW i didnt knw bon jovi was a new 2012 rock band

Author Jonathan domínguez (1 year)
muse isn't better than green day

Author MrCesaradrianer (1 year)
Seriously... Bon Jovi?

Author orcaandsims (1 year)
The Fray for me!!! <3

Author sonny sandoval (2 years)
in your opinion i can understand but for me it not good enought

Author saldiven2009 (1 year)
My only complaint is that there is a definite emo-flavor to the list. The
poster definitely has a specific taste in music.

Author Sherif Gjini (2 years)
You defenetly got my teaste mate :p

Author vagio113 (2 years)
after the release of UNO DOS TRE GREEN DAY will be 1st

Author 100escapist (2 years)
a list with no kings of leon >>> is lame !

Author Abel Kibe (1 year)
what is nickleback doing there..smh...

Author Austin Wilson (1 year)
your damn right sum 41 is on this list

Author Miguel Angel D (1 year)
gran tod demasiado buenas las musicas

Author Pan Ghan (1 year)
Plz dont put coldplay in this list

Author Arina Livadari (1 year)
Votre iPod est intéressant car il prend en charge la musique! :D

Author vagio113 (2 years)
system of a down?

Author FanZoned (1 year)
Linkin Park!!!!!!!!!

Author ososuperpowers (1 year)
Imagine Dragons is a Modern Rock Band. Just like many of the others. Some
are punk. The only band I would call close to alternative would be
Incubus.Maybe Linkin Park because it was so different at the time. Other
than that they're either Rock or Punk Rock Bands. Wait I think Cold Play
was in there so maybe them. I would have to go all the way back thru
because I did not write it down.

Author Ben Phillips (1 year)
not really alternative is it...

Author Arina Livadari (1 year)
Не за что :D

Author Utkarsh Simha (1 year)
How the hell can you forget POETS OF THE FALL! :O

Author NoticeHacker Jah (1 year)
Where is Passion Pit? ...or maybe they don't belong in this category

Author Marc Brown (1 year)
You should update your bands most of the ones on your site don't need the
publicity. If you are going to do a best 2012 you give new bands some
airing and please, bon jovi alterative?!! Give us a break!!

Author xxx xxx (1 year)
Coldplay alt rock...*gasp* I'm having a heart attack!

Author Lizzie Echelon (1 year)
30STM♥, coldplay, muse, the cranberries... are the best!

Author Cesar Vargas (2 years)

Author theunkownviolinist (1 year)
idk about nickelback, some of their new songs are kinda irritating to my
ears now

Author Karl Geo (1 year)

Author Bill Brown (1 year)
2013? why the hells nirvana in this.

Author B4I7k5oV2i (1 year)
completly stupid!

Author Holy Tank (1 year)
Fall out boy - 7 minutes to heave Correct me if i'm wrong but this is how i
found it! NOT 30 minutes to heaven

Author Matthew Larson (2 years)
bombay bicycle club, foster the people, gotye, ballpark music, atlas
genius, arcade fire, the wombats, muse, jack white, MUTEMATH is more 2012
than any of the music you mentioned

2012 new ?

Author SneikyCastro (1 year)
dude half this fucking shit isnt even new!!!! get your damn music right

Author Arina Livadari (1 year)
Yeah, it's a mistake.

Author Ruaridh Fleck (1 year)
this musics sooooo shit how can you bare there voices and terrible riffs ?
they arnt musical one bit

Author Zildjian Patino (1 year)
WTF BON JOVI!!!!!!!!!

Author TheMuse1990 (1 year)

Author Dutch6is6back6 (2 years)
Actually the 21st century is all about Pop, rap hip-hop and all that other

Author jaytotale (2 years)
Right. I see the definition of 'Alternative' has changed slightly these

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